Tuesday, April 13, 2010

6)Tg reservoir (19/2/2010)

TG RESERVOIR: (19/1/2010)

It was the 2nd day of our 4th sem, it was a Tuesday.. as usual we were bored in col hoping to get an off :) all of a sudden the afternoon session was called off :D.
We decided to go to TG reservoir since it was pretty close by. Arvi, Ashok,Arun & Manu waited near col..i ran back to my house and got my bike.. Lets leave guys!! Time 1 :15 :)
The drive was very Good, Nice Empty road.. we drove very slow, making fun of each other throughout the way!! Arun & Manu on UNICORN..Arv & Ashok on RTR and Kd alone…We stopped at a wonderful place on the way and wasted a lot of time there before realizing it was too late..We hit the road.!! We reached the main gates of the reservoir, Arv & me went and asked the guard whether we were allowed inside. He said no visitors… we had to speak to him for about 15 min….finally he told us there was a small road which would lead us to the water…WhEW!! Tat was a relief :) :) By tat time arun was furious..reason??? Somebody had called him up sayin they had received calls from tat no.. Yup it was Manu makin prank calls :D.. Then Arvi and Ashok headed off full force.. I was behind them…Arun behind me..
There was this small bridge.. a huge lorry at about 60`s-70`s headed towards us..Arvi and Ashok somehow crossed the bridge..GULP!!! I held my nerve and steady.. VrOOm I it went past..almost blew me off the bridge :D..I see in front Arvi and Ashok were giving Big smiles.. :D :D. Then they went off way ahead.. Arun & me were going together..Arun spotted the small way.. We 3 stopped..but Arv and ashok had gone further..we called them up and told them to return.. Arun & me parked our bikes..Manu & me decided to explore the place and see if there route which woud lead us down to the water & requested Arun to wait for Arvi & ashok.
We went down on the muddy track.. we spotted tractor tracks, so were sure thre was a way!! We returned back to find arvi and ashok had returned.. We all parked our bikes.. Arun locked his helmet ,while me & arvi carried it :D (Read ON!!)
We walked down the muddy terrain , But there were no signs of water :(. We knew there was water near by.. we only had to find it.. AND FINALLY!!!! We a glance of the 1st part of the reservoir, we headed further to Spot the entire reservoir :D
The terrain in pretty steep and with rocks and grass… we had the best time of our lives.. fighting!! Throwin all things possible at each other…picking up branches and sword fighting :D .Ding dong!! We had wasted a lot of time again…hehe then we decided to run on the rocky terrain… Whew tat set off AShok..he ran like thre was no tomo :D Omg!! He was like ‘PEEP PEEP ..Roadrunner Coming thro make way ‘:D..he went atleast 300-400 m away.. waving at us from the other section!!! Then Manu sat down and said he`s not moving anywhere till he finishes his dabbi… Arun Picked a huge Stone.. GULP!! I stepped back silently without uttering a word Haha!! :D
Going further along the reservoir we found the perfect spot for lunch..we sat down had lunch happily forgetting all the Shitty things we go thro everyday.. FELT REAL GOOD :). After eating we knew we had come a long way so decided to walk back.. we were totally tired and collapsed in front of bikes on the ground..Then all of a sudden Arun goes ‘Shit!!! My helmet’s missing :(.’ He got real upset, but hey we were all there… we decided to search!! We split up.. Ashok & arun decided to go back to the reservoir and ask the fishermen,, Arv, Manu & me decided to search near our bikes.. We no luck finding it.. the new also decided to go back down to the reservoir .
We saw Ashok and Arun coming back with a fisherman.. Seeing us three..the fisherman got scared and stepped back (Finally somebody scared of me Wooohooo!!! Hi5) Common we were really frustrated.. Ashok and arun gave us indications to shut the hell up…we walked the fisherman walk past us … he said he had kept the helmet in a safe place fearing tat the local people would steal it and sell it.. we continued to stare at him.. he got real scared..and gave back the helmet and said he had no intention of stealin it and crap like tat… We retrieved the helmet and drove back peacefully:)
It was a very good trip considering the fact tat we left after our col got over.. we walked a long way along the reservoir, fooling around, had real fun!!!
Most importantly forgetting all the Shit from our daily lives…!! It was a kickass start to 4th sem :D
* The only part we behaved normally was when had to speak to the fisherman..otherwise we were like small kids running, fighting, throwing stones, etc.. Great times :) :) Thank you guys!!!!

Distance : 40 + 40 = 80 kms

RTR: Arvi + ashok (Going) ; Arvi (return)

Pulsar: Kd (Go); Manu+ Kd (Return)

Unicorn : Manu+ Arun (go); Arun + AShok(return)




  1. i dont know about others.. but i'm pretty sure that u are always abnormal in ur life and u love to be abnormal

  2. Well thank u :)abormal = supernormal

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