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12)ShivGange (20/3/10):

12) ShivGange(20/3/10)

Place: Shivgange.
Distance: 65 x 2 = 130 kms.
Directions: Bengaluroo > Tumkur Road > Left deviation > Shivgange.
Participants: Arvi > Arun > Sp.
Bikes: Unicorn > Pulsar.
Previous Visit: Shivnasamudra - First time :).
It had been only 5 days since we visited shivnasamudra , we were totally pumped up!! We wanted to do another 300kms trip to a place called “Muthati”….Ashok couldn’t make it this time :(.

Morning at about 7, Arvi and arun came to my place ( Arun was the last to come of course :P) then he suggested we go to Shivgange. Sudden changes of plans always works out for us :D , so we agreed!!!

RIDE : ( Through City)

There are many routes to this place, one through magadi road, and most them go via Tumkur road. I told arun magadi road would be the better option because of less traffic… but we had to do about 25kms extra !! Arun said NO NO NO.. tumkur road – full empty :D . Finally we agreed to go via tumkur road.

As we reached tumkur road… it was a mess.. heavy traffic at that hour :(… Arun and arvi were front.. they were turning back and laughin their ass of lookin at me pissed off at everybody on that road…finally we made it out of the city.. from then on it was smooth sailing :) After the toll gate.. we went a little further and took a left deviation… this road we took was also in very condition :)


We reached shivgange at about 10am,we were really hungry..Mom had packed some biscuits for us…so ate a few of them and decided to climb the mountain!! We reached a sign bord which said “ Right to temple , left to mountain” we chose the obvious one!! :D. Then we saw a huge stone nandi!! I jumped on its back and started fooling around ( with my shoes on) , people were totally offended by it :P haha!!!


Then we headed further. The path is very clear , with lots of small shops all along the way!! But it was very tiring.. it was about 11 am…we were losing a lot of water, but didn’t stop…And believe me this place is known more for its insane monkeys ( with lots of Kobbu :P) .. we encountered the 1st of the them after coverin about 25% of the hill…. It got caught of my bag and tried to snatch it.. whew scary moments.. we manged to shooo it off…. Then we reached a temple… Arvi and arun went inside it… then we continued our climb… we saw all kinds of animals.. Goats, reptiles etc etc…

We almost reached the top, about 10% of it was remaining… when the ROWDY of all monkeys was sitting in the path.. it was a narrow path too.. we had to go past it :(. GULP!!!!

I said I would go 1st and if I made it across the monkey, I would give them a green signal. Somehow sweating bullets I managed to get past the fatty monkey, I turned back to give them a a big thumbs up :D

ARUN VS MONKEY : ( Monkey Wins)

They were frightened looking at something which was behind me… ( ARHHH!!! These moments gives the really creeps!! ) I turn behind .. There it was … big-fat-huge-bulky-rowdy-ganchali filled-idiotic- monkey like monkey :P running towards me… it pounced on me and with just one hand pulled my bag down.. I managed to ShOO it off… then it caught of Arvi`s bag, Arun caught hold of the bag at one end.. IT WAs TUG-OF-WAR time :D :D.. Arvi shouted (at the monkey) to let go…To our amazement Arun let the bag off :P :P … Now the monkey got really confused.. :D haha!! I just sat there looking at arun.. we managed to get back the bag… :)


Then we headed back down the hill…. We had a kickass local lime juice at a small shop!! Then some buttermilk and then watermelons… then we made it down the hill in another hour or so…


There was no doubt about the route we took back.. we reached the NICE road , there we payed the highest price and got a ticket to outer link road.. Ah!!! 40 kms on nice road… .. we landed right next to my house :D :D and reached home… Arun and Arvi headed back home… :)

It was a tiring, excitement, fear filled day!! We deserved a very good rest…Then suddenly something strikes my mind

“AYYIA!!! We have QUIZ tomorrow :( :( “

Unicorn : Arun + Arvi.
Pulsar : Kd

Distance : 65+65=130kms.

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