Sunday, April 4, 2010

1) Maddur 28/11/2009


RIDERS: Arvi > Arun > Sp !!
Distance : 80 + 80 = 160kms
Well this is the most memorable trips iv done so far. A week before this I had been to bidadi on my new bike, when I told this to Arvi, he was like y do u go alone let me join you..
27th of Nov eve Arun also joined in… we all decided to go to Bidadi a short 30 km drive. It had been only 5 days since Arv had got his new kickass RTR 180 white, so he couldn’t drive at very high speeds.. so we decided to drive real slow!!!

It was 28th and we met in front of my house early in the morning.. and we left!! We were driving real slow not crossin 50km/hr.. just cruising our way through Mysore road :).
It was the 1st time we were doing it…so not even 25km ..we felt the cold..Arv`s hand started to become numb..Finally we stopped at a hotel and coffee(We got ripped big time :P) Haha!! Dabba coffee it was… then we headed further..
Here comes the best part , we saw a board which said maddur 60 km… so thought of hittin the road till Maddur :).
We started drivin at 50`s constant.. givin tough competion to auto drivers haha! The funny part was as we were overtaking each other we gave a fierce gaze and did all kinds of sound effects!! And laughed like crazy!! (It was funny :@)
But the formation was kickass :D Arun in front leading me in the middle Arvi behind me… we had each other site making sure nothing went wrong.We drove about 50 km in this formation..after which we felt really good!!!

Before we reached maddur ther were people selling MADDUR VADA in traffic signals..but we Wanted to have it In maddur only cause Tats the place its named after..We wer like..Maddur is the place Not here.. ( Tat was one bad move!! :P)
Finally we reached!! it felt real good.. For me it was like Going abroad :D. Never thought I would drive a bike..over that Coming so far for breakfast made me feel real good:).
We stopped at Maddur tiffany`s and had the best breakfast of our lives.. Holy!! It was sooooo gooood :D Arun and Arvi ate two rounds :O… Then we started calculating the return time to Bangalore..people thought we were crazy(hey and dangerous too :D) to come to maddur to hav breakfast!! :P
Before we left the hotel Arv tried a burn out in Arun`s bike!!! Which totally scared a rich grandma and grandpa..hahaha!!!( It was real funny!!! :D they were havin breakfast sittin in some super car..all off a sudden they were like wat the hell I wanna live for more days!!! Waaaah!!! )

Finally we left towards bangalore , it was ramzan or some people had gathered in very(I mean very very) large numbers!! To be frank I was Shit scared.. one hit..tats it..we’r Dead man! :’(
All of a sudden from now where a policeman started runnin towards us…as I didn’t (and still don’t) hav my license I switched to GOD mode and and raced away avoiding him :D . He stopped Arun and got onto his bike..Arv and me thought it was we slowed down and let arun go in front!!!(all tension effects!!!)
Arv and me both looked at each other and laughed our asses off!! Haha!! It was really funny… I couldn’t control my bike :D. The policeman got down after 2kms, after that it was back to cruising with a very good formation. :) Finally reached my home and believe me we were literally lying down on the footpath :D .Exhausted…Butts crying in pain :( . Then mom calls me up and asks wher I was.. im like Amma come outside and seeee…She comes outside laughs at all of us gives us nice nice coffee and water :).

It was a wonderful trip to start things off!!!
Oh Oh Oh here`s the pissin off part

Hey guys if u go to maddur please don’t do the mistake we did eat the Vadda :P
Thank you :)




  1. u guys hav come a long way... great going keep it up!!

  2. Who would've thought at that time, that in three years time you would've done such epic trips. Damn proud of you bro \t/

    1. Thanks yo, All thanks to the awesome crew aboard \t/

  3. maddur to start off wow.. just the perfct man!

  4. Never expected your first post would be a legendary break fast at maddur. It's been a long time I'm reading/referring your blog. Nice work bro

    1. Thanks. I guess it had to be the perfect kick off for the years to come, even though we were not sure what was ahead of us! Cheers!