Thursday, July 15, 2010

14) Kanva Adda : ( 23/5/10)

14) Kanva Adda : ( 23/5/10)

We had finished our theory exams and it had been about a month since we went outta town… I was down with cold and severe headache…
Morning 11am..
“maga , going out, not returning till 7pm, what say?”
Arvi-“says GO!! GO!!GO!!”

Arvi and Arun came to my house by 11:30-12… Then we left.., 1st stop was arcade mall for lunch. I stepped into McD`s for the 1st time in my life…had proper lunch. Place was still not decided… it was either Mekedat,Muthathi,Chunchi,Manchinbele Or “Kanva”.

Finally we decided to go to kanva , the sun was on god mode…. We drove at a good pace and reached ramnagar, we took a right at the traffic junction and followed the road and reached Kanva in 15-20mins.

We wanted to get down at a different part of the reservoir this time… whew!! Couldn’t wait ..( IT was burning HOT).. we put our bags down.. then water bottle… then a few stretches… when we were about to get down… a snake swam past is with its head above the water…!! :D :D .. .we look at each other… “ NO FRIKKIN WAY!!!!” took our bags , and went back to our regular spot :)

Once we reached the spot , Arun refused to get into the water , Arvi and myself decided to go ahead … outside it was real hot… took one step into the water… it was shivering cold :(

Somehow managed to get inside the water completely.. we started working out a plan to drag Arun into the water ( DRAG THE WATERS- Pantera \m/).. we threw huge stones and anything we found near Arun so that atleast he be half wet then :P

Finally we caught hold of him and threw him into the water…. I started shivering big time.. head ache was getting worse every second… Then came a huge-fat buffalo … it walked right into the water and collapsed into the water let out a huge breath… and started relaxing in the water near us… we were a little scared :(

Then Arun threw a stone near it …it turned its head and saw us… we were like “Guru .. u enjoy your holiday.. we’l do the same … sorry for the disturbance !!!” time was about 4pm.. . we decided to get out of the water… this time I had taken the towel..and 3 apples :) we sat in the sun munching apples…

My headache and cold got even worse... but we went on chatting about movies.. blah blah!! Then I dozed of for an hour or so… then I woke up…. Then something flashed.. “ Maga don’t we have practicals tomorrow??” , “DucK it”….

We drove back to BengalooorOOO in about an hour…. Reached home at 7 or something..sneakedd into my room… removed my shoes.. said Hi to Alexi… next thing I remember is waking up in the morning…. :P

Unicorn : Arvi + Arun
Pulsar: Kd
Distance : 60+60= 120 kms.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

13) Maddur + Kanva : (25/4/10)

13) Maddur + Kanva : (25/4/10)

Place: Maddur + Kanva.
Total Distance : 210 kms.
Directions: Bengaluroo > Ramnagar > MAddur > Ramnagar > KAnva > Bengaluroo.
Participants: Arvi > Arun > Ashok > Sp.
Bikes: RTR > Pulsar.
Previous Visit: ShivGange - War with the 12 monkeys.

This was the “MOTHER OF ALL TRIPS”. It had been one month since our last trip. 26th April was Ashok’s B’day and we wanted to make it a memorable one. So we thought of going to maddur for breakfast ( though I had other plans, I didn’t tell it to anybody, or else it would have become a Flop).

25th morning 6:30 am, the most shocking thing took place , Arun shows up 1st :D :D, I stood there with my jaw fallen down on the ground . Next Arvi made it to my place, but the b’day boy was stuck in a traffic jam :(, finally he came at 7am.


The drive to maddur is pure heaven, Arvi and arun were always ahead of us because I was driving my bike :P. It reminded me of our 1st super awesome trip, I was telling stories like a grandma to Ashok all the way!! Within no time we reached Maddur and we visited out regular adda “Maddur tiffany’s”.

We ate like Hippo’s , 1st round masala dosa, 2nd round rava dosa, then vada, and then caaapeee :D.. After that we ( ok it was only me actually) played on the swing for sometime outside the hotel. Then I told them about visiting kanva.. they agreed right away ( see sudden plans always works)

Then the journey to kanva began, we reached Ramnagar 1st.. then took a left from there .. and a 15-20kms ride from there.. we reached kanva at about 11:30 am…Arvi ,arun and myself decided to give ashok the best bday beating ever!!! So 1st all Nice nice wishes… Thank u thanku… and all shit!! Then the real fun began .


I was shit scared to get down in the water, I called arun and arvi and told them to throw ashok into the water 1st . hearing this Ashok started running in water.. he went …he went… and he kept on going.. far far away in the water.
Arvi and arun caught him and gave him th BB of his life and threw him into the water.. finally all 4 of us were in the water belting the crap out of each other!!!

Now this was totally a stupid move , we caught ashok by his hands and legs and threw him into the water, then arun said he was heavy.. then me with full excitement “ hey im the lightest here , it’l work perfectly on me!!” all 3 of them turned towards me and gave big-bad-evil-devilish Smiles… they caught me and threw me atleast 6 feet in the air, i crashed into the water… this happened about 3-4 times :) Then we played the longest breadth game... then some rock paper scissors :) :).


Then at about 12:30pm , after a good 1.5hrs of water sports, we were tired … we didn have extra clothes or towels.. so just sat in sun for sometime chatting away!
Finally when we were half dry we headed back to Bengaloorooooo , it was a good 60km drive on mysore road.

We reached home in the noon. Arvi and arun left to their homes, ashok had lunch at my home and stayed till evening and then left.

One of “THE” best days, was totally exhausted and collapsed to sleep. Next day we had college, Arvi and myself bunked a few hours and got the best cake and arranged a kickass surprise party!!!

It was a perfect one day trip


RTR: Arun+Arvi
Pulsar : kd+Ashok

Distance: 80+40+(20+20)+50 = 210 kms

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

12)ShivGange (20/3/10):

12) ShivGange(20/3/10)

Place: Shivgange.
Distance: 65 x 2 = 130 kms.
Directions: Bengaluroo > Tumkur Road > Left deviation > Shivgange.
Participants: Arvi > Arun > Sp.
Bikes: Unicorn > Pulsar.
Previous Visit: Shivnasamudra - First time :).
It had been only 5 days since we visited shivnasamudra , we were totally pumped up!! We wanted to do another 300kms trip to a place called “Muthati”….Ashok couldn’t make it this time :(.

Morning at about 7, Arvi and arun came to my place ( Arun was the last to come of course :P) then he suggested we go to Shivgange. Sudden changes of plans always works out for us :D , so we agreed!!!

RIDE : ( Through City)

There are many routes to this place, one through magadi road, and most them go via Tumkur road. I told arun magadi road would be the better option because of less traffic… but we had to do about 25kms extra !! Arun said NO NO NO.. tumkur road – full empty :D . Finally we agreed to go via tumkur road.

As we reached tumkur road… it was a mess.. heavy traffic at that hour :(… Arun and arvi were front.. they were turning back and laughin their ass of lookin at me pissed off at everybody on that road…finally we made it out of the city.. from then on it was smooth sailing :) After the toll gate.. we went a little further and took a left deviation… this road we took was also in very condition :)


We reached shivgange at about 10am,we were really hungry..Mom had packed some biscuits for us…so ate a few of them and decided to climb the mountain!! We reached a sign bord which said “ Right to temple , left to mountain” we chose the obvious one!! :D. Then we saw a huge stone nandi!! I jumped on its back and started fooling around ( with my shoes on) , people were totally offended by it :P haha!!!


Then we headed further. The path is very clear , with lots of small shops all along the way!! But it was very tiring.. it was about 11 am…we were losing a lot of water, but didn’t stop…And believe me this place is known more for its insane monkeys ( with lots of Kobbu :P) .. we encountered the 1st of the them after coverin about 25% of the hill…. It got caught of my bag and tried to snatch it.. whew scary moments.. we manged to shooo it off…. Then we reached a temple… Arvi and arun went inside it… then we continued our climb… we saw all kinds of animals.. Goats, reptiles etc etc…

We almost reached the top, about 10% of it was remaining… when the ROWDY of all monkeys was sitting in the path.. it was a narrow path too.. we had to go past it :(. GULP!!!!

I said I would go 1st and if I made it across the monkey, I would give them a green signal. Somehow sweating bullets I managed to get past the fatty monkey, I turned back to give them a a big thumbs up :D

ARUN VS MONKEY : ( Monkey Wins)

They were frightened looking at something which was behind me… ( ARHHH!!! These moments gives the really creeps!! ) I turn behind .. There it was … big-fat-huge-bulky-rowdy-ganchali filled-idiotic- monkey like monkey :P running towards me… it pounced on me and with just one hand pulled my bag down.. I managed to ShOO it off… then it caught of Arvi`s bag, Arun caught hold of the bag at one end.. IT WAs TUG-OF-WAR time :D :D.. Arvi shouted (at the monkey) to let go…To our amazement Arun let the bag off :P :P … Now the monkey got really confused.. :D haha!! I just sat there looking at arun.. we managed to get back the bag… :)


Then we headed back down the hill…. We had a kickass local lime juice at a small shop!! Then some buttermilk and then watermelons… then we made it down the hill in another hour or so…


There was no doubt about the route we took back.. we reached the NICE road , there we payed the highest price and got a ticket to outer link road.. Ah!!! 40 kms on nice road… .. we landed right next to my house :D :D and reached home… Arun and Arvi headed back home… :)

It was a tiring, excitement, fear filled day!! We deserved a very good rest…Then suddenly something strikes my mind

“AYYIA!!! We have QUIZ tomorrow :( :( “

Unicorn : Arun + Arvi.
Pulsar : Kd

Distance : 65+65=130kms.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

11)ShiVnasamudra (14/3/10) :

11) Shivnasamudra (14/3/10) :

Place: Shivanasamudra = Gaganchukki + Barachukki.
Distance: 150 x 2 = 300kms.
1) Bengaluroo > Kanakpura > Mallavali > Shivnasamudra
2) Bengaluroo > Maddur > Mallavali > Shivnasamudra.
Participants : Arvi > Ashok > Sp.
Bikes : RTR >Pulsar .
Previous Trip: Savandurga noon trek.


We wanted to do this trip since about 4 months, 300kms one day was never easy, 14th of march ’10 was the day we finally made it!! . It was of course one of our memorable trips till date.

7am in the morning, Ashok,arvi and myself assembled in front of my house. Arun coudnt make it this time :(.. but he did come to my house and spoke to us for sometime!!!


We headed of on NICE road to join kankpura road, from then on it was smooth sailing from there.. ok this next incident is almost got me killed… there was this mad woman (u all know the alternate word) shouting in the middle of the road at vehicles , Arvi and ashok passed her, then I was like “ screw u ” she got really angry and tried chasing me, I went off road, but managed to pull my bike and regain control :D !!!

Then we had to take a break since nobody had breakfast, we had completed about 100kms…The road to shivnasamudra is simply amazing!!!! Arvi had brought some apples ..we sat on the roadside and gulped them down :) Then we covered the next 50kms at a pretty good pace, to reach our 1st destination Gaganchuki :) :)


We were a little disappointed that there was less water, stayed there for a while enjoying the scenery. It`s a very civilized area ( not like mekedat). We had breakfast at a decent hotel at gaganchuki , fooled around with chickens and geese in the hotel!!

When we were about to the place , AH Alexiii (my pet rabbit) or what I thought was Alexi had followed me :D I lost my mind.. went sat next to it rubbing its back!!! Arvi and ashok kept their distance. Then I realised it was a bull :D :D


Then we left for barachukki , gaganchukki and barachuki are about 10kms apart. We reached barachuki in another 10-15 mins… we parked our bikes…and found there was less water here too :( . It was tiring long climb down… but it was the ideal time to explore the place.

We crossed a small stream which packed a lot of force… then we reached a very beautiful falls, sat there for sometime and went further deeper … it was an amazing spot!!! Spent a good hour or so there right below the falls :). Then finally decided to head back to Namma bengalooroo, it was about 1pm.


The drive back was again pretty good… thanks to the smooth new road we drove at steady pace and reached home at abt 3 :30 pm….YUP, 300kms one day , we were proud Hehe.. for a guy who never thought could ride a bike… it was an achievement for me I guess haha!!! ( wher`s my collar when I need one)

Kushal , Arvi , Ashok , Arun - I truely thank u guys for teaching me to ride a Bike :) \m/

And yeah…. Next day we had college …half the day we were asleep :D :D…. YAWWWNNNNN :P

RTR: Ashok + Arvi
Pulsar: Kd

Distance: 150+150=300kms