Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4) Nandi Hills ( 31/12/2009)

Place : Nandhi Hills.
Distance : 75 x 2 = 150 kms.
Particpants: Arvi > Arun > Ashok > Manu >Sp
Bikes : RTR > Unicorn >Pulsar
Previous Trip: Mekedatu Epic Trip before Exam.

It was about a week since we had gone to Mekedatu ,we were pumped up!! We decided to have a night out on 30th night. Ashok came home early at about 9am, then joined by Arvi at abut 12…Arun joined us at eve..We had great fun!!! Played cricket, watched movies, sat on the footpath making fun of people,roamed etc etc blah blah!
Ps: It wasn’t my B`day.. My B’day is on June 11th and not on 31st Dec :) (Arvi Listening?? :@) Had to lie so tat he could join us!! But was totally worth it :D
Dad had cooked nice dinner, we ate properly and were listenin to music..then dad asks where we were sleepin… we were like “Waaat??? Wo`s sleepin???” :P
We played cricket in my garage till about 12am…. Then we went for a short drive.. It was very cold!!
After we returned we went to terrace and started talking all kinds of shit possible :D gazing at the stars and the moon!! It became unbearably cold… so had to get blankets…we put a blanket on the top most section of the roof and started talking again.
At about 1 am.. Arvi –“ Hey lets do Nandi hills tomo??? This is the only time I can Go thre”. That was the Trigger which pulled of the this entire trip :D :D
We took rest for about an hour, it was about 2:30am of 31st Dec we got up.. We called up manu, he joined us shortly at about 3 am…Whew!!! The road was totally empty!! Very Cold…We were all Set to go!!!
We hit the road at about 3:45am On the way we saw our Col`s loyal guards tryin to imitate the students…Dozin off…travellin via vijaynagar..Hoping police wouldn’t catch us..finally we reached airport road.. “ WAT THE HELL MAN!!!!” Traffic at this Hour??
We started covering distance pretty fast as we didn’t wanna miss the sunrise :) .
Within no time we were at the foot of the hills :) then there it was staring at me the Ghat section (Kd`s worst enemy) :( .
Ashok and me were on my bike.., Manu & Arun on the Uncorn..Arvi on his RTR… they both raced up the hill in no time…leaving me and ashok behind…
It was still dark and very cold no lights… I was and still am a noob when it comes to drivin, slowly but steadily we made it up the hill…All the way ashok was like “ Don’t look down…Don’t look down!!!” Hehe..Somethin il remb for a long long time…
On the hill two innocent drivers we had no idea who they were.. they were just driving up the hill with the indicator turned on!! Arvind thought it was ashok and me and shouted “ hey turn of the indicator macha wat the hell?//” they were like..” ok sorry” haha :D soon he realized tat wasn us for sure.. :D

We parked the bikes..a guy came running “ Neer beka saar neeru “ were like no thanks.. after sometime we realized he askin Beer beak saar beer… ( I was already high for the fact tat I had made it up the hill:D) . Finally we found the perfect for sunrise & we were truly amazed by it!! :) We suddenly couldn find Arvi.. Ohooo thre he was the new Kid “ G I JOE”
All of a sudden Arvi, Arun,Ashok and me Burst out in laughter tat too at the tip of the hil.. REASON??? Manu told he had got up at 2 and had his bath and come!! Omg!!
Then we decided to go visit Tippu Drop..as we reached Tippu Drop..We all enacted how the kings, queens, and the servants would watch people being dropped from the tippu drop. If tippu had seen our Drama.. he would hav jumped off the hill himself.. :D:D
As were about to leav tippu Drop… TRING TRING .. alright here`s the Bestestest part of the trip …
Yup it was Arvi`s dad… Good morning! Where are u?
And our hero goes onto tell this “ yea Dad on the way 15 min il be home “
Hearing tat 1st Ashok down…next was Arun…then me…hahaha!!! We rolled in laaaaaaughter !!! We knew we had to hit the road Big time … As we were about to leave Arvind`s Frnz (the one whom he had screwed appeared from no where).. Arun was like “ Hey hey !! There they are..” they heard us…and gav a dangerous stare…. And we stared back them…OooooO!!!

Then we took out our bikes.Arvi alone…Manu drivin my bike.. Arun and ashok in UNICORN… The ride down was a hell ride for me…Down the hill at 90`s -100`s…HoLy shit!!! It was scary… .
When we reached Down the hill my heartbeat was struggling to get back to its normal pace..
Finally we hit the road.. Another funny incident took place read on!!
Thre was this Guy with his Chik on a pulsar 200… he comes next to us and tries to show off and all.. Arv on his RTR took him on… man!!! It was a race… vroom!!! Arv made tat Guy Go cryin to his mama!!! Haha!!!
We reached mekhri circle in a very short time… Dropped Ashok in near Sadashivnagar Police station…then we headed thro the city …finally reached home safely!!.. I come home..
Kd : Mom, Dad… I had been to Nandi hills
Mom: Alrit have bath eat your breakfast then sleep and take rest putta .
Kd: Thanks maa!! :)
Ashok`s Place everything was Kool…was happy to hear tat…. Arun`s place No problem too…Yaaay!!!
Let me Check on Arvi,…
Hehehe Better end the story here …:D :D:D
Overall one of THE best trips.. A night out…Decidin to go at 1 am… leavin at 4… watchin the sunrise..all the funny moments on the hills \m/ and moreover it was the day before the new year… wat more !!!!!
Ps : And This happened the day before the Final practical Exam :) Man!! 3rd sem`s the BEST SEM \m/

RTR : AShok + Arvi (go) ; Arvi (return)
Unicorn : Arun + manu (go); Arun + ashok (return)
Pulsar: Kd (go); Manu + Kd (return)
Distance : 75 + 75 = 150kms




  1. sigh! i could never make it to nandi hills....the fact that i should wake up early always put me off :(

  2. Ha-ha yeah tats there :)
    Now one can enter only after 06:00hrs. But yeah its a wonderful place. Lot of tourists though.

  3. This place looks amazing, nice pics :-)

  4. wow!never knew there was this much to bangalore!

  5. Your blog has to be the most under rated blog so far. it covers so much . Deserves to be acknowledge by all the folks who wish to see the surroundings of blore.

  6. One of the Best blogs I have seen so far... You covers it so well and we always finds some new place to visit from your blog.