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100) Kunti Betta Trek: (5/10/2014)

Place: Kunti betta Trek.
Distance:  150 x 2 = 300kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Ramnagara – Maddur – Mandya – Srirangapatna – Kunti Betta.
Particiapants: Ashok(Momz) > Madhu(k.) > Deepak(Deefu) >Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Zeus > Pulsar.
Previous visit: Markonahalli Dam.

IN LESS THAN 50 WORDS:                                                  
Alright, the 100th chapter. Been a very long journey I must say. Taking a week off to write about all these, totally worth it. Anyway, this was one crazy trip, we’re proud to call it our 100th trip. An insane & intense trip, which shattered my right knee for the next few weeks. This trek, was a pure endurance tester. But it only reminded me of the nice 5 year journey on the roads.

Lot of talks had been going on about the one hundredth trip. Goa, Coorg, Chikmagalur, Pondicherry all were the few names flying up in the air. But we decided to stick onto what we do best -  “Explore the unknown or the less known places”.  So after quite some thinking it was decided Kuntibetta was the place. I still remember seeing the hillock on out trip to Melukote & Tonnur lake, I just caught my eye and I knew I would be coming back to explore. So it was frozen for the 100th trip. Trust me it did not disappoint! Well regarding the krew, Deefu, Ashok & Madhu were on the confirmed list.
TIME: 22:00 (4/10/2014)

Yeah I was up at 05:00, did a few push ups & situps, had a cup of coffee and was all set to go. It was decided we meet up at the bakery as it would be a perfect kick off for this trip. As Madhu wasn’t getting his bike, we came over to my place at about 06:30, we took off and waited at the bakery for the other two. At about 07:45 Deefu & Momz arrived, like always scolding each other for the delay :P
After a quick tea we decided to leave. Just before we left, we turned towards Momz & asked where we were heading too?:P (and he was like “ Oi don’t confuse me it’s still 08:00 in the morning haha!! that’s Ashok alright:P)
TIME: 08:00


RIDE 1: (Bangalore – Bidadi – Maddur – Mandya – Srirangpatna - KuntiBetta)
Okay, this was about a 150kms stretch, mostly on the butter smooth SH-17. As we took off from Bangalore, the air was pretty cold & nice and made riding comfortable. We cruised alongside each other at a decent pace to reach Bidadi. Here we decided to pull over for breakfast. (Yes, stopping over at Maddur tiffany’s would have been even special, as it would have reminded us of out 1st trip. But try explaining that to our tummies :P)
TIME: 08:30

After munching on some yummy breakfast, we took off Bidadi. It was not long before I spotted “HOTEL VISION”, shit that made me kinda shaky! First hotel, foirst trip we had stopped for tea that too getting tired after 35kms ride (Memories that will forever live!).


The riding was smooth and with only a couple of breaks here and there. We cruised past Ramnagar, Channpatna, Maddur & Mandya without least bit of worries. And as we approached Srirangpatna, we slowed down. Asking for the right direction, we zoomed ahead again. As we deviated from the highway, the temperatures dropped and it was a joy to ride in the country roads. 

Few kilometres into the ride we could spot the magnificient hillock and it was quite huge. It was way bigger as we approached it  and we were wondering whether we had bitten off a little more than we can chew!
TIME: 11:15


Well, as we reached the base we spotted a few steps. Deefu & turned to each other and wondered if this is going to be the start.. hmm! We refilled out water bottles in a small water tank nearby. With the awakening of the astral goat’s spirit within us we were all set for the trek.

Well, the ascension took us 45mins. Yes, one might say it is pretty short, but we did push ourselves a little. Most of the terrain of this mountain is very similar to that of Skandagiri. It is basically a long walk of jumping here & there on boulders and lot of grass & shrubs. So I would say it is about 1-1.5h trek (incase you plan to this place!)  Like always I have divided the trek into the following categories:
i) Initial Stretch
ii) Outpost
iii) Wastelands
iv) Uphill Run
Sooo, these were the stretches, let me run you through each one. Keep up with me here all!

i) Initial Stretch:

To start things off, we had to ascend few boulders. Then the terrain turned into a small pathway. Since we, were the only four around we had to design out own pathway and made sure held through. The initial stretch was about the basically navigating our way up the mountain in slow fashion. Lot of emphasis was laid on actually finding the routes.

ii) Outpost:

After a lot of trial & error, we did make it the top of the first mountain (oh yes, the phrase you catch here is “first mountain” :P) Once we were on top, we crashed down for a sip of water. I looked around & spotted something that shook me completely out of my boots alright. There was this second hillock that stood might tall and I could spot the pillar like a small stick on top which was supposed to mark the end of this trek. I looked at others and said  “Guys, take all break you want, we still have a long way to go, that’s where we have to go” Looking to the place where is was poining, Deefu geared up immediately, Madhu as usual complained and said “k.”, and momz as usual scratched his head looking confused.


iii) Wastelands:

The problem with that was, we had to descend the first small hillock into flat lands and then climb up the second one. So we found ourselves in a cave kind of place, where we rested for few minutes and then  we were figuring out the way down. Deefu & myself kind of started jumping down the boulders like knights on a chess board, Ashok joined us shortly. Madhu went round about and made to the wastelands faster taking the roundabout but the less risky route. At the wastelands we spotted the pathway immediately and we were well on our way.


iv) The Uphill Run:

This was the final stretch. But quite challenging & fun. All we had to was walk cautiously through the tall grasses making sure we don’t slip. As were slipping in between boulders Madhu & Momz started cracking us up picking on each other. It was a laughter marathon even though our energies were low. Finally last part was a clear pathway and we began running, dancing and what not. On we spotted the pillar whew! A sigh of relief we had to find a neat shelter where we could take some well-deserved rest.
TIME: 12:15



Once we reached the pillar, Momz danced his way to it and hugged it tight. And well Madhu tried dancing his way up but collapsed flat right in front of it hehe (Same as in Huthridurga trek) . Deefu & myself had a good laugh and went around the place and finally found a nice cave to crash in. We all enjoyed the aerial view & the winds for some time. 


Then went inside the cave and sat down speaking. The review of the 100th trip was taken & about what next was still a big question mark. Whether to continue doing these trips or putting a full stop proudly. After a few more minutes of talk, we decided it is best for us take a short nap as we were pretty low on energies and I could feel my right knee giving way.
Once done with the nap, we woke up afresh. We did try to find a new route down, but decided with the trek itself being tricky enough it was best for us to stick to route we came in.


The descension took us about 45mins. It was basically finding our way back. And this time as we made it through the rocky terrain at a much faster pace and downhill my right knee took a severe beating. The trek down was a fun filled one. Momz & Madhu kept us well entertained throughout this stretch. As we approached the last section Madhu was so exhausted that he said he will slide down the final boulder section, and guess what he did do it. Haha! It was like a boulder rolling over a boulder :P


RIDE 2: (Kunti Betta – Srirangapatna - Maddur - Bangalore)
This was a 150kms ride back to Bangalore. As we reached the base of the hill our bodies were burning up. So we went to the water tank nearby opened the tap and just let the water crash on our heads to cool it down. We drank the water slowly and rested there for quite a while. Then we decided its best we head back fearing that we would doze off :P


We rode back at a slow pace on the country roads as the ambience was much cooler. Once we reached the highway we kept up a decent pace until our tummies started swearing at us. So we pulled over at a dhaba on the highway itself.
TIME: 15:15

Munching & Drinking we spent the next 1.5-2hrs at the dhaba, recollecting some of the best chapters till date. Once the food was done ,we left the dhaba, we rode at a decent pace, not too fast, not too slow just cruising beside each other. Deefu & Ashok decided to split off from Kengeri, so we pulled over thanked each other for making it and left towards our respective homes.
TIME: 19:00

Well what can I say about this one? This was just the trip that would fit into the profile. A less heard and more importantly a first time for us. Plus nevertheless it wasn’t that easy a trek huh. I spent the next couple of weeks limping and treating my right knee hehe:P  It was more of an endurance test!! ”

Well, take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of you for the constant support and spreading the word across among your circles. It has been a great journey until now, hopefully it will remain being so in years to come. I would like to end this article my listing a few of the most cherished (most insane ones actually) chapters of the first 100 trips. Here goes:

[1] Maddur – The Origin. (First ride to maddur at 40km/hr)
[3] Mekedatu – Destination danger.(has to be one of the best unplanned trips)
[17] Skandagiri night trek – Misty death trek.
[22] Talakadu – Come one, come all. (11bikes, 21 participants)
[26] BR hills – Foggy forest cruise test. (Coldest ride since 117 years)
[37] Chitradurga fort & Vani Vilas Dam – Time travel into ancient heaven.
[38] MM hills, BR hills, Gaganchukki,Barachukki – Twin hills and falls ride.(600kms one day)
[44] Mahadevpura – Explore that sanctuary.
[45] Hogenekkal – Blood filled memories on road. (Blood filled  road-memories)
[47] Mekedatu & Sangama – Adventure? hell yeah !! (15kms forest walk)
[48] Coorg(Madikeri) – Big finish to ‘11.
[53] Pondicherry & Gingee fort - Benchmarking.
[58] Makalidurga Railway trek - Dehydrating our souls. (insane draining trek)
[59] Madhugiri & Nandi hills - Lost in wild fort.
[61] Savandurga(Billiguda) trek - Beauty trek.
[62] Kabbaladurga trek - Rush of Presence.
[67] Channarayanaddurga - Unearthing ourselves from the ancient fort.
[71] Nijagal Trek - Awakening of the Astral Goats.
[77] Lepakshi - Inscribing Pureness.
[80] Chikmagalur Ride - Jibe In The Clouds.
[84] Narayanagiri Trek - Crack that Old Skull
[85] Huthridurga Trek - Lost Fort Re-conquered
[92] Medigeshi Fort Trek - Crashing back ablaze!!

Until next time Cia \m/




  1. Hey dude.. Don't see any updates after oct-2014..plz do post about your recent rides

    1. Hey man, i've started writing again :P

      Had taken a break for some months!! \m/

  2. Hey bro... is night trek advisable here?.. any clue about it

    1. Yeah you can trek at the night. I guess one of those trekking groups organizes that as well. So should be possible!

  3. Hello Karthik - I liked your blog. I am planning to go for a bike trip to KuntiBetta this Saturday. I have a query. Do we have any safe place to park the bikes there? Also, how far the trek would be from the parking point? thanks..Keep Blogging !!

    1. Thanks. Yes there is safe bike parking near the foot of the hills. And i would say 1.5-2 hours might be required to reach the top if paced comfortably. Cheers!

  4. Awasome details... Y ramanagara is missing in route? After bidadi ramanagara will not Mandya

  5. How about a night trek ? Do you think the route would not be confusing ?

    1. Nope. Should be do-able. Carry a torch just in case.

  6. Hey Karthik, is any permission etc required to do trek in the night?