Thursday, September 30, 2010

15) Maddur + Kanva Dam :(13/6/2010)

Place: Maddur + Kanva.
Total Distance : 210 kms.
Directions: Bengaluroo > Ramnagar > MAddur > Ramnagar > KAnva > Bengaluroo.
Participants: Arvi > Arun > Ashok > Sp.
Bikes: RTR > Pulsar.
Previous Trip : Kanva Adda.

It was 2 days since my b`day , it was the 13th of June…time 7am… All the Loapers assembled at my place. We decided to go to Maddur for breakfast and return back. So it was Maddur… we left … the drive to Maddur is simply amazing… Good road ( SH17 \m/) We reached Maddur in an hour or so.

We started eating like Pigs!!!! :D we were 4, there were about 8-10 plates at our table!!! :D :D really really really proud… Had a kikass breakfast and then we all decided to go to Kanva – Our Adda … we wanted to get down on the other side of kanva this time…



Ashok and myself climbed up a huge boulder to get a glance at the entire reservoir…. After finding a perfect Spot…. We inspected the place for snakes or any other kind of danger!! When everything was clear we parked our bikes … Arvi and Arun refused to get down into water… I was already in it :P . I dragged ashokey in the water too :D

Arvi found a beer bottle … he threw it high up into the sky and the 1st one to catch it is the winner…and the GAMES began \m/…we had to get hold of it 1st!! ( Had to be extra careful not get under he bottle , didn’t want our skulls busted open)
The game went on for an hour so… by then all four of us were at the center of the reservoir!!! Finally it was 2 vs 2 now…. This didn’t go on for long…Arun threw the bottle right at Arvi`s hand… and it became numb!!!


After tat I got out of the water since it was getting real cloudy… it would have taken atleast an hour to dry up completely!! As soon as I got out … it started pouring cats !!! The heavy winds made it more like standing in a rain of bullets :D

Ran towards our bikes put all our things at one place and covered it with leather jacket !!! then sat down and enjoyed the awesome view ( Didn’t have any other choice :P ) After 45min of strong wind and rain… it was kinda peaceful again… then we witnessed an amazing sight … half of the reservoir was getting rain the other half wasn`t :D

Then we left towards Bangalore in wet clothes and wet shoes… entered McD`s only in leather jackets and pants …. Hair totally messed up . wet shoes :P :P
All people there wanted us 4 badly out of that place as quickly as possible :D :D
Had nice lunch and returned back home!!!!



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