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11)ShiVnasamudra (14/3/10) :

11) Shivnasamudra (14/3/10) :

Place: Shivanasamudra = Gaganchukki + Barachukki.
Distance: 150 x 2 = 300kms.
1) Bengaluroo > Kanakpura > Mallavali > Shivnasamudra
2) Bengaluroo > Maddur > Mallavali > Shivnasamudra.
Participants : Arvi > Ashok > Sp.
Bikes : RTR >Pulsar .
Previous Trip: Savandurga noon trek.


We wanted to do this trip since about 4 months, 300kms one day was never easy, 14th of march ’10 was the day we finally made it!! . It was of course one of our memorable trips till date.

7am in the morning, Ashok,arvi and myself assembled in front of my house. Arun coudnt make it this time :(.. but he did come to my house and spoke to us for sometime!!!


We headed of on NICE road to join kankpura road, from then on it was smooth sailing from there.. ok this next incident is almost got me killed… there was this mad woman (u all know the alternate word) shouting in the middle of the road at vehicles , Arvi and ashok passed her, then I was like “ screw u ” she got really angry and tried chasing me, I went off road, but managed to pull my bike and regain control :D !!!

Then we had to take a break since nobody had breakfast, we had completed about 100kms…The road to shivnasamudra is simply amazing!!!! Arvi had brought some apples ..we sat on the roadside and gulped them down :) Then we covered the next 50kms at a pretty good pace, to reach our 1st destination Gaganchuki :) :)


We were a little disappointed that there was less water, stayed there for a while enjoying the scenery. It`s a very civilized area ( not like mekedat). We had breakfast at a decent hotel at gaganchuki , fooled around with chickens and geese in the hotel!!

When we were about to the place , AH Alexiii (my pet rabbit) or what I thought was Alexi had followed me :D I lost my mind.. went sat next to it rubbing its back!!! Arvi and ashok kept their distance. Then I realised it was a bull :D :D


Then we left for barachukki , gaganchukki and barachuki are about 10kms apart. We reached barachuki in another 10-15 mins… we parked our bikes…and found there was less water here too :( . It was tiring long climb down… but it was the ideal time to explore the place.

We crossed a small stream which packed a lot of force… then we reached a very beautiful falls, sat there for sometime and went further deeper … it was an amazing spot!!! Spent a good hour or so there right below the falls :). Then finally decided to head back to Namma bengalooroo, it was about 1pm.


The drive back was again pretty good… thanks to the smooth new road we drove at steady pace and reached home at abt 3 :30 pm….YUP, 300kms one day , we were proud Hehe.. for a guy who never thought could ride a bike… it was an achievement for me I guess haha!!! ( wher`s my collar when I need one)

Kushal , Arvi , Ashok , Arun - I truely thank u guys for teaching me to ride a Bike :) \m/

And yeah…. Next day we had college …half the day we were asleep :D :D…. YAWWWNNNNN :P

RTR: Ashok + Arvi
Pulsar: Kd

Distance: 150+150=300kms



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