Thursday, July 28, 2011

35) Maasti (Masti): (5/6/2011)

Place: Maasti.
Distance: 100 x 2 = 200 kms (took longer route , traffic free it’s about 70kms).
Bikes: Avenger > Pulsar.
Participants: Datta > Kushal > Zatan > Sp.
1) Bangalore > Hosur > Malur > Masti.
2) Bangalore > Hoskote > Malur > Masti.
Previous Visit: Maddur & Kanva.

This was re-visit to my friend’s hometown after 9 long years. An excellent place with a brilliant ambience. This town is between the states Karnataka & TN.
As far as my knowledge goes no other motorcycle club had visited this place before so this gave us the extra reason to visit to this wonderful place.

As far as the planning goes , Kaushi was joining us because it was his hometown ha-ha :P, Well the other two were old school rider Zethu( Chethan) & the Ever happy Dattu :D
So the Departure time was set at 06:00hrs and crashed.
TIME:23:00hrs (4/6/2011)

Woke up at 04:00hrs , did a few push ups after a good warm up.. had coffee and wore my dirty jeans and shirt and went outside to check on others. At about 6:15am Kaushi turned up in a span of 10mins both Chethu & Dattu also turned up & we left.

RIDE I : (Bangalore – Thillainagar)
Okay we cruised on the outer ring road through BTM layout to reach the Hosur flyover in 10-15 minutes. NH-7 is one of the best roads connecting Bangalore an excellent 6-lane road. After 30minutes of cruising we crossed the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border .

After reaching Hosur, we took a left headed towards Baglur circle. This was a different route , I’ll give a much simpler and direct route to this place latter in this article. After the deviation the roads were 2-lane but excellent roads , so could keep a good pace. Once we reached Thillainagar we had to stop .

RIDE II : (Thillainagar – Maasti)
After a short break at Thillainagar we continued our journey towards Maasti, okay there was a road block in Baglur due to bridge construction, so had to take this alternate route. There was a bridge where only two people shoulder to shoulder could fit and we had to ride our bike on a thick metal sheet which was shaking all the time & not to forget a 90+kg sitting behind me (50kgs):P ha-ha !!

Then after crossing the bridge we asked for directions and continued our journey. It became brilliant greenery everywhere, and the tree covered up the sky, allowing only a few rays of sunlight to pass through just like the ride in BR hills.

And then came an Arch on the right side of the road (forgot name will update soon) , from there on it was complete off road. First it was dry mud & a few rocks in between but latter came the real test, slushy red mud for about 5kms, it was real fun riding this stretch but had to be that very careful. After crossing this stretch we took our second break.

Then we explored the surrounding fields, visited an abandoned brick house & sat there for sometime & left again. After 5kms through small village roads we reached Maasti :)

Places we visited there:
Temple: A peaceful temple.
Well: A huge well near the temple.
Hotel: After visiting the above two Kaushi took us to a hotel and believe me he was treated like a prince… he got us an excellent breakfast. With our tummies full it time to go to Kaushi’s fields to take rest. After mins of riding we reached his fields.

From then we literally had to get our bikes upon a rock. Once it was done we loosened up a bit and went exploring the place.
9 years back I had seen a temple surrounding which treasure is supposed to buried, but we were shocked to see the entire temple shredded all over the place. Huge Stone pillars scattered here and there. Then we wandered in the fields, went inside thick bushes and trees though we knew that there were snakes around. After a good 45 mins of exploring we returned to the rocks for some good nap.

And believe me it was on of the best naps, a quiet peaceful surrounding … cows and goats in the fields below the rock , after an hour of good nap we woke up fresh and lazed around sitting on the rocks and speaking for hour or two and finally decided to head back to Bangalore.

RIDE III : (Maasti-Malur-Bangalore)
After visiting the town for the last time , we left towards Malur .. on the way we also visited a Hanuman temple. This was the better route I was talking about earlier in this article. We reached Malur at a pretty fast pace due to the good roads & from then again roads were very good to Hosur ( except that bridge part near Baglur again: P)

We entered Karnataka at about 03:00hrs and from then on it was 6 lane smooth roads. We separated just before the Silk Board Junction, while Chethu & dattu left towards Rajajinagar, Kaushi and me came back home through BTM layout.

Maasti was one of the most peaceful places iv ever visited , calm and excellent ambience and of course and good friend’s home town , he had taken me 9 years back.
Until next time Cia \m/



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

34) Maddur & Kanva : (26/4/2011)

Place: Maddur & Kanva.
Distance: 200kms.
Bikes: Unicorn > Pulsar.
Participants: Arvind > Ashok > Arun > Sp.
Bangalore > Ramnagara > Chenpatna > Maddur > Chenpatna > Kanva >Bangalore.
Previous visit : Muthathi (Muthati) – Excellent forest ride.

Maddur our Paradise , & Kanva well our adda :P ha-ha !!! , well not much of writing on this article will just through the events that took place on this trip to Maddur & Kanva on Ashok’s birthday.

Well 26th of April, it was Ashok’s b’day, It was our 10th year together from high school... It was the day he turned 21 years old. It was a Tuesday( which meant all theory classes) , so we thought of bunking after the first two hours and hang out. But after the first two hours the entire class was playing cricket outside (Well that’s mechanical for you ha-ha!!)

I was sitting in the ground , all of a sudden Ashok came sat net to me & asked me whether I could ride to Maddur… Ha-ha !! jumped out of place…ran back home got my bike & we hit the road .

RIDE I : ( Bengaluru – Maddur)
Well Bangalore to Maddur is a Super Duper 4 lane road. It offers one of the best rides aroundBangalore. There were no troubles for Arun & myself who were riding.
(Would like to recall one funny incident which took place on Mysore road… as we were cruising on SH-17… Ashok who was sitting behind me took out a water bottle and drank water , when he was passing it back to Arvi who was sitting behind Arun .. the water splashed all over Arun’s helmet and bike… ha-ha !! we had to stop for a couple of mins )
We cruised through Ramnagara , Chenpatna to reach Maddur McD’s.
TIME:13:15 hrs

Maddur McD’s:
Well it was very hard not to touch Maddur Tiffany’s (our favorite restaurant on SH-17), but this was a different. We sat back relaxed & ate a good meal & fooled around the place bursting balloons by making the birthday boy sit on it ha-ha !!
Finally we decided to go to Kanva from there.

RIDE II : (Maddur-Kanva)
Kanva is about 30-40 kms from Maddur. Again SH-17 excellent road…. It took us steady good riding and yea we had to be awake after that heavy meal , so we rode at a slow pace and finally reached Kanva.
TIME: 14:40hr

Arvind & Ashok took my bike & went to a near by shop to get some Chips & juice at about 2pm , I was the first to jump into the water as I couldn’t take the heat from the sun above our heads, Ashok followed next.
At first Arun & Arvi refused to get down but eventually they were dragged into the chilly waters as well ha-ha!! We just layed down in the water looking at the sky , forgetting about our college totally ha-ha !! :P
After 1hour 15minutes we got out of the water and took a nap on the shore as our clothes dried up. Wearing back our shoes we left for Bangalore.

RIDE III : (Kanva – Bangalore)
This 50 to 60 kms stretch was just formality, rode non stop at a decent pace to reach back Bangalore safely.
TIME: 17:30hrs
Until next time Cia \m/



Sunday, July 17, 2011

31) Muthathi (Muthati) : (19/03/2011)

Place: Muthathi .
Distance: 100 x 2 = 200kms.
Bikes: Pulsar 200 (3) > GS > Pulsar150.
Participants: Vineet > Darshan > Gagan > Manoj > Chethu > Gauti > Chinta > Manu >Sp .
1) Bangalore > Kanakpura > Sathanur > Muthathi .
2) Bangalore > Chenpatna > Sathanur > Muthathi .
Previous visit: Himvadgopalaswamy hills.
If you have less than 5 mins : Muthathi in < 5minutes.

Muthathi – Place known for its mishaps. It’s about 100kms from Bangalore , no doubt the place is very beautiful with breath taking scenery , but the whirlpools and Strong currents are some of things one would want to avoid, Oh yea the Black magicians too . The actual place muthathi isn’t very good filled with litter…So going off road once you spot the river is a better option.

Now that’s about the place… looking at these facts one could say that its kind of dangerous place to visit… but as long as you have your senses under control and don’t try to do anything careless everything will be fine.
Okay after a lots of calls , texts , etc etc Manu , chetu , Gauti , confirmed their spots. Vineetu , Darshan , Gagan were yet to confirm , others said they couldn’t make it. So the departure time was set at 06:00hrs next morning and we all crashed.
TIME: 23:00 hrs (18/03/2011)

THE WAIT : (Assemble & Breakfast)
Woke up at 4 am , warmed up by doing a few push ups ha-ha !! had coffee and took my bike out at 5:15am and allowed it to rev for a good 5mins and took it to the petrol bunk . After filling the petrol went near college to find nobody so went to Gauti’s house and picked him up and cameback to college to find Chethu & Chinta , Manu joined us shortly.

Now the wait began for Vineet , Darshan , Gagan …after an hour our tummies started grumbling so went to a Hotel Siddarta near our college and had one of the best breakfasts till date. ( Till date I eat there :D , Awesome food )
Finally after 1hour 45 minutes we heard real loud roaring noise far away ha-ha !! This meant only one thing…. The rest of our group were somewhere near by… manoj also joined us .. finally we left towards NICE ROAD.

RIDE I : ( Bengalore – Kanakpura)
Kanakpura is about 60kms from Bangalore the rest of the bunch went to fill petrol Gauti & myself reached the NICE road entrance and were waiting for others. In a matter of 10mins everybody regrouped and we started cruising on the NICE road at a decent pace.

After 10-15mins we were out of the NICE road & on Kanakpura road. Then Vineet and me stopped as he said he wanted to draw some cash from the ATM. From then on it was non-stop riding to Kanakpura. We realized that Darshan , Vineet & the others hadn’t finished their breakfast , so we stopped at Kankpura hotel for breakfast

RIDE II: ( Kanakpura – Sathnur)
After a good breakfast (MasalaDosa, Idly, Vada , coffee/Tea) , we stood outside for sometime… I asked as to how many were ready for Mekedat as it was almost the same distance as Muthathi from Kanakpura… but we stuck to the original plan and headed towards Sathnur.
Sathnur is 20-25kms form kanakpura , Excellent roads offered very little trouble ina matter of 15-20mins we were at Sathnur . A left deviation from here would lead us to Muthathi (SIGNBOARDS are available and clear)
TIME: 10:00hrs

RIDE III (Sathnur – Muthathi ; Excellent Ride )
The last 20kms was simply brilliant, the initial 5kms was a little patchy… so we stopped in the middle of the road sat on the road and spoke for sometime and continued after 10 minutes.
After this there was no stopping us at all… the forest curves started , surrounding became magnificent … it was total downhill with steep curves… we switched off our engines and negotiated the curves with all the speed …and believe me we were moving at 60-75kmphr. All we did was fool around and save petrol & oh yea look for animals too :)

As we went deeper into the forest the scenery became even better, negotiating the curves became real fun. The Awesome roads with excellent curves & the breath taking scenery had left us all speechless. Finally after 45mins of excellent forest ride we spotted the Kaveri river on the left side of the road. The trees to the left of the road were green & to the right side of the road were dry ha-ha!!
TIME: 10:45hrs

RIDE IV: ( Off-road)
We knew that the actual place Muthathi wasn’t that good so decided ride along the river until we get a good place. Finally we found a very beautiful and scenic spot far away…. So went off road welcoming the muddy humps, boulders , rocks , gravels etc etc…
TIME: 11:00hrs

Once we reached the terrific spot, we parked out bikes in line, got our shoes off and had these in our head
1) Don’t wander off into deep waters.
2) Always be near a boulder or a tree, so that u can grab on to something .
Actually the river was very calm and peaceful, the moment we kept our legs underwater fishes started eating the dust of our feet, it tickled in the beginning but latter when we got used to it ... we allowed the fishes to clean up our feet :P
The place was very scenic and we collected all the fresh oxygen we could before we head back home ha-ha!!

RIDE V : ( Muthathi – Sathnur ; Heat wavy ride)
Finally after a good nap & foot cleaned thanks to the fishes we decided to head back. Wore our shoes back and got the engines started. As we rode we could feel the heat winds hitting our faces and made us real dizzy… started going back at a real slow pace as we didn’t want to leave the beautiful place but latter we started picking up speed as the head was becoming unbearable.
Finally we reached Sathnur.

SATHNUR: ( Drinks Break)
We stopped at Sathnur for cooling down. Bought Coconut water & Soft drinks sat on our bikes and started cooling down. Then I spotted a board which said “ Kabbalu 6kms” ha-ha !! Damn that brought a smile to my place and looked at the mountain and felt happy that I was still alive. Then we headed towards kanakpura.
TIME: 13:30hrs

RIDE VI : (Sathnur – NICE ROAD entrance)
Good roads offered very little resistance so kept a constant pace of 70 kmphr.. As we reached kanakpura we took a vote whether to have lunch at Bangalore or Kanakpura….. once everybody decided Bangalore was the next stop .. we rode at a good pace to reach the NICE road entrance on kanakpura Road.
TIME :14:40hrs

There was about 15-20kms to go…after covering 2-3 kms Manoj’s bike ran out of petrol ( okay just another reminder , Vinnet’s , Darshan’s , & Manoj’s bike don’t have Odo , Speedo , Fuel … indicators :P )
Everybody were ahead Manoj & me were at the last.. somehow managed 5kms… then we tried all the following
1) Choke , Bike bent down fully.
2) Towing the bike with the help of two bikes from behind
3) Used a coconut tree branch and tried out towing .

Finally told Darshan (+chinta) & Manu (+Chethu) to go to bakery near college & wait while Gauti & myself go and get petrol. The NICE road operators were real nice & allowed us to enter the road again without having to pay . Finally with petrol back in Manoj’s bike Vineet ( +Gagan) , Manoj , Sp (+Gauti) cruised along… and reached our bakery safely to have tea/cofeee etc etc.
TIME : 17:00hrs

The trip turned out to be a memorable one due to the excellent ride, scenic views all along , and the petrol thing :P ha-ha !!
Until next time Ciao \m/

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