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3) Mekedatu(24/12/2009)

3) Mekedat (24/12/2009):

If you Less than 5 mins: Mekedatu in <5minutes.

Place: Mekedatu.

Arv : WHITE RTR 180

Distance : 100 + 100 = 200kms
Directions: Bengaluroo > Kanakpura > Left turn > Mekedatu.
Mekedatu: Dangerous fast flowing water...
Sangama: Can get into water.
Previous trip : Maddur ( actually manchinbele ).

It was the eve of 23rd of December ’09, we all decided to go out of town for a small ride.. but due to some confusion everything got cancelled :(.Next day morning about 6am I get a text, I snoozed off..10 min latter another text.. I thought it was something of importance & read it.. Oh yes it was important:) It was from Arv & it said “Bro im Comin to your place in 15min be ready!!” . Without second thoughts I got ready, sent a text to Arun.. Arv made it to my place at about 6:30.. then we waited for Arun ,believe me it`s no easy task doing it :D. Finally he turned up at 7 & we left, destination unknown!!!!


We had no idea where we were heading to, we took the nice road and headed towards Kankapura main road.As we were heading towards Kankapura we saw a board which said MEKEDATU 80km…We stopped in front of it looked at each other and our fuel. It was a crazy plan because I had heard the mishaps which had taken place in mekedat from years,but wanted to see the place myself. We headed off to mekedat.

As we had not eaten our breakfast we wanted to stop in a decent hotel after kanakpura.To our amazement we didn’t find a single hotel :( .But the road from kankapura to mekedat was like heaven, a newly laid road. , all we saw on that road were a flock of sheep & a herd of Goats. After that we headed off at full flow & reached Sangam in no time.


We had to cross the Arkavati river which was in GOD mode,while crossing the river I slipped on a boulder & hurt my leg .Somehow we crossed it,my leg was in terrible pain.. then it was a bumpy 3km ride in bus to reach the actual place MEKEDATU. As we reached the place we could hear the rushing sound of water at some distance. We got down from the bus and went down the steps to find a rocky terrain, As we climbed up the rocks we could hear the water Roar!! Once we were up it was a totally different world!!!

Below us we could hear the thunderous sound of water striking the rocks. I was extremely scared as I don’t know swimming.It was simply amazing to watch the water flow in it’s full glory!!Arv & arun took one step ahead and went further in a tricky terrain I couldn’t go as my leg as I real pain by now.Though I couldn’t go there they took some of the best snaps ever taken at that place. I felt as though i had been there myself( I still shamelessly tell some of friends that I took those snaps Hehe)

Finally we returned back to sangama & we crossed the river with no damage.Then we had to eat something ..we a bottle juice each..there were no shops too..After having the juice I said I was full !! the look on their faces after I said is something il never forget…Finally we left towards Bangalore!!


The ride back was smooth..we had each other in site.We reached Bangalore at about 2pm.A day very well spent, we had visited a place where many people only Go..24.12.09 is a date il never forget in my life.

Ps: This all happened the day before our last theory final exam..

Arv : WHITE RTR 180

Distance : 100 + 100 = 200kms

I would like to thank u guys for reading this.. If u ever go to this place please be careful & please carry your food..:) Peace\/

Do`s :
1) Carry proper Food & water etc etc.
2) No valuables.
3) Be ready to take a dip in the river :P

Dont`s :
1) Dont even think of playing the fool at mekedatu, could cost your life.
2) Extra careful while crossing the river.




  1. ayyo paapa!! kaal murkondya?? irli bidu... u haven't written things too clearly.. but u have expressed that ur trip was good... remember that even the readers should feel that they have seen the place on reading ur essay.. but still going to mekedaatu on the day before exams is a real bravery act... and u had been without eating was a real saahasa... next time u go anywhere, tell me.. i'll also come "IF POSSIBLE"

  2. Haha \m/ The day before exam .. Thats somethin il remb :)

  3. ur blog is really nice bro:)congrats