Sunday, April 28, 2024

200) Huthridurga trek: (27/4/2024)

Place: Huthridurga trek

Distance: 75kms x 2 = 150kms

Directions: Bangalore > Magadi > Huthridurga > Ramnagara > Bangalore

Krew: Dileep (Koof) > Karthik (Sippy)

Bikes:  Pulsar                                                                                                 

Previous Visit: Channarayanadurga trek

Budget: Rs 250/head


This was a sweet and small trek to this now very famous trekking destination. Famous for the great escape in 1758 by Bairstow, this trek had elements of surprises and exploration. But due to the commercializing of the place, now had lost all its glamour. Nevertheless, we had a decent trek on Saturday. And yeah 200 is just a Number. 


Ok, April 2024 had been too good. Three trips had been completed and to sweeten the pot, we decided to hit a 4th one. Koof was the only one on the confirmed list. Channarayanadurga was a good start and now it was time to have the momentum going.

TIME: 20:00 (26/4/2024)


Yeah, I was up at 4 am, stretched did a few push-ups and pull-ups, and was all set to leave. Woke up Koof by 5 am and left towards KR road. Once Koof joined we left Bangalore. We decided to take the Magadi Road as it was the shortest route and I faintly remember the ride back in 2018 was good.

TIME: 06:00


RIDE 1: (Bangalore – Magadi - Huthridurga)

This was about a 75km shaky ride. The roads were a mix of very good and muddy roads. That made the ride painful on an early Saturday morning. With the sun rising behind us, we kept pushing and cautiously riding. As it was a 2-lane road, rushing lorries and busses from opposite sides were something to watch for! Just before entering Magadi, we pulled over for some yummy breakfast.

TIME: 07:00

From Magadi, Huthridurga is about 20-25km. And all of a sudden, the roads turned very good. So, we cruised along at a decent pace, making up for the time to reach the town. We were surprised to see a tempo full of uncles and aunties returning after the trek.  We parked our bikes in what was now a proper parking space, last time we had just ridden into farmlands and taken off. (Hutridurga - 2018; Hutridurga - 2013)

TIME: 07:45


The trek to the top of the hillock took us 45 minutes with enough breaks in between. To start the trek, we were a little disappointed to find steps to the top. I understand tourism and all other shit, but the taking away true essence of the place at the cost of promoting tourism is something I do not get.

The initial climb was easy, and we wanted to get this part done quickly. Post which the gateways began. Moving through the gateways is fun and adventurous. As we reached the 2nd fort wall, I remember during our 1st visit to the place, we had searched so much for the entrance to the 3rd tier. But now, there were clear steps leading to the hidden spot.  


People had thinned down by then and the sun was up and bright. Koof said he wanted to sleep for some time :P Haha! I said, it would be better if pushed until top and then rested on top as there were more places of shade.

I made sure we kept pushing without big breaks and I kept playing around the steep slopes as I had a fair idea in mind where the next treks were coming up. We reached the top and then crashed at the temple.

TIME: 08:20


Cool winds greeted us on top and we could see the entire town of Hutri. It was a beautiful view. Savandurga was shrouded in mist and hence we couldn’t spot it even though it was close by. After taking some photographs, Koof decided that it was time for a good crash. We spent about an hour on the top. Koof fast asleep and I tried to take in the view and immersed myself in the silence and the natural orchestra at the top.  It was trippy and nice. Once Koof was awake, we decided to do a quick touch-down on the cave viewpoint and then head back down.

TIME: 09:15



The climb down was a smooth one. We hardly took any breaks and thus could complete it in about 30 minutes only. We continuously climbed down until the 1st tier; the sun was blazing full force hence we decided to have a couple of glasses of buttermilk. Reaching back to the base we decided one thing clearly, “we are not heading back on Magadi road again”. Haha! Yeah, the roads were bad.  We pulled over at a bakery and had some cold water and sting. Yeah, off late we are kind of having this thing after each trek.

TIME: 10:00

RIDE 2: (Huthridurga – Ramnagara - Bangalore)

Yeah, taking the Ramnagara route turned out to be a very good decision. The roads are in excellent condition, and we enjoyed this stretch very much. Cruising at a decent pace we reached back the Bangalore-Mysore highway. Not exactly the old enjoyable ride, but the roads were too wide, and we could cruise at a faster pace to reach back Blue Wings to meet other boys as well! :)

TIME: 12:00

Stayed at BW for 4hours speaking about college, politics, Naruto, and marriage lives – yes, BW is fun. Reached back home safe \m/.

And yes, 200 is just a number. So we did not celebrate and all, as we do that every weekend!

TIME: 16:00

Monday, April 22, 2024

199) Channarayanadurga Trek: (20/4/2024)


Place: Channarayanadurga trek.

Distance: 100 x 2 = 200kms.

Directions: Bangalore > Dobbaspete > Koratgere > Channarayanadurga

Krew: Dileep (Koof) > Karthik (Sippy).

Bikes: Pulsar.                                                                                 

Previous Visit: Rayakottai trek.

Budget: Rs 400/head


After the two treks (Kabbaladurga and Rayakottai) in 2024, things stabilized now and it was time to hit some classics. And it was time for Channarayandurga. The good old lost and ancient hillock. Have you guys watch “Bangarada Jinke”? It was shot at this place. The trek was smooth as butter. Missed all these last 2 years. Let’s go!


Ok, the plan was crystal clear. My mind was locked on Channarayanadurga and no jitters.  The plan was to leave early, Bangalore was seeing the worst of summers. It was like a freaking hot oven in March and April 2024. The previous day did the usual workout of 50 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, and 100 squats in 15 minutes. This workout is working like a charm and keeping me fit like crazy! Do try it out.

TIME: 21:00 (19/4/2024)


Oh yeah, woke up at 3:30 am, stretched out a little, and was ready. Started calling up Koof (yeah, I am a literal nightmare to my friends!!) Finally, Koof replied at 5:15 am and said he was ready. I left my home, rode to KR road, and was surprised to find Koof sitting outside ready to head out. And the Blue Wings boys headed out of town!

TIME: 05:30

RIDE 1: (Bangalore – Dobbaspete - Channarayandurga)

The ride to Channarayanadurga is 100kms pretty much butter-smooth stuff. The ride was dark and cold to begin with, as we neared Nelamangala we felt a cold shock, we knew the sun was about to rise. But surprisingly the skies were cloudy. The transition from from dark to light or vice versa is a beautiful zone to be in. We continued to ride on non-stop until Dobbaspete and then we pulled over for a tea. Post tea, as we continued we spotted an old couple selling breakfast, we pulled over to have one of the yummiest idly vadas.

TIME: 07:00

We had a light breakfast, as we had the trek ahead of us. Thanking the old couple for serving us a super breakfast we rode on. We had about 50km to cover yet and we covered it comfortably in about 45 minutes to reach the base of the hillock.

TIME: 07:45


Channarayanadurga is one of those hillocks where time should not be taken into consideration. There is so much to explore on this hillock, just getting lost in the beauty is something one must aim at. We took about 90 minutes to reach the top.

Anyway, I have divided the ascension into the following stages. So, keep up with here! :

i) Initial Stretch

ii) Lost Paradise

iii) Layouts

iv) Last Strech

We parked our bikes near the central tree (for flagging purposes) and requested bakery people to hold on to our helmets, with the astral goat's spirit wide awake, we were ready for the trek.

TIME: 07:45

i) Initial stretch:

The initial stretch unlike other hillocks is the toughest in this one. And it is the steepest. So told Koof to take his sweet own time. We took about 20-25mins to finish this part. We took sufficient breaks but just enough for breath to normalize. Upon reaching the first fort wall the initial stretch was completed.

TIME: 08:00


ii) Lost Paradise:

Once through the first fort wall, the real beauty of this fort hillock opened up. We found the beautiful lake in the first tier. The water level was lower but nevertheless looked beautiful. Taking a small breather and absorbing the view, we decided to move on from this tier

iii) Layouts:

The transition from 1st to 2nd tier could turn out to be trickier. We have goofed up once, oh wait, no twice actually. But making mistakes, especially costly ones helps us in remembering routes better. This time we took the right route to enter the 2nd tier, here one can find a lot of ruined granaries and other storage structures.


iii) Last Stretch:

Once we passed through the 2nd gateway, we entered the last stretch. This was hardly 5-minute run. We took a detour to get the best view of the place. So yes, we sat here and declared that as the top (even though the top was hardly 2 minutes away)

TIME: 09:00


Sitting at the top seeing a very wide panoramic view with Madhugiri taking a central position, we could hear an amalgam of insect sounds. It was freaking trippy. And the place has vertical drops all around. So, yeah not for the faint-hearted eh!

Told koof, I would run up and make a touch top at the actual top of the hillock. As I reached the top, found a dog, which instantly smiled at me and followed me wherever I went. Realised the poor guy, was thirsty, so poured some water and helped him out. And an instant trust was developed. As I made my way back, found Koof sitting peacefully. Joined him and both of us tripped on the natural orchestra that was being played for us.  After about 30 minutes at the top and then we decided to make our way down.

TIME: 09:30



It took us about 45 minutes to reach back to the base. And we also did it without a break. As we started the trek back down, we decided to head down directly. So Koof, I, and the friendly dog decided to join us. The trek back was straightforward. Knees are something to take care of during the descent. We went back to the bakery, thanked the people for looking after the helmets, bought some water bottles and juice, gulped it down, and left the town.

TIME: 10:15

RIDE 2: (Channarayandurga – Whitty Dhaba – Bangalore)

Okay, this was a breeze ride back. After the trek, feels so good to be on a bike. The feel you get is different from that of a car. The ride back was straightforward. We pulled over at Dobbaspete and decided we crash in at Whity’s for some food and drink. Very much deserved for the trek we pulled off.  We reached Whity at about 11:45 only and the dhaba was yet just about to open.

So we chilled down with some beers, post which we had a decent lunch. Trust me the food of this place is mind blowing. Post which we rode back to Bangalore as we entered the city, we the clouds welcomed us with some drizzle. Dropping Koof back at his place, I rode and actually stood at a place just to enjoy the rain and headed back home happy!

TIME: 15:00

Until next time Ta-ta Cia \m/

Sunday, April 14, 2024

198) Rayakottai Fort Trek: (13/4/2024)

Place: Rayakottai Fort Trek

Distance: 100kms x 2 = 200kms

Directions: Bangalore > Hosur > Shoolagiri > Rayakottai > Denkankottai > Bangalore

Krew: Ramakrishna > Karthik (Sippy)

Bikes: Pulsar                                                                                                   

Previous Visit: Kabblu Hillock trek.

Budget: Rs 225/head


Rayakottai is the southernmost outpost of Tippu Sultan. The 360-degree view that you get from this place is superb. One can few for kilometers afar standing atop this hillock. Hence the perfect outpost. This trip reminded me and cemented what breathing fresh air feels like!  


It was hardly 3 days since the insane mind-bending trek to Kabblu. The travel bug had bit right. And the fact that none of my legs were paining made me restless. It was time for another trek. During the post-lunch walk, Rama and I decided to head out to TN – Rayakottai.

TIME: 13:00 (11/4/2024)


Woke up at 4 am, did some stretches got ready, and headed out at 5 am through the city. Reached Attibele by 5:45 and waited for Rama. Once Rama joined, we headed out of the city. Come to think of it, Rama lived at the halfway point between my place at Rayakottai. Haha!

TIME: 06:15

RIDE 1: (Bangalore – Hosur – Shoolagiri - Rayakottai)

So, this was neat and sweet left over 40km. My place to Attibele was about 40km and then the remainder was only 40-50km. We decided to take the highway until Shoolagiri and then decided to deviate towards Rayakottai. The first 20km or so went like a woof on the huge highway. Then the beautiful country roads began. The ride through which was wonderful and pretty good!! We pulled over a small house + tiffin center for some awesome breakfast.

TIME: 07:15


After breakfast, it was a 5-minute ride. Surprisingly memory was strong, and without much assistance, we directly reached the base of the hillock. Requested a shopkeeper to keep our helmets and take care of our bikes. With the mountain goat awake within us, it was time to climb!

TIME: 08:00


The trek up to the top took us only 45 minutes. It was a nice and peaceful trek to the top. Even though the trek is easy and short, the view it offers from the top is mind-blowing. So, it was indeed a trek much needed then.

The route is quite clear and a lot of steps. On the way to the top, you can find a lot of gateways and checkpoints meant for resisting an enemy attack. As you begin to reach the top, you can find a lot of granaries and other storage bunkers. Now inside most of it, bats reside peacefully.

TIME: 08:45


It was Saturday, but nobody was at the top. We sipped water and relaxed on top enjoying the view. We spent about 30-45 mins at the top discussing many things. It had been a while since our epic Mari Betta trek. Damn, that was one epic climb! The blog will be published on that one soon. Had written it back then, but never published it. After a good rest at the top, we decided to head back down.

TIME: 09:30



The descension took about 30 mins. Now with the sunup and burning bright, it was a sapping climb down. On the way down we stopped at the temple in between and paid respects to the deity. Reaching back to the base, we thanked the shopkeeper for looking after our helmets and bikes and left Rayakottai.

TIME: 10:00

RIDE 2: (Rayakottai – Denkankottai – Attibele - Bangalore)

We decided to take the Denkankottai route to Hosur. Why? We had nothing better to do on a Saturday. So, exploration was something we were both open to. So, asking for directions and with all that road's memory getting kick-started again, we were finding ways in between small, beautiful towns until we hit the other main highway. The roads were fresh, bigger, and with almost zero traffic.  Cruised along at a decent pace to reach Attibele. Dropped Rama off thanked him for joining and headed back and reached home.

TIME: 12:00


This was such a stabilizing trip, reminding us of what fresh air feels like. The person I can trust and one of the best climbers around, a decent challenge to get things going. A good roadside breakfast, challenging climb, relaxation on top, sharing chocolates, safe ride back home – elements of a good trip!”

Until next time, Cia \m/

(Oh, by the way, no pain again after this trek, looks like we hit the road soon again!)

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

197) Kabbaldurga trek: (9/4/2024)


Place: Kabbaladurga trek

Distance: 100kms x 2 = 200kms

Directions: Bangalore > Bidadi > Channpatna > Kabbaladurga > Kanakpura > Bangalore

Krew: Karthik (Sp)

Bikes: Pulsar                                                                                  

Previous Visit: Mentok Kangri (2022)

Budget: Rs 500.


After 2.5-3yrs return back to road felt great. After all the corona shit, had cocooned in and never hit the road. Every time I climb this mountain, it shows a different face of it. This time I saw miracles, Lets go!


Bike had not been condition so gave it for servicing. It took over 2 days, but once it was alright. Could hear the growl nice and clear. It was time to hit the roads after long. Initial plan was to head to Maddur have breakfast and return. Simple and clean. But the Call of the Kabblu was stronger. At about 9pm went out for a ride and got the fuel in.

TIME: 21:00 (8/4/2024)


Yeah, was up by 4am, stretched out. Felt calm inside, it was time. Had breakfast at home a very light one and headed out. Didn’t feel any different, but the very fact that I was on the road was enriching.

TIME: 05:00

RIDE 1: (Bangalore– Ramngara – Channpatna - Kabbaldurga)

As I headed out onto Mysore Road, so much had changed. It didn’t feel the same, but it was new and nice. Cruised along at a decent pace to cross over Bidadi and Ramnagar. As the temperature dropped got goosebumps on my skin. I knew the sun was right behind me, overlooking. It was time for the sun to rise.

TIME: 06:30

But the new modified roads are so confusing, SH-17 was not the same at all. I missed a turn and rode about 15km ahead of Channpatna. Then took back some interior roads and re-connected to the old Mysore road. And that felt gold. Wow, the old roads felt really good. After which the mountain just drew me near and I floated along effortlessly.

TIME: 07:00


To be honest I thought it would take about 2hrs considering the long break. But everyday physical training and paid off and it took me 45mins to reach the top. And best part is, did it with zero breaks. And I had a companion. It was like the universe trying to instigate the whole process of trekking once again, hehe!

i) Initial stretch

ii) 3 point stretch ?? – wait what!

iii) Viper stretch

iv) Final Stretch

So ready? Here goes nothing!

i) Initial stretch:

Ok, every time I come to this place I would get lost. But this time the internal bearing was very strong.  And moreover, as I was just about to begin the trek, a dog saw at me with its innocent face and I looked back and continued to walk. I could hear the footsteps behind me. And THAT IS IT, I had a companion for the trek.

ii) 3 point stretch:

The 3 point stretch was not there anymore. I mean it was, but a neat steps has been laid out with railings to hold on to. Without being too judgemental, I started climbing the stairs. But it was no fun, so got out of the railings and did the climbing the old school way. Now that was fun. The dog was totally confused but appreciated the effort i put.


iii) Viper stretch:

This stretch really hits your core hard and kind off shakes you up. But this time it was different. I had a friendly companion. This was straightforward walk, with sweat just pouring down, I was loosing water and the dog seemed worried about me. Whatever water I had, poured it in my hand  and made the dog drink  

iv) Final stretch:

By the time we reached this point, I was literally conversing with the dog full time. Calling it “Appi come here, not that way da.. this way we should go” , “ what did u find there, let me see” it was a pure conversation and it was something out of this world. Loved every second of it.

TIME: 07:45


As I reached the top, made the dog drink some water again. I decided to go without water for the trip as preference was the dog, who surprisingly accompanied me throughout. Upon reaching the top, as legend goes you will feel a sense calmness and serenity within. As I made my way to the temple of the original deity I came across two people. They told me they had started at 3am itself. I was puzzled. Then I realised it was a father-son duo and the father was completely blind.

This completely blew my mind. A completely blind person had climbed the hillock taking help of his son. Now, people what is your excuse? They asked me whether I had travelled alone, I said me and appi had climbed. They were looking for who I was referring then after realising I was referring to the dog. All four of us sat down and had a hearty discussion. Then went to the 2nd deity temple then I promised them, we would help them reach down safely.  

TIME: 08:45


Trek down took about 2hrs. But yeah, it was such a different experience. Helping this nice father-son duo. How both were both like buddies pulling each other’s legs throughout the journey. Hearing them was a pure joy. And as far as the dog goes, it was not confused. It understood somebody needed extra help and slowed down, played all along the way. The father said something that resonated with me for a long time even after the completion of the trek. 

He said “ u have returned back after long, to guide you, the dog was sent as a companion and maybe the deity wanted you to be here for long and that is why I was sent to keep you grounded

I didn’t react at that point of time, as in treks I am jovial outward, but totally cold blooded within. But that hit me so different.  Reaching back the town near our bikes, we hugged each other. They invited me over to their home for lunch, I said some other time. And it was hardest to say good-bye to the dog. It will always have a special place in my heart :)

TIME: 10:30

RIDE 2: (Kabbaldurga – Channpatna – Bidadi-Bangalore)

This was 100kms ride back, decided to take back the Mysore road. As I reached the town of kabblu had picked up a 2litre water bottle thrown somewhere in the mountain. Decided to fill some water in the water tank of the town.  The ride was smooth and really nice. The old mysore road felt emptier than usual and enjoyed all the way back home.

TIME: 12:30


Next day, actually I was disappointed that legs, back all were fine. Nothing was hurting. Everyday working out had actually had pretty good conditioning on my body. Guess we hit back the roads shortly cheers!!

Oh yeah, the gap between last trip 180th trip and 196th trip will be slowly filled up. Some crazy stuff went down here and there. Since this was fresh decided to jot this one down!

Cheers all \m/