Saturday, August 24, 2013

76) Mysore – Old Pure Ways: (13/4/2013)

Place: Mysore.
Distance: 150 x 2 = 300kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Bidadi – Ramnagar – Channapatna – Maddur – Mandya - Mysore
Participants: Arun(Slowpoke) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Unicorn > Pulsar.

This had to be one of those elixir runs which shot back life into us. It was pure and simple which took us back to our roots. Pure cruising on our home ground was something we always enjoy doing.

Arun had come down to Bangalore from Chennai. He said he would be going to Mysore the next day as he had some work. So I thought of tagging along as I was bored to sit at home on weekends. So the plan was to depart home in the morning, finish of work then go Chamundi hills and ride back.
TIME: 22:00 (12/4/2013)

Yeah I was up at around 05:00hrs, did a few push-ups, had a sip of coffee & was all set to go.  We decided to finish our breakfasts at our respective places. After Arun arrived at my place we left Bangalore.
TIME: 09:00 hrs

RIDE 1: (Bangalore - Maddur – Mandya – Srirangapatna - Mysore)
This was a 150kms stretch of pure cruising. 4-lane state highway made riding easy. With a few stops here & there, especially one near the hotel of our first chapter, we made it through Bidadi, Ramnagar, and Maddur. After Srirangapatna we took a small water break sitting on road side. After roughly 3 hours of riding one behind the other we reached Mysore
TIME: 12:00 hrs


It had been quite some time since we had rode to Mysore together. Felt great entering the great city. The roads were pretty crowded was a Saturday. We parked our bikes near some market kind of place and started to loaf on foot. We found the office Arun was looking for and finished of the work by an hour.


The ride to the top of the Chamundi hills was awesome like always. The last time we both were riding was back in 2011 (27th Chapter) it was as early as 06:00. This time our tummies were grumbling as we had not eaten anything since early morning. The sun was up and shining brightly. After about 15-20mins we were on top of the hill. The place was crowded as it was a weekend. Arun decided to go ahead and visit the temple & I decided loaf around the place listening to what people talk about and give my attendance to Mr. Maheeshasura. 


After about 1.5hrs we decided to leave, just then our tummies roared at us. So we decided to search for a hotel on top. But then we decided to have lunch at Maddur Tiffany’s as it is forever our ideal food stop. On our way back we decided to say big “hi” to our good friend Giant Nandi. After zooming past the streets of Mysore, we reached the tail of our snake way, SH-17(Mysore Road).
TIME: 15:00

RIDE 2: (Mysore - Maddur)

This was about a 70kms ride on our beautiful snake way. It was wonderful to cruise at about 70kmphr one behind the other at dusk when the road seems to be shiny and orange just like the flames. This had to be the point where we totally were reminded of our first trip about 3.5 years back. By the time we snapped out of the time portal we were in Mandya, our tummies swearing at us. After which we rode another 20kms to reach Maddur
TIME: 16:00 hrs

Alright we stormed the place and started eating like hooligans. A good heavy 2 rounds of lunch/brunch whatever you want to call. After the heavy meal food, we had some good coffee to settle our tummies. Then we walked around the hotel for some time and decided to leave Maddur
TIME: 17:00 hrs


RIDE 3: (Maddur Tiffany’s – Bengaluru)

This was a good 80kms and riding back with the sun sinking in our mirrors was something unforgettable.  The number of vehicles began to increase but we did hardly care as we were enjoying the ride so much on the fiery road. We did stop at the Bidadi Bridge for some ice cold water, after which it was non-stop till home.
TIME: 18:30 hrs

“This had to one of those runs in which we did most of the travelling within our minds. And one of those runs which pulled the reins of the wild galloping horse together :P, And A big thanks to Arun for coming down to celebrate the 75 chapters of our club:), Cheers to that”

Until Next time Cia \m/



Tuesday, August 20, 2013

75) Devarayanadurga - Diamond Jubilee Ride: (11/4/2013)

Place: Devrayanadurga Hills.
Distance: 75 x 2 = 150kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Dobbaspete – Devarayanadurga.
Particiapants: Datta (Dattu) > Chethan (Zethu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Avenger > Pulsar 150.

This had to be the perfect 75th chapter. A superb ride in all kinds of terrains followed by a small trek and finally ending the day remembering nothing.

Well, as it was the diamond jubilee of our club, a lot of discussion had taken place over the direction to head out. Finally we decided on D.D Hills as it was a new spot and pretty close-by as well.
Dattu&Zethu were the only two on the confirmed list.

Yeah I was up at 05:00, did a few push-ups & sit-ups, had a sip of coffee & was all set to go. Left my home at about 06:00 & met the other two on Outer Ring Road(ORR). After a formal greeting we decided to leave Bangalore.
TIME: 06:15


RIDE 1: (Bangalore – Dobbaspete – Devarayanadurga)
As we left Bangalore, we cruised along at a good pace to reach Dobbaspete. After which the roads changed from highway to interior roads with peaceful surroundings.
The twisty curves kept us well engaged, enjoying every second of the ride. After roughly 20mins from NH-4, we reached the deviation to D.D Hills.
Here Dattu wanted to try out his riding skills, but we insisted to do it on our way back. The last stretch to D.D hills is the best part of the ride, as it has clean cut curves to ascend the hillock. The curves are like a snake coiled up in a pit.
TIME: 08:00


Alright 08:00 was very early, as the temple would open only at 10:00. But we thought we would explore the place. The surroundings and welcoming was very pleasant as we were the only ones at the entire place. But then again it was a bummer that the doors to enter the fort was closed. So we sat nearby and discussed the future chapters of the club.
After about 30mins we tried to open the lock ourselves using my knife, but as other visitors arrived we had to stand ideally stating up at the sky ha-ha!!


We spotted another hillock opposite to one on which we were, so we decided to head over there. It was a 10mins ride to what seemed like an abandoned place.  As soon we tried entering a small haunted building we were driven out by some idiot who clearly didn’t want anybody to be around. So without causing any trouble we left the place.
Arriving back the D.D hills, we sat singing songs and chatting away our time. Finally the Poojari arrived and opened the gates to the temple and the fort to trek.
TIME: 10:30


As we entered we could spot a lot of carvings of Gods etc., then a lot monkeys swarmed around us, surprisingly they didn’t do us any harm as we had expected them to do. Finally we found the path to trek to the top. The path was brilliant, it was a narrow path which ran through shrubs which were totally dried up.
The first attempt to reach the top went in vain as ended up in a plain land on top and we could see the “Bell” still above us. We couldn’t find a route to it. Just as we were about to leave, we spotted another narrow path, following which we were successful in reaching the top.
TIME: 11:00
After about 30mins of rest we decided to trek back to the base and leave Devarayanadurga.


RIDE 2: (Devarayanadurga – Bangalore)
The ride back was an excellent one. Dattu took over my bike as we left the place. Rode down the hill with the engine switched off. After reaching the base, he continued through the interior twisty roads to reach Dobbaspete. After which I took over and 3 of us continued in search of a good Dhaba to settle down. But all of the good ones known to us were closed so we decided to continue to reach Malleswaram, where Deepu would join us for the final showdown.
TIME: 13:00


Woke up roughly at 18:00, took a walk around the streets of Malleswaram and rode back to drop Dattu& continued to reach home ha-ha!!
Until next time Cia \m/

I'd like to conclude this article by saying "It has been a wonderful ride throughout the 75 chapters, and i'm truly grateful to each and everyone one who has participated and supported the club's name during this first phase of the metamorphosis:P haha Cheers!"