Saturday, July 10, 2010

10) Savandurga (6/3/10) :

10) Savandurga (6/3/10) :

Last day of test 1, we finish our exams come out of the paring lot… Arvind,Arun and Ashok wanted to go out somewhere… Savandurga was just the place!! Arun went back to his place…Arv, Ashok and myself went to my home and decided to wait for arun there.

And the wait of the century began :D… 45min still no signs of Arun.. as we were really hungry.. we told arun tat we`d meet up at a small hotel next to ‘RRMC’… and we left had lunch ( aint good) and he 2nd round of waiting started… Had some problem with my lens.. it had ttly gone inside… Arv and ashok said with a very calm face “ Hey!! Chill it`l come out ..atleast b4 Arun turns up here :D..” And it did come out :P.. then finally after 30 min or so..Arun finally showed up..

We reached manchinbele in a very short time.. . thought of stopping there but as it was already late..we skipped it. A new road had been laid to manchinbele.. this really helped us to cover a lot of ground in a short time.

THE DRIVE to savandurga was something out of this world.. there was forest fire on both sides of the road ( which was reported in the next day’s newspaper) drivin through it was an amazing experience!! (** Ashok’s incident here was super funny!!**)

Finally we made it to Savandurga… it is a very Steep grainite hill… very dangerous too..thought there would be some steps.. but nop.. had to climb it just like tat !!!
A couple had lost their lives about 3hrs b4 we reached the place.. tat made is even scared…And to make things worse.. it was HOT as hell :(

We started climbing the mountain..every step drained a lot of energy..we were carryin our helmets and bags with us.. which made it even more difficult…every 15 mins we had to take a break !! it was sapping all our energy out!!

We reached a wonderful spot from where we could see manchinbele!! It was a kikass spot!! Spent sometime there.. headed a lil further… finally we had reached our peak ( not the mountain’s).. we were ttly exhausted ( After exam Noon trek – not a good idea) wanted to go further… but was stopped for good :)

And then we headed back down, now the real fun started , Arv started imitating old kannada movie Scenes and songs… ( no offence !!) Shouting names, fooling around.. dancing down the hill!! :D..Ah it was real fun :)

When we made it down the hill there was only one thing on our mind “ WATER”.. we drank lots of it..And headed back to Bangalore :D.

The test after special worked out pretty well. ..Monday had to attend college …this was the best part :D …Ashok opens his bag.. “ Ayyia!! Here`s savandurga`s bottle…. Wher`s my books :P :P “

RTR: AShok + Arvi
Unicorn : Arun
Pulsar : Kd

Distance : 65+65=130 kms

Haha!!! \m/



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