Monday, June 13, 2016

117) Manchinbele Dam & Nelligudde kere: (1/11/2015)

Place: Manchinbele Dam & Nelligudde Kere.          
Distance: 40 x 2 = 80kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – RRDC – Manchinbele – NG Lake - Bidadi
Particiapants: Arun (Aaku Bhai) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes:  Unicorn > Pulsar                                             
Previous visit: BananthimariBetta Trek

This was a short, but much needed elixir. The M/C  was almost on the verge of extinction when it came to tripping, then came Arun to pull me out. Even though it was small ride it broke the shackles and let us free like we were meant to be. And this trip also justifies the fact of going to repeated places ain’t always a bad idea.

I had not been on the road for 3months. I was beginning to get rusty and my mind was getting blocked. With all the procrastinations and delays I was getting frustrated. Finally Arun and myself agreed to go out and just ride, even if it meant a small 30kms stretch. First Sunday of November was picked with the two of locked in.
TIME: 22:00 (30/10/2015)


Yeah I was up at 05:00, did a push ups & sit-ups, had a cup of coffee and sat back. Parents were confused never had I taken this long break from the road they felt happy & sad I guess. Arun arrived at my place at about 08:45 and we left Bangalore.
TIME: 09:00

RIDE 1: (Bangalore- RRDC – Big Banyan – Manchinbele – NG Lake - Bidadi)
This was about a 70kms total ride. We first got out of the city and cruised towards RRMC via Kengeri. After making to RRDC we took a right turn and headed towards Big Banyan. The roads had turned silent and greenery was up on both sides of the road.
We pulled over as I wanted to take in the fresh air I had missed all these months. It actually felt refreshing and good. Even though Arum & me kept meeting for walking every weekend, we always speak on quite a different wave length on the road.
After a few minutes into the ride, we could spot the beautiful Savandurga. Continuing further we reached the beautiful Manchinbele.
TIME: 08:00

The first glimpse like always took my breath away. We parked our bikes on the road itself as we had no intention of going till the waters. Started at the glittering waters for some time remembering our second chapter. I asked Arun whether he had visited NG lake. When the reply was negative one. We took off from Manchinbele, rode a few kilometres back and headed towards NG lake.
Riding in between grass fields and a lot of villages we made to the second water body, which also was sparkling. We took out bikes on the bund, got off it and admired the morning fresh air.
TIME: 08:30

We spent a 15-20mins at this place, walking on the bund. It wasn’t surprising to find nobody on a Sunday as many know about the place. After which we headed towards Bidadi and pulled over at our regular hotel for some Idly & Vada.
The breakfast tasted damn good, as it had been our choice of food since many years. After having breakfast we turned back on the SH-17 to ride smooth to reach back our respective homes. The shackles, my friends, had been broken! Time to let loose :P
TIME: 09:30




  1. Hey Karthik can i also join ur squad mate? I too ride a 125cc much needed a gang like u!!! I too do solo rides as my friends aren't much interested..
    Give me a point of contact so that we can ride in future

    1. Hi, as of now. It is a closed group as most of the rides are being done to catch up with old friends. Once we loosen up, we shall make it a public group. Thanks for understanding.