Thursday, July 15, 2010

14) Kanva Adda : ( 23/5/10)

14) Kanva Adda : ( 23/5/10)

We had finished our theory exams and it had been about a month since we went outta town… I was down with cold and severe headache…
Morning 11am..
“maga , going out, not returning till 7pm, what say?”
Arvi-“says GO!! GO!!GO!!”

Arvi and Arun came to my house by 11:30-12… Then we left.., 1st stop was arcade mall for lunch. I stepped into McD`s for the 1st time in my life…had proper lunch. Place was still not decided… it was either Mekedat,Muthathi,Chunchi,Manchinbele Or “Kanva”.

Finally we decided to go to kanva , the sun was on god mode…. We drove at a good pace and reached ramnagar, we took a right at the traffic junction and followed the road and reached Kanva in 15-20mins.

We wanted to get down at a different part of the reservoir this time… whew!! Couldn’t wait ..( IT was burning HOT).. we put our bags down.. then water bottle… then a few stretches… when we were about to get down… a snake swam past is with its head above the water…!! :D :D .. .we look at each other… “ NO FRIKKIN WAY!!!!” took our bags , and went back to our regular spot :)

Once we reached the spot , Arun refused to get into the water , Arvi and myself decided to go ahead … outside it was real hot… took one step into the water… it was shivering cold :(

Somehow managed to get inside the water completely.. we started working out a plan to drag Arun into the water ( DRAG THE WATERS- Pantera \m/).. we threw huge stones and anything we found near Arun so that atleast he be half wet then :P

Finally we caught hold of him and threw him into the water…. I started shivering big time.. head ache was getting worse every second… Then came a huge-fat buffalo … it walked right into the water and collapsed into the water let out a huge breath… and started relaxing in the water near us… we were a little scared :(

Then Arun threw a stone near it …it turned its head and saw us… we were like “Guru .. u enjoy your holiday.. we’l do the same … sorry for the disturbance !!!” time was about 4pm.. . we decided to get out of the water… this time I had taken the towel..and 3 apples :) we sat in the sun munching apples…

My headache and cold got even worse... but we went on chatting about movies.. blah blah!! Then I dozed of for an hour or so… then I woke up…. Then something flashed.. “ Maga don’t we have practicals tomorrow??” , “DucK it”….

We drove back to BengalooorOOO in about an hour…. Reached home at 7 or something..sneakedd into my room… removed my shoes.. said Hi to Alexi… next thing I remember is waking up in the morning…. :P

Unicorn : Arvi + Arun
Pulsar: Kd
Distance : 60+60= 120 kms.

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