Sunday, May 30, 2010

8) ManchinBele (31/1/2010) :

ManchinBele (31/1/2010) :

It was only 5 days since we had visited Chunchi, It was a Sunday ( I guess) ..we decided to go to manchinbele reservoir as Arvi,Ashok & Manu hadnt seen it.

Arun & me had visited this reservoir on 6/12/09.. Both of were shocked to find such a beautiful place so near to namma beangalor00. We had 1st visited the Big Banyan…found it too boring so..went ahead to visit Manchinbele.

Manu,Ashok & Arun came to my house at around 6 :15 am, ( Arun had come early :D).. then finally arvi made it , we left . MAnchinbele is only about 35 km From my place.. . we went through Mysore road… Manu drivin my bike… Arun Alone…aand Arvi and ashok on one bike…

We drove really..i mean REALLY slow since the place was near and nobody wanted to go home early :P. we drove at 25-35 km/hr :D :D. After many minutes of struggling we finally reached the place .

The 1st sight one gets of this place is simply super awesome… we stopped for a while watchin the reservoir from far… then finally decided to move ahead. As we reached the waters…Ashok and Manu started of there funny acts and jokes… jumping from one rock to another… throwin stones.. etc etc.. The water at this place is kinda different from other places we`v seen… Then we cooked up stories how the reservoir was actually formed… And us being the forefathers and all..Haha!! ( hope u all get it )

Then we found a SNAKE SKIN… Search For the snake Began :D… I kept the snak`s skin in the bag… YAay good Luck \m/
Arvi & arun told AShok to try the stand on water thing again… as he was getting ready…SPLASHHHH!!!Manu threw u huge boulder near Ashook..HAha!!!

We fooled around the place for another hour…and decided to go around the reservoir…the road was horribl…and we stopped at rocky place, a really fantastic spot to view the place…and a nice hangout place..AShok spotted a water canal..both of us tried getting into it… finally we made it inside it… it was dark . Arun & Manu stayed on the bridge.. after spending sometime sittin on the rocks..we decided to leave…

As we were real hungry..we stopped at a hotel ( Next to RRMC :D haha!! ) to hav breakfast.. ( WARNING: only breakfast good) … everybody had 2 rounds of nice breakfast… ( except me :D ) was kinda full half way through the 1st round…

Then we returned back safely.. A morning very ell spent…with lots of fun.. A perfect place to spend a morning … \m/

And yeah…as soon as I reached home . the whole place started stinking I had to throw away the lucky snake skin I had found :( :(

RTR : Arv + Ashok
Unicorn : Arun
Pulsar : Kd + Manu

Distance : 35+35=70kms



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  1. Had been to this place yesterday.. Thanks for this great blog..