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119) Bylakuppe – Golden Temple: (12/12/2015)

Place: Golden Temple - Bylakuppe.  
Distance: 250 x 2 = 500kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Ramnagara – Mandya – Mysore - Bylakuppe
Particiapants: Gautham (Gauti) >Madhu (barca) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes:  FZ 16 > Pulsar                                                 
Previous visit: ShivangangaTrek

This was quite a long ride (500kms) for a single day, that too on a pulsar. But yes, we pulled it off, that too in style the way we rode back, unleashing all fury on Mysore road. Initially it was planned to KRS backwaters, but finally we ended up at the Coorg border.

As far as the planning goes, lot had been expected of November 2015, as it had seen 2 trips in first 5days. But the stats remained the same throughout the month and we were on the edge of the seat to get out. Start of December called up Madhu and Gauti and asked them if they were up for a ride. Once they confirmed their spots, we decided to meet at Mysore and then go to KRS back waters or “Balmuri”
TIME: 22:00 (11/12/2015)

Yeah I was up at 05:00, did a few push ups & bicep curls and was all set to go. As the meet was scheduled in Mysore, I first left my home and headed towards Nagarbhavi. After picking up Madhu, re-joined the Mysore road at Kengeri.
TIME: 07:00

RIDE 1: (Bangalore- Ramnagara – Maddur – Srirangapatna – Mysore - Bylakuppe)
This was a 150kms stretch on our butter smooth home ground Mysore road. Initially as we left Kengeri, Madhu rode my bike and I was sitting behind. We rode at a decent pace, discussing about college life and how it had changed over the past few years. Good thing was, we both were the only constant factors. After reaching Bidadi, we decided to have breakfast at Maddur. Cruising past Ramnagar & Channpatna, we pulled over at Maddur Tifany’s for some yummy breakfast.
TIME: 08:30

After the breakfast, we went to the wooden gift shop outside and browsed through the items. I bought a chess board, I had been crazy about the game since a few months. After purchasing the nice wooden board we proceeded ahead. As it was a Saturday, the traffic had gradually increased but the neat wide roads made riding easy. Getting out of Mandya, we pulled over near Srirangpatna for some hot tea. After which we intimated Gauti that we would arriving at Mysore shortly. 

Just then, I asked Madhu about his view on visiting Golden temple near Nisargadhama, Bylakuppe. We misjudged the distance to be approximately 50kms from Mysore and so we agreed to go ahead. As we reached Mysore, we cruised on the by-pass road and waited for Gauti at the same spot we had waited the last year December. (Mysore Ride)
TIME: 10:30


After Gauti’s arrival, we greeted him. And told him about our plan to visit the Golden temple as it would serve as a good weekend ride to Gauti as well. KRS, well would be a little too short ride for him. Once he agreed we took off towards Madikeri. Memories of our Coorg ride kept flashing throughout this stretch. The roads still being awesome, we rode at about 70km/h one behind the other. Then we spotted a board which read Bylakuppe 90kms ahead. That time we looked at each other confused and decided to ahead.

Once we closed in the 90kms mark, we slowed down and to spot the right deviation. As Mr. Dalailama was expected to be in the Tibetan town in the coming week the whole of the town was flooded with festive mood. All the monks were sweeping the roads from the highway until the Monastery and decorating the light poles. It felt like another world once off the highway. After the final cruise, we reached the beautiful monastery.
TIME: 12:45

Well, the monastery and the region around it, like always, had a peaceful and tranquil air surrounding it. We parked our bikes and entered the monastery at about noon. As it was a Saturday, it was flooded with people and some noisy school kids. We visited the main building and sat there for about 30minutes admiring the paintings on the roof and the wall. After about spending an hour at the place, we went knife shopping at the mall outside. After which we departed the place.
TIME: 14:15


RIDE 2: (Golden temple – Mysore – Maddur – Ramnagar – Bangalore)
As we left the place, our tummies were growling in hunger. And Madhu’ s don’t even ask, it was shouting for help :P Haha! Riding ahead we re-joined the Coorg-Mysore highway.  We realised we had a long way to go back home. Gauti invited us to stay over at his room as well just in case it got late. But we continued further riding below the hot sun, with our energies draining fast and well Madhu getting restless minute by minute. 

Gauti and me tried convincing Madhu that we knew a good dhaba, but it was in the outskirts of Mysore. But Madhu’s hunger had taken over and the monster had awakened :P he tried to pull over at each and every stop. But finally we settled a new dhaba for some lunch.
TIME: 16:15

Surprisingly it was a pretty good find and we enjoyed the meal thoroughly and left the dhaba afloat. The sun already had begun it’s traverse down towards the horizon and the air had turned icy cold. We reached Mysore after about 30mins of riding and pulled over at the by-pass road and told Gauti that we would continue towards Bangalore at a slow pace. Thanking Gauti for making it that day, we said good bye and I told I would take over the riding part.
TIME: 18:00


From here all hell broke loose. The air was real cold and the traffic had turned worse, so asked Madhu to buckle up as I would be crawling through like a rattle snake through all the vehicles. And then began the relentless riding towards Bangalore. We made it to Mandya in about 40mins, after which Madhu rode until Ramnagar. After which I took over again and rode past Bidadi to reach Bangalore at about 20:30. From here proceeded towards Nagarbhavi to drop Madhu to his home and then reached back my home.
TIME: 21:00



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