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47) Mekedatu & Sangama: (16/12/2011)

Place: Mekedatu & Sangama.
Distance: 100 x 2 = 200kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Kanakpura – Sangama – Mekedatu.
Particiapants: Madhu (Barca) > Manohar (Notorious) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: GS 150> CB Unicorn > Pulsar150.
Previous visit: KanvaReservoir – 2nd anniversary run.
Budget: Rs300.

Mekedatu is a dangerous, fast flowing, and scenic water spot. Last visit to this place nearly two years back almost took my leg away, well this time things were different, the forest almost took our legs away ha-ha!!

Initially the plan was to visit a reservoir and forest in Tamil Nadu. But like always, we prefer Plan B – unplanned one. Manu & Madhu were the only people on the confirmed list. So after finalizing the people and bikes we crashed.
TIME: 23:00 hrs (15/12/2011)

As usual I was up at around 05:00 hrs, had a sip of coffee did a few push-ups and was all set go. Manu arrived at my place at about 05:45hrs & as we waited for Madhu, Manu and myself were discussing other options. Manu suggested Mekedatu, as he hadn’t seen the actual place. Though I was taken back at the suggestions after the previous visit to this place, it was time put aside the fear and go back to this wonderful place. We departed as soon as soon as Madhu reached my place.
TIME: 06:45 hrs        


RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Kanakpura)
This was a 40-50kms stretch. Madhu said he knew a shortcut to reach Kanakpura Road, so we followed him. Believe me it was one kickass route, through thick trees on mud roads and saved a lot of time. Once we reached Kanakpura road it was just formality, we rode at a decent pace negotiating the curves of NH-209 to perfection to reach the town for breakfast.
TIME: 08:15 hrs

KANAKPURA: (Breakfast stop)
Alright…. We ordered some hot breakfast and coffee. Yeah as we ate the light breakfast, we again had a discussion about the destination. BR hills & Muthati were the among the hot favourites, but finally we decided to stick on to Mekedatu. After the breakfast we hit road without wasting anytime.
TIME: 08:45 hrs

RIDE – II: (Kanakpura - Mekedatu)
This was another 40-50kms stretch, but we took our own sweet time completing this stretch. We made sure we rode slow to enjoy the surroundings and the curves as we had no intentions of returning back home till evening ha-ha!!
We rode at a decent pace, back to back keeping the formation intact. We took lot of pit-stops, sitting on the road, enjoying the fresh air and scenic view all around us.

The final stretch to Mekedatu comprises of 2-3 hairpin curves, we switched of our engines and allowed our bikes to take us for the nest 3-4kms to reach Sangama.
TIME: 10:00 hrs


First things first, we parked our bikes under a tree. We started fooling around climbing up trees. I guess our basic instincts got the better of us ha-ha. Even the few monkeys at the place were taken aback.
As we moved on, I received another shocker. The place had a complete make over, restaurants, temples, gardens, clear boards, inspection bungalows etc.,


Two years back it had and absolute hardcore isolated look, with only on small shop and nothing else.
As we reached the river we were glad that the water level was low. Last visit it was here that I crushed my knee against a boulder as fell into the flowing waters. So I requested Manu who was the tallest among us to carry my bag which had their jackets and other belongings. We cautiously crossed the river and reached the other side.
TIME: 10:15 hrs



So…, yeah we had reached the other side. And as we did we heard there was elephants spotting near by :D, there was no stopping me from rushing to the spot. Jumping across the rocky terrain and running we reached the river shore to find these two huge elephants on the other side i.e from the Muthati forest.

Alright…, there are two ways of reaching Mekedatu after you cross Sangama. One way is the normal way by taking the bus and then there’s our way by picking up basic tools like a stick and a knife and walking 12-15kms through the forest filled with snakes and other wild creatures.


As we started the walk, we picked up our sticks and started chatting and cracking jokes. The trees were initially lean but as we proceeded it got real thick and we felt completely isolated. The silence was something we were enjoying but yeah it was scary too.
We were eagerly waiting for some wild animal to jump out of the forest when all of a sudden Manu and me who were in front felt the ground trembling (just like in the movies). As we turned back we could see Madhu, and yeah behind him was a sight I won’t be forgetting for a long long time.


About 30-40 huge bulls were charging right at us, in a matter of seconds we jumped out the muddy trail & hopped onto some rocky terrain beside the fast flowing waters. Trust me we were saved by a whisker :)
We waited for the gang to pass and then we resumed. After about 30 minutes of another isolated walk we encountered them again. Believe me they meant business, few of them actually turned back and started walking towards us. So we decided to go off the off-road :P. We continued along the fast flowing waters on the rocky terrain and rejoined the path only to find more bulls.


Alright…, we worked out a detailed plan and the plan was simple “walk right past it :P”… and thankfully it worked as we didn’t make any sudden movements to piss it off.
Finally the forest adventure ended as we reached Mekdatu :)
(Yeah all these encounters with bulls might sound funny, but trust me we had the same notion of bulls as simple creatures but this was something else)
TIME: 11:45 hrs


Ah yeah there she was eagerly waiting for my arrival. We took some rest at the sit out and started to descend the rocky steps. We spotted a small snake on the steps but it was not worth the catch so we moved on to reach the place. And guess what, we were the only 3 at the entire place. Yup we were very glad to have the place for ourselves, and yeah it also meant extra dangerous.
We removed our shoes and started to explore with caution as the force of the water was simply terrifying, the thunderous roar of the water hitting the rocks could be heard during the walk only. Madhu & Manu were totally happy & satisfied with the place; I mean yeah it was worth all the efforts put into the walk. Continuing further we reached the final tip of Mekedatu where the water splits by hitting a boulder on which we were happily sitting.


We were at the tip; the clear instructions were no stupid and foolish tricks as nobody was around. We started fooling around, Manu and madhu threw their sticks into the water to examine the force, after further fooling around we took a small 20mins nap on the boulder.
After a while we woke up safely thankfully not falling off our beds haha!! We headed back to the sit out. We didn’t even have water in the bottle, so took extra rest and decided to walk back through the forest.
TIME: 13:00 hrs

As we walked back, my right knee which had problems from the start snapped. But we continued further and Madhu and Manu suggested we visit another spot along the way. And there she was Mekedatu-2 aKa Goatiedatu.

GOATIE-DATU: (Mekedatu-2)

Well yeah the name was coined by us only. But yeah this place was simply brilliant; it had a balance of fast flowing waters and small peaceful streams. The water was crystal clear and first thing we did was quench our thirst. Further we washed our faces and started to explore the place to find trees fallen down due to the force, small falls etc.,
We spent some quality time at this place and as we left the place found my shoe sole had a huge crack in it and my right knee was in deep shit pain.
TIME:  13:45 hrs


As we continued further, we kept laughing all the way to find the biggest hurdle of the trip. About 100-130 bulls were on either side of the muddy trail. And as per the day’s proceedings, even a tiger seemed less dangerous than these creatures. Slowly without any sudden movements we started the 10min walk (literally) amidst the bulls smiling at every creature ha-ha!!
Once we were out, we spotted a snake but unfortunately couldn’t catch it as it disappeared into the woods. We continued further taking a shortcut to reach Sangama.
TIME: 14:30 hrs


As we reached Sangama, Madhu & Manu jumped into the waters for a much needed rest as I sat ashore. After spending about 30-40mins we crossed back the river cautiously to reach our bikes. And yeah I still had my stick with me (latter it had a name too:P), it was all ready to ride back to Bangalore with us as well.
TIME:15:30 hrs

RIDE III: (Sangama- Kanakpura)
This was about 40 kms stretch. We rode at a decent pace without taking any breaks to reach Kanakpura hotel for a much deserved lunch.
We entered the hotel limping, and ordered a very heavy lunch, ah yeas it tasted so much better since we had earned it totally. After a heavy Oota we washed our faces and left.
TIME: 16:45 hrs


RIDE: IV: (Kanakpura – Bengaluru)
This was about 50kms formality stretch; all we had to do was stay awake as we had eaten a very lunch. As the sun started going down, the shadow formed on the road as we rode is something you should have a look. Haha we looked like warriors. We did some smooth riding on NH-209 to reach Bengaluru.
TIME: 17:45 hrs
Sat at the NICE road exit and spoke for about 30mins and left to reach our respective homes.
TIME: 18:30 hrs


Well this was one kickass adventure, on of the best till date. It surely stands up with the other adventures like 
Pearlvalley - In search of Elephants, 
Skandagiri night trek - Misty Death trek, 
Kabbalu trek - Peak into the next life, 
TG reservoir - Fun run etc.,
It was crazy on the part of us to walk 12-15kms through the forest encountering snakes and bulls but  trust me it was worth all of it”

MANU: Led the way throughout and it was him who suggested this place else we wouldn’t have had such a great adventure.
MADHU: Known for his reserved nature, but this time kept the spirits up with his jokes and not forget his golden find “Goatie-datu”.
SP: Brought back the “Weapon of mass destruction”, ( Haha now you know what the stick has been named)
Until next time, ta-da Ciaa\m/



Wednesday, February 1, 2012

46) Kanva Reservoir 2nd Anniversary Ride: (28/11/2011)

Place: Kanva Reservoir.
Distance: 60 x 2 = 120kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Bidadi – Ramnagar – Kanva Reservoir.
Particiapants: Vineeth(Red monster) > Madhu(Barca) > Ashok(Classic K350) > Arvind(White knight) > Arun(Turr/Slowpoke) > Karthik(Sp).
Bikes: Pulsar200 > Unicorn > CB Unicorn > Pulsar150.

This was a run to mark the 2nd anniversary of our club. Took us back to the Maddur visit we had pulled off exactly 2 years back. But yeah this time it was Kanva Reservoir.


This trip was like most of the other trips we’ve done; it was unplanned and decided all of a sudden. Morning I was up at 06:00hrs, I could see all the events that had taken place two years back clear as crystal water. The uncertainty involved in the first trip is something which has remained buried deep within the club forever. So.., I wore my regular attire & headed towards our bakery to meet others and ask them about the day’s plan.
TIME: 10:00 hrs

As I reached the bakery, others were waiting there but yeah they had mixed opinions on the riding out of town. Ashok, Arvi, Madhu were ready… Arun was unsure… Vineeth who said no initially, finally agreed to join us. Finally after 3 hours it was a complete GO GO ( Ha-ha yeah time flies when at bakery). So we had lunch near college and departed Bengaluru.
TIME: 14:00 hrs


RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Kanva Bakery – Kanva)
First things first, we rode to the petrol bunk and filled up and hit SH-17. It was pretty hot, but SH-17 being 4-lane offered little resistance to riders. Memories of our first trips kept flashing before our eyes throughout as we passed “HOTEL VISION” near Bidadi. We had stopped at this place 2 years back shivering in cold and hands totally numb and pain of riding 30kms. After a few minutes we reached the outskirts of Ramnagar to reach our signature pre-Kanva bakery stop.
We had few drinks and brought some snacks and headed off towards Kanva. We took a right deviation on Mysore road and continued 8kms more to reach this wonderful reservoir.
TIME: 15:30 hrs


KANVA: (Welcome home again)
Well out of the previous 8 trips, we have been here 6 times… ha-ha that goes to show how much we enjoy being at this place. But yeah things were different this time, the entire place was green, filled with plants and the water level had risen considerably.

We decided to go to our regular spot on the other side of the reservoir near the boulder. To our amazement this ride kept getting interesting and fun. The tracks which used to lead us seemed completely green. So we somehow managed to get a little far on the right track only to find water bodies blocking our path. And oh yeah there was slush mud present all around it.
So we stopped, wondering what to do next…, as we pondered we started the good old skipping stones game. After a few minutes we decided to go to the original spot itself. Arvi & Ashok led the way and we followed them through the slushy mud one-after the other cautiously to make it to the boulder and we had another surprise instored.

The place seemed to have a greenery boost everywhere. Last visit this stretch was totally desert like with sand and dry mud. This time it was total slush and plants. We rode a little further and called it a stop.
TIME: 15:30 hrs

We had a few snacks, then checked the water for snakes, broken bottles and other dangers and finally it was a green signal.
Only Arvi, Ashok and me were ready to take a dip. So… we decided to have the bottle competition again. The memories of Ashok’s birthday and my birthday were freshened. We spent about an hour in the water and finally decided to get out and dry up.

Once we got out, Ashok took over show with his Caveman tricks… to keep us well entertained.
Ps: Entertained trust me  is an under statement, we were crying out in laughter as our stomach was in deep shit pain, tears kept rolling down as we couldn't handle the laughter marathon created by Classic K350 i.e, Ashok.
Finally pulling ourselves back together we left the wonderful reservoir Kanva.
TIME: 17:15 hrs

RIDE 2: (Kanva – Bengaluru ; Perfect Sync Ride)
Even though this ride was just formality, this trip’s ride is something I’ll remember forever. As Vineeth’s Pulsar200 had a new bore in the engine, the speed had to be kept below 60kmphr. The other 3 bikes dropped back allowing him to lead the way and we kept the formation intact for the next hour or so to reach back our bakery. This was exactly the same way we had rode on 28/11/2009.
TIME: 18:45 hrs
We had some tea and spent about 30mins & left to reach back our respective houses.
TIME: 19:30 hrs


Well… this trip no doubt was a short one, but yeah the amount of time travelling we had done in our minds was incomparable. We had looked back at the 2 years of travelling we had done along side each other and how these two years of travelling had changed each one of us as persons.
We had completed 25 trips at the end of first year, 25th being the idle Melukote trip. At end of two years the 46th trip was completed. Yeah we wanted to bring upto 50, but for us numbers do not matter, what attire we wear on trips do not matter, what bikes we ride do not matter, what food we eat do not matter, as long as we keep riding with the free spirit. And yeah one thing and the only thing that matters and which has been maintained in these 2 years and hopefully will be maintained in the coming years is the riding discipline on the roads. 

It’s not about how YOU ride; it’s about how you ride as a part of a group” – written by us only haha:P

Alright here’s a list of some of our major/epic/crazy/mental trips (Or what we think are the best trips)
Hope you enjoy reading them ta-da Cia\m/
[1] Maddur – Ride into Uncertainty.
[2] Mekedatu – Destination Danger.
[4] Nandi Hills – Quick Return Mechanism.
[17] Skandagiri night trek – Misty death trek.
[18] Kanva Resevoir – Mechanix ride.
[21] Pearl Valley – In search of mighty ones.
[22] Talakadu – Colossal trip .
[26] BR hills – Coldest ride since 117 years.
[27] Chamundi Hills & Balmuri falls – Classic Flawless ride.
[28] Kabbaladurga Trek – Peek into the afterlife.
[29] Himvadgopalswamy Betta – Hot oven 500kms ride.
[37] Chitradurga fort & Vani Vilas Dam – Time travel into ancient heaven.
[38] MM hills, BR hills, Gaganchukki, Barachukki – Twin hills and twin falls ride; 600kms one day.
[40] Markonahalli dam, Melukote, Tonnur Kere – Old School fun ride.
[44] Mahadevpura Bird Sanctuary – Ride into the unexplored.
[45] Hognekkal waterfalls – Hit & Run the blood filled memories on road.