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112) Mahadevapura – The wrong turn: (16/5/2015)

Place: Mahadevapura
Distance: 150 x 2 = 300kms
Directions: Bengaluru – Bidadi – Ramnagar – Channpatna – Mandya - Madadevapura
Participants: Dhanush (Dany) > Dilip (Isro) > Madhu (barca) > Karthik (Sp)
Bikes: Apache > Pulsar
Previous visit: GudibandeTrek

This was a damn funny chapter about which we still speak about on our current ride/hikes. This chapter saw one of the most funny dramas and damn, it was.. I don’t know.. read the RIDE 2 part! But overall it was pretty good to get into water and relax and get drenched in rain and end it all with dhaba showdown.

Hardly 6 months before, we had visited this place (Mahadevpura) and it had been only a week since our trek to Gudibande. As far as the planning goes, we had long decided it would be a busy May, no excuses about that. Every weekend to be utilized to full, was the motto. When asked about  the 3rd weekend, since no plan was in picture, we decided to re-ride to Mahadevpura as the water levels would be higher during monsoon. Dilip, Dany & Madhu were on the confirmed list.

TIME: 22:00 (15/5/2015)

Yeah I was up at 05:00, did a few push ups & situps, had a cup of coffee, watched the last episode, last scene of SOA all over again (damn, whata ending!) and finally waited for others to arrive. The meet up was scheduled at our bakery. Once Madhu arrived at my place, he parked his bike at my home and we both left towards bakery. Finally once Dany & Dilip came to bakery, had a light tea we departed Bangalore.TIME: 07:30 

RIDE 1: (Bangalore– Bidadi – Channpatna – Mandya - Mahadevapura)
This was 135kms ride both on highway and country roads. The latter being more beautiful. The weather was decent as it was raining since a past couple of weeks. It was long since we met with Dany, and he had transformed into a new being itself, or was this the same person we knew in our engineering we thought? And well even I had changed (internally, total make over:P) but on the periphery I looked the same :P  We pulled over at Bidadi at our regular hotel for some tasty breakfast.

TIME: 08:00

After munching down on some idly vada, we finished it with some light tea. Riding further we rode next to each other. And as it was a Saturday the traffic was dense but being on bikes we could squeeze through them easily.  As we reached Ramnagar, we realized Dany’s bike was punctured. So Madhu & me went in search of a puncture shop and called the others after finding one. After having the tyre fixed, we resumed the ride. But that puncture gave us an opportunity to catch up as it had been quite some time since we all met. So sitting on the roadside sipping some tea, we kept talking even though the bike had been fixed.

Riding ahead, we did not stop at any place as we were slightly behind on the timeline. We cruised past Ramnagara, Channpatna, Maddur and finally we stopped at the outskirts of Mandya for some light tea.

TIME: 10:00


After the tea, we crossed Mandya and finally took the deviation which would lead us to Mahadevpura. The roads turned brilliant as greenery flooded both sides of the road and the road turned absolutely silent. Keeping all the 5-6 deviations in mind (or taking them on my intuition) we cruised ahead to reach the Mahadevapura bridge, off-roading from there we reached the Anicut to spot the sparkling water gushing in all its glory.

TIME: 11:15


The weather was good, the air was clean, water looked sparkly fresh, lots of birds here and there. Looked just perfect! We walked in between the canal and the river for sometime. wondering whether to get down or no. Then Dilip said he would push all of us inside the river if we refused:P And first he got into the canal and tried all sorts things. Caught a crab, slipped into the gushing waters and was dragged off by the force of waters, finally we pulled him out.  Took our bikes to a decent place, put all our belongings into our bikes and off we went through the river. 


Wading in the gushing waters we went past several boulders to find a very nice spot. All three of us sat, and well me almost went underwater and kept sleeping, coming out just to breathe hehe. When a plant or mosses used to come floating everybody used to pick it up and throw it on dilip ( Why? because he hated it) We spent about 3hours in the water, after which we found a lady preparing hot chilli bajjis on the river side. We ate them with some good chutney. After which we left Mahadevpura.

TIME: 14:00


RIDE 2: (Mahadevapura – Mandya – Channpatna – Bangalore):

As we left Mahadevpura, our bodies were tired. Dark clouds had begun to cover the sky. As said earlier lot of turns from the highway we had taken to reach the place. So if we would miss any of these it would be a new route altogether. Dany & Madhu raced ahead, but Dilip & me went on shouting, speaking non-stop. We were constantly engaged in a conversation and missed a crucial turn. We realized we had missed a turn, but patted ourselves saying all roads will reach the highway and we had all the time (Bad Move!:P). But the road kept going on and down came the mother of all rains. it started pouring cats out of nowhere and we ran into a “Aale mane” (cane sugar processing) Ah, it felt good, standing in the shelter in that heavy rain. 

The heavy rains and smell of the sugar cane boiling. Then we realized why the other two hadn’t called us up. When we opened our bags, we found both their phones along with their wallets. Damn, they must have been pissed (Truly sorry guys!) (Madhu had assumed, Common, Sp is there, he knows the routes, they cannot get lost!:P) And lost were were, big time. Once the rain died, we proceeded in this unknown but beautiful route to reach back a town. All off a sudden from nowhere there it was, PES of Mandya, we started laughing (Follow you everywhere!) And we realised, we had reached back Mandya. So we got back on the Mysore road and rode towards Mysore for about 10kms and pulled over at our regular Dhaba, not to find the others. Now we were worried. 

We went out and some light tea, and were sitting when we received a call from an unknown number. And then came the full force swearing from the other end like no tomorrow. They had rode to the dhaba before the rain started, and then they had gone back in search of us and got drenched in the super heavy rain. Now they were caught in it as it was pouring. Dilip and me looked at each other without saying a word. After all the drama, finally Dany and Madhu arrived at the dhaba after apologizing for the confusion and all 4 of us had a great laugh and  sat down for some lunch.  (It was  2hour drama, and delay uh!: P, Shit! Truly Epic)



After belting nicely, we left the dhaba afloat in the nice cool weather at about 18:00.  But as it was Saturday the road got filled with dense traffic and also down came the rain again, light this time. Riding cautiously and steadily keeping each other in sight we reached back bakery for some hot tea. After which we thanked each other for making it and split our ways to reach back home.

TIME: 20:00



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