Sunday, May 30, 2010

9) Kanva (13/2/10) :

Kanva (13/2/10) :

It was 2 weeks since we visited the last decided to go outta town somewhere.. Ashok & arvi couldn’t make it this time :( :( [ but on the 13th trip everybody were there , same place \m/]

Soo it was only Arun & me this time , we hadn’t decided the place…it was either between shivgange and kanva… finally it was decided to be kanva.. we decided to meet in front of RRMC on mysore road..( at about 7 am )

I reached thre at about 6:55 am.. and arun turned up at 7 40 am hehe ( tats Arun \m/). Then we left for Kanva… the road to Kanva is awesome… a 4 lane road.. very smooth drive… Finally after we reached ramnagar ..we took a right which would lad us to the reservoir..

The road then was muddy and rocky…. Horrible road it was… so we had to cover the next 10 km at speeds of 25 km/hr… Finally we got the glimpse of the beautiful place..It was HUGE, abt 8 times manchinbele... we spoke to the watchman and he explained all shit possible of the dam…then we took a walk on the bund.. it was amazing… one side full water…and the other side greenery :D… we reached a small bridge which lead to a tower kinda thing… below there was water… as I don’t knw swimming…I was really scared to step on it… slowly I made it on the tower… then Arun came… while going back “ Hey man look..we gotta be confident… thre`s nothing to worry about,,, wait il show u.. walk confidently”.. 1step …2 step… BOINK…. The slab almost fell off… I had to leap.. and then realized tat I was still alive :P…

The view from tat Tower was brilliant…. We could see the entire reservoir.. \m/ . then we decided to go down to the actual water , we parked our bikes and only stepped into the water,,it was cold…. We spent about an hour there and finally decided to return to Bangalore…

When we were just leavin kanva…we saw a group of 7-8 people staring at us... it was Our our friends Vineeth , Darshan…and the gang.. we spoke to them for 15 min..and decided to leav…we took another kickass route , a newly laid road… which runs behind the reservoir and leads us directly to Ramnagar :)…

The drive back was super awesome… about 30 km we were side by side.. cruising along mysore road….\m/ Finally we reached our homes safely…

The best part of the trip was …. The budget was 1 rupee which I spent for fixin my almost punctured tyre.. we went back home and had nice breakfast… Morning well spent :)

Uncicorn : Arun
Pulsar : Kd

Distance : 60+60=120 kms



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