Wednesday, November 21, 2018

158) Virajpete – The Acid Rain: (3,4,5/11/2018)

Place: Virajpete
Distance: 300 x 2 = 600kms   
Directions: Bangalore > Kanakpura > Mallavali > Kollegala > Gundal Dam
Krew: Dileep (Koof) > Ashok (momz) > Chaithanya (Endu)  > Karthik (Sp)
Bikes: SX4                                                                                      
Previous Visit: Gundal Dam
Budget: Rs 5000/head (let’s not get into the details :P)

This I must emphasize was one heck of crazy TRIP. Yeah, you see the caps right?! This was one of those chapters, where in practically we did nothing but yet, so much was achieved. We pretty much never landed on ground throughout the trip. So, I will not get into too many details and will try to keep it simple & short! But every aspect of this trip had such a humorous side of it, simply crazy!
This write up would not be like most of the others I have written, as it was more of a within journey rather than physical one. So, people not interested SKIP & people interested, we shall meet someday in an astral world!

Once we realised Endu would be in town, it was time to meet at Laxmi! At Laxmi we decided to head out of Bangalore for 3-4 days. Endu had spent the last two months hitch-hiking in the North-Eastern states living in tents. So, yeah major stories were in-stored. (There was this one time, where he started speaking to plants about their work – photosynthesis. And other time, where a cow was his talking guide through the forest. Pure Crazy guy!!)
TIME: 23:30 (2/6/2018)


Yeah I was up at 04:30, did a few push ups and sit ups, had a sip of coffee and was all set to go.  Phoned all and was happy to know all were up. The meet up was scheduled at our good old bakery. Momz and I reached bakery at 08:30 and the WAIT began. Koof said he would pick up Endu and reach us in 10mins, so we waited. 30mins, passed still no signs of anybody. 60mins passed, we called Endu and realised he was still waiting at the Metro station. We woke up Arvi (stays Koof home – 3-4kms) and asked him if was free to check upon this Koof. 

When no car was there near Koof’s home, we were worried. Then Momz and me caught and Auto and headed towards Koof’s home. Asked Endu to come there as well. We tried banging he door, calling his phone (46missed calls :P) Finally as were about to split and search the route from his home to Metro trying hard not think about the worst case, out came our boy… scratching his head with a BIG YAWN. “machaa, had slept off ra! What are you guys doing here, I would have picked u all up :P” With few curses and lot of laughs we finally left Bangalore at about 10:30AM (2hours delay)
TIME: 10:30

RIDE 1: (Bangalore – Mysore – Gonikoppal - Virajpete)
Alright, the first stretch of the drive was from Bangalore to Mysore, about 150km. As the roads were pretty good, we were pretty much up in smoke by the time we reached Mysore haha! Continuing further after Hunsur, we entered the reserved forests.
TIME: 14:00

During our journey towards Gonikppal, all off a sudden I saw a car in the opposite direction travelling backwards on the forest highway. I laughed at myself, but then realised it was actually real. Then as we looked around we spotted a big elephant in the shrubs. Shaking our head off to get back to senses we enjoyed the elephant without any distractions.
At Gonikoppal, we just parked the car and started loafing around like locals. Venturing into shops, buying random stuffs. Finally found a good local hotel and started belting on some mouth-watering pork!
We did buy a scissors as we had to divide the square into 4 equal halves.
TIME: 16:30

As we reached the homestay, we realised we had found the right place. Killer isolated home amidst thick plantations with a stream running through it. So with still some sunlight left, we explored the plantations pretty much zombie mode and as the sun went down, we headed back towards the homestay (still in zombie mode)
TIME: 19:00

With the night still young, we popped in few crackers in evening and relaxed near the camp fire. The Coorg special (pork, chicken and a lot of papad) was served and it looked yummy. But as we sat near the fire, we began realising the effect of the crackers and new doors started opening up within our minds.

The night was a long one and with so much innocence and fun. We spoke about turtles, horses, komodo dragons, albatross, one punch man, Pink Floyd, The Doors and what not. The group was right and the mind set of all was perfect - “get out there and let loose to have fun
Momz, Endu & Koof decided to go for a walk at about 02:30AM amidst the plantations, I kind off refused and stayed back. They told me, the walk was a very long one (or felt like it, I am not very sure, neither are they :P)


When I was waiting for them at the home, sitting outside near the bonfire, the sounds around me felt crystal clear. The cracking of the wood, the crickets chirping away in the dark, lights glowing with strange intensity, and all off a sudden I could hear the rustling of the leaves and an animal came with maddening speed out of the bushes towards me. I swear at that moment I felt my heart explode and fear was so much amplified (I don’t think I can become afraid never again :P)
But it was a dog, poor thing got so scared seeing me, that it ran back into the shrubs.. Wait was it a dog?. By around 03:00AM they returned and we began playing the crazy game of Mendicot using WWF cards, which I had collected during 1990’s.
But 04:00AM we finished out dinner and crashed not really exhausted, but we decided to catch some sleep.
TIME: 04:00

And the early bird award goes to?! That’s right, I was up by 06:00AM, not knowing what to do. Then I started having some of the left overs and began reading some comics. The weather outside was foggy and very nice with little drizzle.
I went out for a walk and it felt damn good. But 08:00AM some super coorgi coffee was served and we began waking each other up. All our throats had taken a major toll, after having some ginger tea, we sat outside, with the fog blanket all over the place and began to ascend quite early in the morning. We requested the breakfast to be served a little late.

The breakfast arrived at about 11:00AM and we began eating it outside the home simply enjoying the weather. After a kick ass round of breakfast we began playing cards (Mendicot) until 13:00 and decided to rest a little as nobody had slept well and we wanted another long night.
Waking up at about 16:00 we had some mind blowing lunch. One of the yummiest lunch I have had till date. After which at about 17:00 we ventured into the plantations and headed towards the stream that was in full flow.

To be frank, the stream was not that deep. It was not even until out knees but the force was so high that it was challenge, just to stand up. The small pebbles and rocks were literally being swept away. And as we rested, the small rocks began hitting out backs like a natural massager haha! Crazy force trust me.
By the time we got out of the chilling water, the weather was cold too and the shivers set in. We changed into dry clothes, and with the camp fire goin by 18:00, we popped in some crackers and began drifting away into the hazy night.
TIME: 20:00


Once the dinner arrived, so did the drizzle. Sitting around the bon fire, where the colour of the flames were so vibrant, as if they were saying something to you. At the same time the winds caressing your skin, as the small tiny droplets of rain kept kissing our head. Yeah, that was our feeling, we were pretty much floating.
We all talked about Aghoras their way of life (had read the trilogy off late so yeah), real life crazy encounters we had with them, Dragonball Z – as to why Vegeta didn’t ascend to super sayen 2. As to whom to appreciate in Death note – L or N. And the Pink Floyd song where a dog sings at the ancient Greece ruins, Pompiee – creativity at its best!

Koof’s ghost story again cropped up, and I had read a similar thing in this Haruki Murakami’s book – The Wind up Chronicle Bird.  And not to forget Momz golden rule “Go with the Flow” :P
At about 00:30, we all decided to go out for a walk. The CCTV camera that was installed, the red light glowing simply freaked the living hell out of everybody. But we realised it was a camera and went ahead found a tree house. Man oh man! This was simply an emotional moment. We had to leave the next day and nobody wanted to land back to ground.
We sat in inside the tree house, which already had a wooden table in the centre and sit out all around. With light drizzle, we felt like we were in hut amidst the clouds floating away. I still remember koof who never judges any trip as good/bad opened up saying this had to the be the best trip along with his crazy Leh bike trip.


I too realised, and kind of reminded myself as to why I started this “theloapers” – bike/trek club. It was never about the place or the so called motorcycle club... it was more about meeting friends and keeping in touch with people who matter. Keeping the circle small but tight. Not allowing the ups or the downs to carry you away! Zzzzz..
We returned back in complete darkness to the home and began eating our dinner at about 02:00AM. We spoke and played cards for about an hour and crashed in.
TIME: 03:00


I was up by 06:00 and strolled outside. The weather was simply in synch with my mind. By 09:00, Momz and me went out to check whether the Tree House actually existed. Ah, yeah there it was and we went inside and sat there for some time.
Once the Puttu and the egg curry arrived, I got the bon fire going again in the misty morning and we ate our breakfast in peace.
By 11AM we thanked the owner and left began driving back.

Drive 2: (Virajpete – Gonikoppal – Buyyondoddi- Bangalore)
It was actually a bummer that it had come to an end. Yeah all things might have to come to an end, but we kind of make sure another good thing starts :P (Laxmi always there)
So., as were driving back, still afloat and singing... we spotted a huge elephant right beside the road. This kind a jerked things up in our brain. Proceeding ahead, we did see another 2 of them afar. I almost cried inside a little for having to return back.

As we were thinking of having biryani at Mysore, the fish fry place of Buyyondoddi cropped up in my mind. As we had taken the guy’s number, we called and enquired if the place was open. Once the clearance was given, we asked him to keep about 10-12fishes aside for us and headed in full flow.
Since it was Momz & Endus first time at the place, they went on a steak of having about 4 fishes each, simply enjoying it.

The rain gods decided to end our TRIP with a good shower towards the end of the trip as we approached Bangalore. Thanking each on for making for this wonderful surreal meet we departed towards our respective homes.
TIME: 19:00

I know, I know, it was not about the physical place at all this time. But with all of us heading us into the mentally de-filed system of current world, sometimes it these kind of trip which remind of purity and innocence that prevailed and still prevail within us. I felt the RESET in terms of the mind set I had back in the days and began appreciating the task of having fun in everything you do :)
Until next time, F’Cia \m/