Saturday, December 18, 2010

23) TK Falls : (29/10/10)

Place: TK Falls.
Distance: 30 x 2 = 60 kms (Total)
Spot : Falls , Trekk , mini-Forest.
Bikes : Avenger , Apache 150, FZ-16, GS 150, Discover,Unicorn(Black thunder), Pulsar 150 ( Black turtle).
Participants: Ashok > Arvi > Arun > Dany > Anoop > Abhishek > Endu > Anand > Chetan > Dherien > Manu > Shekar > Chinta > Sp
Directions: Kanakpura road> Kaaglipura(before APS college)> Left turn> 4kms Offroad> Tk falls.
Previous Visit : Talkad - The mega Trip.
Budget: Rs 50/head.

Okie this was one of those kinda 1st planned … last minute cancelled… then finally we do it kinda trips. This was done 7 days after the Epic Talkad trip.
12pm everybody sitting in the class busy making plans … around 14 people confirmed their spots… 12:45pm everybody assembled bakery…everybody were told to finish off their lunch near college as there was no good food available on kankpura road.

At about 2pm we left to fill petrol…some went to SHELL …ashok & myself went to a petrol bunk nearby… and filled it up.. and while coming back towards NICE road entrance… we were on the wrong side of the road… Suddenly a traffic police jeep comes( on the right side of the road :P)… ayyio I didn’t wanna get caught before the start of this trip only… I had to put my bike on the side pretended as though i was entering some building… and kept staring at the policemen :D….after they left Dany & me were the first to reach the NICE road entrance… within 10 mins everybody joined us.


Well the ride was a short one… on the NICE road it was smooth 70`s …10 minutes we were on Kanakpura road… from there the search for the falls began. We asked a few Locals … and took a left turn at Kaaglipura .. from there it was completely Offroad biking…
Muddy, Rocky. Slippery Road conditions made the controlling of bike difficult but Fun …Finally Dany & myself reached the place 1st… behind us everybody followed …dJ ,Manu, Anand, Arun, Endu…Time : 2:30pm


Ok as soon as we entered some Old lady came & told to leave with our bikes as police had come in the morning.. theft of a car …bla bla….We spoke to her properly realized tat she wanted parking money… and she wanted the payment then only… we told we would pay her latter… but she refused… finally spoke her and convinced her .

Ok back to the falls,… we had to walk 10-15mins from the entrance… we saw a huge rock far away with dried up water marks on it :(… it totally disappointing… but we could hear water flowing … so went further… well wat do u know..there was a waterfall and it was packing some force too ….Aaah worth it totally..washed our faces & freshened up.


“Ok we saw the waterfalls but what’s above the Falls???” Haha That was the question on everybody’s mind…
It was a crazy plan, climbing up the rocks alongside the falls …so the trek started….. Arvi, Ashok, Endu, were all long gone… next batch was Chinta , Anand , Shekar… were right below then.. i.e the last group .. Po, me ( by default theslowpoke- Arun :P)… Chinta tried to cross the falls… slipped… but hung onto a branch and pulled himself up…Whew!!! Scared the hell out of everybody below…by the time we reached the Top…everybody were sitting and washing their feet in the Cool flowing water. Time : 3:15pm.


The view from the top was brilliant…could see Greenery for miles …a small muddy road which bought us to the place… and a small lake far far away… we sat there for 20 mins… on the other side was Bannergahta Forest.. .. there was electric fence ( and we`r all still alive so it means we didn’t climb over it :P) in beween…. The trek up was a tricky but a nice one… finally ended up on a huge rock… below that rock was one fall u would avoid… death fall for sure… but standing on that rock …the view was aamazing \m/

Everbody rested on the rock… Anoop, Ashok & myself continued further… the terrain got rough …steep rocks.. thorny shrubs made it more difficult… but at the end what do we get… 3 abandoned houses..
We explored the place… but left us wondering how the workers got all the materials tat hish and constructed the houses… then we headed back to join back the others.


Then the trek down began, we kinda forgot the route we came… so “Where there is a path , there is a way” became the motto…so followed path filled with thick trees and shrubs… was totally like a forest… but at the end.. we were at the bottom of the falls without even taking the risk of climbing down alongside the falls :D


Went back to our bike to find the poor ajji still waiting for us…. Hmm felt bad… payed her well for looking after our bikes ( but still checked our bikes :P) …. “Ajji ki Jai \m/” She felt very happy and headed back … & so did we… another 4kms of bumpy ride… and smooth steady ride … took us back to the entrance of the NICE road… the ride on the NICE road felt real good… the sun was going down…we made back to the bakery at about 5: 15 pm…
Had tea , juice etc etc… and finally left back to our respective houses.. filled with content…An afternoon very well spent….

Bangloreans who’r still wondering about whether this place exists… YEAH IT DOES… all snaps are 100% pakka… no illusions :P :P
Until next time… Ciao \m/




  1. Replies
    1. can we travel in car to the place

    2. Yeah we can.. but the muddy road. And car has to be parked at the temple premises & further you would have to walk a little further more to reach the falls.

    3. Today there was death fall , ambulance driver says it's common. Careful guys. Death trap for sure

  2. Me & My friends are planning to visit in feb-19th-2012 month... In this month good to visit der r wat plz guide us..


    Madhu ( Yelahanka )

  3. During February all waterfalls will be fading off, so avoid waterfalls, Reservoirs is a good choice.

  4. Hi, its a very nice write up.Thanks it is very informative. We are planning to visit this place with family, Would you suggest this place? Some of them are around 60 yrs aunties.. Also can we play in the water?

    1. Yeah, but with family i dont think climbing up the waterfall is a good option.Id suggest you wait for some more weeks to get the best out of the place,since the rains have started late this year.

  5. Budget Rs.50??? boss you put mineral water or petrol to your bikes :-)
    You say no good food available on kankpura road. I know the best foods joints & dhaba along kanakapura road. Cool flowing water on rock & that too at 3:15 PM, u guys must be boozed.
    Good that you guys paid ajji, in the beginning i thought you would escape without paying her.
    Good article.. thanks for bringing this place to us..

    1. We had our food near college da, and yeah i was talking the Dhaba relative to SH-17... And yeah the budget we take into account is after we hit the road. And we're talking about 3years back.. And yes the water was cold, and it was noon.. :P Not problem, any info can mail. Cheers!

  6. Many people say this falls is littered by gutka packets & liqour bottles, i have read it in some other articles online. are women safe in this place. we are planning to this place on sunday along with sri ravishankar ashram & pyramid valley in our list.

    1. Yeah it might be littered by now (had visited T.K about 2.5 years back) As this place is becoming pretty famous over past few years. But im sure pyramid valley will be be pretty much the same.

  7. Hi Karthik, we are going on bike road so just wanted to take a suggestion on isit a good time?? water flow will be there?

  8. plz don't visit tk falls with girl friend , its dangerious and there are some stanger ,they will attack and stole to mobile and money .

  9. hai this is z person , il not mention my name ,its my bad experience in my life ,plz plz don't go with ur girlfriend to tk falls , me and my girlfriend went to tk falls ,for the first time we seen the place after we were sitting near the tree to do the lunch suddenly around 7 strangers attacked us with a knife , they scolded with bad words ,they try to attack to my girlfriend , and I requested to them to leave us , they stolen our mobile ,2000 cash ,afterwords some local villagers came there ,so strangers are ran away frm their finnaly we are escaped , went to home sadly. and starngers are planned to kill me and rape my girlfriend .

  10. I request to lovers tat don't go to tk falls wit the girlfriend , local stangers roaming there to attack and stole ur things and vehicle ,its not a safety ,no police over there , strangers are fully drunked and harrase sexualy to ur girlfriend and kill her , and throw to falls , alone don't go to crappy place .they wil hide in the shrubs and watch u , this is my advice to youngters , plz take it seriously .

  11. HI karthik..... we r planning to visit TK falls tomorrow.... will there be water???? n is it safe to visit as gals will also be going. pls suggest :)

    1. Hey there, id suggest manchinbele, ng lake and kanva reservoirs. Reason being Tk falls is a little on interior part. Cheers!!

  12. Hey Karthik

    I am amazed to see you and the whole folks that have done so great work to pursue their passion. I also love to trek, hike and love nature, I just returned back from US and wanted to see if I can be accommodated as a member of your team.

    I would really love that as my passion can really be met.

    Please let me know.


    1. Hey thanks a lot man, will let you know !
      Cheers :)

  13. Hey kartik .... How safe is the place for a grp of 15 members for the trip and 7 being gals as i read abt the attacks mentioned above.. So lil bit confused.. Please suggest.. N wn was ur last trip again back to the t.k..

    1. Hey, i had been there about 3 years back. So i cannot make accurate comment on this based on the situation now. If you can clarify to me, the distance and the kind of place you would want to visit, i can help out with alternatives!


  14. Hi we are planning to go in next week .. Only girls .. Is it safe to go and do water is there in falls .. Can we play ... If this not which is the best place to visit near by bangalore

    1. No i wouldnt advise this location.

      Kanva reservoir is a better option.