Sunday, December 18, 2011

42) Ramnagar, Kanva, Manchinbele : (25/9/2011)

Place: Ramnagar, Manchinbele & Kanva..
Distance: 150kms (total).
Directions: Bengaluru > RRDC > Big Banyan > Manchinbele > Kanva > Ramnagar > Bangaluru .
Participants: Vineeth > Manoj > Zethu > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Pulsar 200(2) > Avenger > Pulsar.
Previous visit: Muthathi – The forest ride.


This was another classic run to cover two reservoirs and the town of Ramnagara. Most of the riding was during noon so our energies were being sapped during most of the trip.

As far the planning goes this was a spontaneously planned trip. 5am I called up Zethu and asked whether he was willing to ride. But finally the plan got cancelled. The uneasiness kept creeping inside me, so I called back at around 10am and said we would ride. Oh yeah Vineet and Manoj who were hanging around near college decided to join too.

Our first meet was at my place where Vineet and Manoj joined me at around 10:30 am, latter we went to Mysore road (SH-17) and waited for Zethu who joined us after about 30mins.
TIME: 11:30hrs


RIDE-I: (Bengaluru – Manchinbele)
Well this was a good stretch of about 35kms. So all we had to do was watch out for vehicles and oh yeah keep Vineeth and Manoj in control ha-ha!
We cruised till RRDC and took a right turn here, this would lead us to Big Banyan & Manchinbele.
The roads after the deviation were good as well, it was not long before Vineeth broke loose and started shredding the road. After about 10-15 minutes we reached Big Banyan, since all of us had seen this place before we decided to skip it.
Continuing further in a matter of another 10-15mins we got the “first epic glimpse” of the Manchinbele.
TIME: 12:00hrs

The “first view” of this place is never disappointing. We were very delighted, but we couldn’t go until water as 8 deaths had occurred in the past 15 days or so. So had a good look at the reservoir and planned to continue further to join SH-17.

RIDE 2: ( Manchinbele – Kanva dhaba)
This was a good 15-20kms excellent stretch. This was our first time riding this stretch, the surroundings were brilliant. Green fields and mountains all along made riding a pleasure. After about 20mins we joined SH-17 (Mysore road).
As we re-joined SH-17 we had a bummer, Zethu told us he had to turn back to Bengaluru due to unavoidable circumstances. So as Zethu departed back, we decided to drop by a dhaba for lunch as our tummies were growling and then head to Kanva.
TIME: 14:00hrs


After a real heavy lunch we decided to head to Kanva. It is about 8kms from the dhaba, so cruising at a decent pace we reached the wonderful reservoir. When asked others about their call on getting into the water it was unfortunately a “No & No”.
So there was no point in only me jumping into the water, so we decided to spend some time on the shore. It was not long before Manoj and Vineeth broke loose again, performing burn outs etc.. etc… throwing dust all around the place. After spending about 90mins at this place ewe decided to leave.

RIDE III: (Kanva - Ramnagara hills)
This was about a 20kms stretch. We rode at decent pace to reach Ramngara, took a left deviation and continued further towards Ramnagar hills. The last stretch was simply brilliant, few hair pin curves and greenery all around.
TIME: 04:00hrs

Once we reached the hills, we were tired as we had ridden only below the sun throughout the trip. So decided to sleep at the temple for sometime and leave.
We had a good 30-45mins nap in front of the temple and decided to leave back to Namma Bengaluru

RIDE IV: (Ramnagar – Bengaluru)
This was around 50 km stretch. All we had done was stay awake and watch out for vehicles. Reached my place in about an hour, spoke for sometime and departed to our respective homes for some well deserved rest.
TIME: 17:45hrs



Saturday, November 12, 2011

41) Muthathi - forest ride (Muthati): (31/8/2011)

Place: Muthathi – The Forest ride(Mutati).
Distance: 100 x 2 = 200kms.
Directions: Bengaluru > Bidadi > Chenpatna > Sathnur > Mutathi > Sathnur > Kanakpura > Bengaluru.
Participants: Manohar > Sp.
Bikes: GS150 > Pulsar.

This was another 200kms classic and formal trip to this wonderful place. It was a green forest ride throughout and Bird was definitely the word ha-ha !!

As far as the planning goes, initially we had thought of Mahadevpura the bird sanctuary. When asked others about their call on this one, only 4 of us were ready to go. So the departure timings was set to 06:00hrs and we crashed.
TIME:23:00 (30/8/2011)

I was up at around 4am, had coffee and did a few push-ups, and I was all set to go ha-ha. I left my place at around 5:30 am, and went near college to find nobody. The clock hit 6’O clock and still nobody were to be seen, so called up others. Manu responded back and joined in a few minutes. Both us waited for a good 30 minutes and kept calling others and finally when we didn’t get any reply we decided to change the place to Muthati. After a 60 minutes wait we departed.
TIME: 06:30 hrs.

RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Bidadi)
This was 30kms stretch. As the sun was just coming up, it was icy cold. We rode at a decent pace to cruise past RRMC and pulled over at a hotel at bidadi to have the famous “Bidadi Thate Idly” for breakfast. And trust me it is one of the must-have foods on SH-17 (Mysore road). We spent about 30 minutes on breakfast and sat on road side having coffee.
TIME: 07:30 hrs.

RIDE II: (Bidadi – Chenpatna – Sathnur)
This was a 60kms stretch, but yeah excellent roads throughout. We started from Bidadi to cover 25-30kms cruising past Ramnagar to reach Sathnur circle in Chenpatna. From here we took a left turn to continue on the Kabbala road.
This road is perfect for riding, surface and the surroundings are excellent. And after 20-30 minutes we spotted the Kabbalu hill, to be frank I was numb staring at that hillock. It took me back to 26th of January 2011 ( Click here to read the article). We took a small 10 mins stop and continued further to reach Sathnur.
TIME: 08:15 hrs

RIDE III: ( Sathnur – Muthati)
Alright this was the main intention of this entire trip, the “ Muthathi forest ride” began from here. Once we passed Sathnur about 5kms was in pretty bad condition. Once we completed this stretch Manu spotted 2 peacocks on the road-side. We rode very slowly through the forest enjoying the greenery and not disturbing the flora & fauna of the place. The forest was lush green and seemed much thicker when compared to our last visit to this place on 19/03/2011 (Click here to read about our previous visit)

Okay here is on of the “to-do” things during the ride, there are several places where you do not require your engine running. So switch off your engines and allow your bike to take you… and trust me don’t be surprised if your doing 80+ kmphr ha-ha!!.But yeah safety of not only oneself but also the animals must be taken into account.

We spotted a lot different species of birds and small creatures like squirrels etc., after sometime we reached the famous temple on the way, we parked our bikes and went exploring into the forest.
We reached the top of a small falls, but the surroundings was just magnificent. Then we realized that we hadn’t reached the actual place only ha-ha, so without wasting much time we carried on to reach Muthathi.
TIME: 10:00 hrs.

We reached the place where we had spent our last visit. To our amazement the place was totally flooded. The river Cauvery was in full flow, the force was tremendous and Mutathi being known for a lot cheating deaths we didn’t want to any risks. So we decided to go in search of a safer palce.
Ps: The actual place “ Mutathi” is not a very neat place, so going off-road once you spot the river is a good move.

So in a matter of 10-15 minutes we were at the new spot after some off road biking. We found for ourselves the perfect stop where a small stream had branched out from the main river. The forest surrounding us was thick, and it was very peaceful. We took off our shoes and kept our feet in the cold flowing waters after which we went on a small walk along the river bed. We did spot some weird insects like a pink dragonfly, purple dragonfly etc... After which we had a quick nap and decided to leave this wonderful place unwillingly.
TIME: 11:30 hrs

RIDE IV: ( Muthati – Kanakpura )
This was about a 60kms stretch. We decided to take the Kanakpura route and make the ride a little and nice circuit. So we rode pretty slow from Muthati to spot a variety of birds and small creatures. Oh yeah we saw dead squirrel on the road too, carried it to the roadside and wished for its peace. We took a lot of breaks amidst the forest on purpose as we wanted to grab all the fresh oxygen before heading back to the city, Once we reached Sathnur we rode at a decent pace to reach Kanakpura.
TIME: 12:45 hrs.

KANAKPURA : (Brunch stop)
We stopped at our regular hotel in Kanakpura as our tummies were grumbling. We had a good brunch to fill up our tummies as we had another 50kms to go.

RIDE V: (Kanakpura – Bengaluru)
This was a 50kms stretch. It was just formality to complete this stretch. The roads were very good with excellent curves and scenery. We reached the entry of NICE road and took it to reach Bsk 3rd stage in a matter of 15-20 minutes. We sat at the NICE road exit for about 30 mins and decided to leave back to our respective homes to mark the end of this classic trip..
TIME: 14:30 hrs



Wednesday, November 2, 2011

40) Markonahalli dam, Tonnur kere, Melukote, Kanva: (30/7/2011)

Place: Markonahalli dam, Tonnur Kere, Melukote, Pandavpura, Kanva.
Distance: 400kms – total circuit.
Directions: Bengaluru > Nelmanagala > Kunigal > Marko dam > Melukote > Tonnur kere > Pandavpura > Maddur > Kanva.
Participants: Datta (Dattu) > Chethan (Zethu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Avenger > Pulsar.
Previous visit: Kanva – Rain ride.
Budget: Rs400/h.

This was another classic old school run to cover these 4 places, 400kms in one day. Markonahalli reservoir is less known or likely unheard of, Tonnur lake is pretty famous. As of Melukote it’s very famous, and Kanva our home :)

My Dad was the one who enlightened me about Markonahalli dam and suggested me to visit it. So I made a detailed study about this place and formulated a small circuit which would run for about 400 kms. The initial plan was to cover 3 places and riding on 3 major high-ways. As of the participants, only Zethu and Dattu we on the confirmed list and we decided to hit the road. The meet up was scheduled at a junction near Tumkur road at about 06:00hrs.
TIME: 23:00 hrs (29/7/2011)

04:00 hrs, I was up and had coffee. After a few push-ups I was all set to go ha-ha… At about 05:30 hrs I left my place, it was dark and cold. Cruising comfortably through the outer ring road I reached the junction to find the others already waiting for me.
After a small re-union chat, we decided hit the road first one being NH-4 (Tumkur road)
TIME: 06:00 hrs

RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Anchepalya tea break)
This stretch was for about 50kms. As we hit NH-4 (Tumkur road) we both we running low on fuel. So had to search for a petrol bunk and re-fuel. After cruising past small towns, we reached Nelamangala. We took a left deviation to join NH-48 (Mangalore highway). After the deviation we rode for about 30 kms to stop for a small tea break on the highway.
TIME: 07:15 hrs.

RIDE II: (Anchepalya – Markonahalli dam)This stretch was for about 60kms. After the tea break, we decided to hit the road and so we did. We rode at a decent pace on NH-48. It is a brilliant highway, 4 lane huge and wide road. It offered very less trouble for riders. We cruised passed Kunigal in no time to reach Yadiyur. We took a left deviation at this place, a 5-10kms ride from this place would lead us to our reservoir.
TIME: 08:30 hrs.

After riding about 8kms from the deviation on NH-48 we caught the first glimpse of the magnificent place. Crystal blue waters reflecting the suns rays was a sight we all remember. The green grass, cool wind and oh yeah, zero visitors made the place so much more beautiful :)

We had to do a little off-road riding again in the slushy muddy terrain of the fields to reach the water. Once we reached the water we started the good old game “Skipping stones”.
We spent about 45 mins playing this game, enjoying every moment of it. The size of the stones was a variable :P haha, and with Zethu’s jokes and dattu’s singing entertainment was something we never ran short off.

After the games, we decided to walk on the bund and have a look at the dam gates and the canal. Dattu’s sang all the way on the bund (Song: Bird is the word).

Marko dam is very similar to Kanva reservoir, but much bigger and well maintained as the visitors are less. Ad we reached the gates, it was locked. So we sat on the benches provided and spoke about our college days for sometime and decided to leave this wonderful reservoir as we had minimum of 2 more places on our minds.
TIME: 10:00 hrs.

RIDE III: (Markonahalli-Melkote)
This was another 60 kms stretch of excellent riding. We reached Bellur Cross CCD in a matter of 20 minutes. And we reached the Adichunchanagiri junction as we had to take a left deviation at this place. But as our tummies were growing, we stopped at a small hotel on the highway to finish of a quick breakfast. After about 40 minutes, we left the hotel, and we took the deviation and we were en route Melukote.
TIME: 11:15 hrs.

The road which connects NH-48 and Melkote is simply brilliant. It wa heavenly to ride on such a road. Green beautiful fields on both sides of the road, less traffic made riding conditions ideal. Not only surroundings, but the surface of the road was also butter smooth and there were very less pot-holes and bumps. Finally the wonderful ride came to an end as we reached Melukote.
TIME:12:00 hrs.

As we reached Melukote, we parked our bikes and visited the Kalyani first (Aaptarakshaka was shot at this place). After this we went to the green fields and started climbing up the rocks. The climate became breezy and cool. We started discussing the various techniques of rock climbing and getting out of a tough situation during treks etc.,

After some more time of fooling around we decided to take a small nap in the fields. About 1.5 hrs had passed like this in the fields and finally we got up to realise we had forgotten about the temple ha-ha.
TIME: 13:30 hrs.
As we entered the temple, it was a little crowded with a long queue. So finished a quick Darshana and grabbed a bottle of juice and decided to leave Melukote, next destination being Pandavpura.
TIME: 14:00 hrs.

RIDE IV: (Melukote – Tonnur Kere)
With 2 hours spent at Melukote we left towards Pandavpura. As Zethu had been to this place before, he led the way. Again greenery was something we could see throughout this 20kms stretch. Oh yeah we even managed to grab a sugarcane from a moving bullock cart ha-ha. After about 30 minutes of riding we reached Tonnur lake.
TIME: 14:30 hrs.

Believe me it was huge, I mean real huge. I was expecting a small lake but this thing was frikking huge. The wind speed was another thing remarkable, it was so windy the water kept splashing on the steps on we sat on.

Zethu suggested to trek up the hill to visit an old temple and also to get the best view of the entire place. So Dattu & me started trekking up, it was a neat trek. The windy conditions made it that much harder, in a matter of 30 minutes we managed to sneak our way to the top.

After reaching the top, we were amazed at the view of the water body… It had just grown in size ha-ha. The wind speed kept picking up, It was a challenge to just to stand straight up right, honest. Finally we went to the temple on top and decided to trek back. And like always for dattu it was like another morning walk :D. The decent was pretty quick and we re-joined Chetu and decided to leave Tonnur Kere.
TIME: 15:15 hrs.

RIDE V: (Tonnur kere – Maddur)
As we left tonnur kere we realised that we forgotten about lunch stop. So we decided to stop at Maddur. With the 3 places under our belt we decided to head back home. We joined SH-17 at Srirangapatna at about 16:00 hrs. Maddur is about 60-70 kms from Srirangapatna. SH-17 being a 4-lane, offered very little resistance and we sailed smoothly to reach maddur.
TIME: 17:00 hrs.

Ah well our Adda haha, ordered food well actually lunch. After a heavy meal, had some coffee and we went outside on the highway for a quick stretch. Then we realised that dattu hadn’t been to Kanva before. So no more questions were on our minds regarding the next destination haha!!
TIME: 17:30 hrs.

RIDE VI: (Maddur tifany’s – Kanva)
This stretch was for about 40-50kms. We cruised along SH-17 to reach Kanva in a matter of 30 minutes. We could see the sun going down, so we decided to witness the sunset at this magnificent reservoir or simply “home” :P.
TIME: 18:00 hrs.

Well Kanva – our second homes. It had turned chilly cold, so thoughts of getting down in water were removed. We sat on the grass for sometime talking about our previous epic 600 km one day ride. But for the day we had done about 350kms, and had to do 50kms more. But our energy levels were least bit effected, as we started searching for flat stones and there we were at it again “Skipping stones” haha!!
Finally after 45 minutes we witnessed one of the best sunsets ever seen. Dattu also completed a successful lap at kanva. Finally we left this wonderful reservoir as darkness descended.
TIME: 19:00hrs.

RIDE VII: (Kanva – Bengaluru)
As we left kanva, darkness descended in a matter of minutes. The weather turned icy cold & it started to drizzle as well. And the traffic on SH-17 increased drastically. We pulled over at a petrol bump at Ramnagar and re-fuelled for a few extra bucks as we knew what had to be done next.
Once we left Ramnagar, there was no stopping us. We had to play dodge-balls with the cars, buses, and tempos to show we knew SH-17 better haha. The darkness combined with rain made it challenging to ride, but we enjoyed every moment keeping safety the first priority. In less than hour we made it to Jnana Bharati “Split” Stop.
TIME: 19:45 hrs.

Ah it was a great feeling, first I made it to the stop. In a matter of 5-10 minutes Zethu and dattu arrived as well. We parked our bikes, switched off the engines and sat on the road side. And oh yeah smiling at the vehicles we had put behind as they rode past us.
Finally we split our different ways to reach our respective homes.
TIME: 20:45 hrs.


Zethu: Ah well, rode like there was no tomorrow. Led the way and introduced us to Tonnur Kere. His tricky jokes kept the humorous spirit up and high.
Dattu: Haha, his songs and imitations were more than we could ask of to keep us entertained. And yeah, successfully completed avenger run at kanva :)
Sp: Was very happy about the old school run.