Friday, April 30, 2010

7) Chunchi waterfalls: (26/1/2010)

Place: Chunchi .
Distance: 100 x 2 = 200 kms.
Directions: Bengaluroo > Kanakpura > RLeft turn > Chunchi
Participants: Arvi > Ashok > Manu > Sp.
Bikes: RTR > Pulsar.
Previous Visit: TG Reservoir .


It was a week since we visited TG reservoir , plus we had a holiday on 26th of Jan..God knows why :d… So we decided to go outta town on tat day..Manu, Arv, Ashok agreed..but unfortunately Arun couldn’t as he was busy..
We thought of leaving at 6am (our usual time) Ashok made it by 7.., due to some work Arvi was in Hossur the exact opposite part of the city :( ..ANOTHER FLOP?? :’(

I badly wanted to this trip, we hadn’t come to this place when we came to Mekedat ..Arvi said he would make to my place no matter wat happens.. Whew that was G00D NEWS :)
As Ashok had come early. We played cricket in our garage ( Galli ^ 2 Cricket :D) then watched a movie… Manu joined us for lunch..Mom had cooked nice nice Food :) Arvi made it our place at about 1:30 pm… We packed some biscuits & finally left at 2 pm ( Ps : 2pm is the latest time we`v Left till date)
TIME: 14:00 hrs


It was about 100 km from Namma Bengalur00..So we had to Rip big time tat clearly meant I shouldn’t drive Hehe :D Manu & Arvi hit the road at 90’s- 100’s constantly… As I was sitting back..had nothing to Put some Bodom’s playist ..Yeah \m/ \m/
We stopped at a small town on the way to Kankapura & picked up 2-3 bottles of juice. Then there was no stopping , headed in flow to reach Kankpura in no time. After Kankapura, a s00per d00per road leads us to Chunchi & Mekedat.
AShok rode from there & we reached Chunchi in flat 1.5hrs...parked our bikes & headed down... The terrain was very rocky and pretty dangerous too… we saw a small stream and OFFICAILLY named it as mini Chunchi Haha!! Washed our faces and continued…
TIME: 15:30 hrs


Far away we could see an eagles nest or something like tat pretty far away ,,, Yup tat was our target… We were very careful about the rocks as it was slippery and we weren’t wearing shoes :( :( the place was very beautiful it was like some lost lake … very nice place….
There was this rock ...pretty high from water was a fall into water if one would overstep that rock… We could see only ashok`s head at the tip of the rock…calling out for help. For a moment our heart stopped!! Holy shit… next moment we could see him laughing …there was a rock underwater…it was as though he was standing on water. :D

Then after climbin up high rocks…jumpin across a few..we finally made it to the nest kindaa thing… Sat down….opened the juice bottles and biscuits…and had it peacefully…We could see other people looking at Chunchi from where we were..It was about 5…we knew we had to leav...
TIME: 17:00 hrs

We left at about 5 pm, we had spend about 1.5 hrs at Chunchi … there was no turning back …. And we hit the road back at above 100 km/hr …Haha there was another funny incident… Ashok and arvi were ahead of us…a uncle in some bike came in front of them…they slowed down & had to stop ….Manu & myself zoomed past them I shouted “ OOOyeee , Nodkondu ODSo LOAfer “ ( Open your eyes when u drive in polite terms :P)

Both ashok and arvi were shocked Hehe :)..that uncle gave us a dangerous stare…
AS we headed back there was this crazy bunch of kids on 2 dio`s and an activa… they ripped past us at 90`s… I didn’t speak anything… Ashok didn’t speak anything..Avi & Manu Stepped on it…Vroom they went past them…all me and Ashok did was look at them and gave them a BIG SMILE :D .
The sunset on the way back was very beautiful.. Arvi touched 123 km/hr on NICE ROAD while comin back..We reached Bangalore at about 6pm…It was a very fast trips…and one of those trips where u have your heart in your mouth every minute… :D
We had kickass fun tat is the most important part of going so far…. We were disappointed tat Arun couldn’t join us…but Hey we can always Go back… Can finish Mekedat and Chunchi in a day easily.. they are only about 10km apart..
Thank YOU :)
TIME: 18:00 hrs




  1. Hi guys,

    I am very much impressed with your blog..nice photography..I hope its a SLR camera...I didnt find any contact details..

    We are getting three days off next month. Suggest some places which we can cover in 3 days either mysore, coorg or mangalore side..

    Thank you for your time,

  2. Thanks a lot Raghav :) , i use a Digi cam now.. before i used to use my phone...

    Anyway Mysore , Bandipur , Waynad , Nagarhole is a good 3 day trip.... u an cover mysore on the way too :)

  3. Wonderful blog guys... I always decide about my trips by reading your blog :)

  4. Hi, Karthik:

    Very impressive blog stories. I have bookmarked it!

    Keep it up.

    Enjoy travelling!