Monday, November 1, 2010

21 ) Pearl Valley (Muthyala maduvu) : (10/9/10)

Place : Pearl Valley (Muthayala Maduvu).

Bikes: Pulsar > Flames > Gs150 > Pulsar .
Participants : Manu > ES > Mithul > Kg > “s” > Hanuman :P > Madhu >Sp !!
Distance : 50 x 2 = 100kms.
Directions: Bengaluroo > BAnerghatta Road > Anekal > Right turn > Muthyalamaduvu ( Pearl valley)
Previous Visit: Maddur CCD.

9th Sept had returned form Maddur at about 7pm… And well next day… had to be in Pearlvalley :D … So sent a text to people who were coming the next day regarding the timings ( 8am) , place to meet…And Crashed down !!

Next day 8 am there were no signs of anybody near my house .. so went near the college… nop nobody were there too.. after a few mins Manu showed up…followed By KG and S.. after about half an hour Mithul & Madu joined us.. Then Anurag (Hanuman) joined us half asleep… It was Mithul`s and Hanuman`s 1st Trip with us and they had no clue what they`l be going through the next 12 hrs :D ( Neither did we :P )
Then the epic wait For chaitnya ( Endu / ES) began. 9 am – No trace…. 9 15 am – Got up now mach..brushing teeth.. will be there in 15min . We decided to have breakfast in our college mess … had a pretty ok breakfast. Manu & me had been to this placein Jan , so we were having a discussion about our past visit. Finally at 10am Endu showed up :D…Then we took the NICE road to reach Banergatta Road.

Pulsar – Endu & Hanuman
Flames – Mitul & Madu
GS - Manu & S
Pulsar – KG & Sp.
So we 8 headed off on Banergatta road towards Annekal !! The road is pretty decent with a lil pot holes here and there :D. Manu led the way and I stayed back last everybody else in between… made sure that everybody were on the right track. We stopped at a small bakery near anekal purchased a water bottle…. Then reached anekal… taking a right here would lead us to a main road , from here after a kilometer or so…a right deviation on a small road leads to Pearl vally :)

We reached the place , parked our bikes and climbed down the old , half broken steps which would lead us into the forest , it was 11 am ( Please note the time cos the next 6-7hrs = insane adventure :P )
First things 1st ..we saw the Pearl valley Falls… spend only 10mins there and started walking into the forest…The Adventure/ trek was simply amazing…Trees fallen on the ground… butterflies around…Greenery everywhere…a small muddy ( hardly visible) path …
Then we reached a canopy it was pretty dark inside , sat there for sometime and headed further… then we decided to take an alternate route ( basically Alternate route = off route OR in simple words GETTING LOST in the forest :P )

Holy shit!! Tat was one bad move man… we ended up walking though thick and very high grass ( pretty sure snakes were crawling all around us)… one second the person in front of u is visible…next moment he`s gone :O , “S” picked up a stick and started the samurai jack games…chopping away the Grass… :D
After heading a little deeper into the forest GULP!!! Well we saw something tat made our adrenalin rise…we were jumping around in excitement :D , (STOP IMAGINIG SO MUCH ) it was only Fresh elephant Dung :P :P HAhahaha!!! Well it was exciting , cos we realized tat there were elephants somewhere around us.
Alrit here was THE PLAN : “ If Elephant shows up , tiny ones ( Endu & me) hide behind bushes , Others hide behind trees and boulders , and our Hanuman ( mini Elephant) goes up to the elephant and says “ HEY WAZZAAA No SEE :P” “
After tat we came across a open area …to see elephant Dung all around us… we were in Deep Shit ( LITERALLY) :P
Found a stream , washed our faces, thought of following it…. After a few mins realized tat it lead to a dead end :(…so decided to head back….After an hour so of walking through thick grass…crouching , etc etc… we reached a place and we had two options in hand
1) head further normal route
2) (The insane one) climb up a steep hill and see whats up thre :P
We took the 1st option (Don’t worry we`l never disappoint u guys....keep reading ) .
We took the path further….went further for 15 mins….the sat in an open area…opened a packet of biscuit and the bottle of water we had purchased earlier and finshed them off in a matter of seconds :D…had a about 30 mins of nap in the middle of the forest…and when we were up… decided to say Tata to the Boring route… and take the uphill route!! :D :D…then came a voice “ Oye here`s a butterfly , take a snap it`l be nice!!! :) “ we were like who`s tat…It was Madu speaking for a change Hehehe … he hardly speaks !!
We reached back to tat steep hill and there was no stopping Hanuman ( who was totally pumped up) went uphill like it was nothing, stones , mini-boulders rolled down and unfortunately I was behind him… had a hard time dodging the incoming rocks….
After reaching the top, the view was beautiful…. We found a small muddy path (Wheew!!! Tat was a relief) decided to follow it.

But things got worse , it lead to a barren land, old cracked up , dry land… it was about 2pm in the noon…the sun was right above us…draining out all the water & energy we had. We could see beautiful Blue hills far far was a wonderful sight.
We were really in the core forest…. Found a small dirty pond… besides it i.e along the pond was a killer sight.. Fresh elephant footsteps…, tat gave us the energy BOOST, we boom we were back and started following it…. Small branches broken down recently, grass bent down due to movement…. Aaahh yeah!!! We were dead on \m/
Then we had to squat and go further on… Endu , S , Kg And Sp(me) went further …others stayed back… further heard a Wild boars scream.. GULP!!! Well tats one animal u don’t wanna run into in the wild…we went back to meet others… had a long talk whether to go further or go back...finally decided to go back because
1) We were totally , I mean TOTALLY LOST.
2) Dehydrated
3) Energy levels very low
4) Brusies , scratches , rashes.
5) HUNGRY ( atleast the rest of them :P )

Heading back was no easy task , we were in the middle of the forest in the noon , without a clue of our way back. We saw things( anthills , trees, bushes,barrenland,flowers) we had made fun off /spoke about while coming ….these came in real handy in making us feel that we were in walking in the correct direction. After an hour or two of walking like the living dead we saw the canopy…. Whew tat sight made us all very happy…we knew it was only 10-20mins walk from there :D
Sat under the canopy for sometime.. had to use the shade… finally in a matter of few mins we were back at the falls :D :D . washed our faces…we were glad tat nobody fainted due to the severe heat…Then walked up the same old broken steps which had lead us into the forest ( And believe me this was the hardest part )After reaching up we drank juice and went inside the restraint and started having lunch with a huge stick in our hands to shoo away the monkeys :P . ( it was about 4:30 pm)
And for the 1`st timers they were in shock watching me eat … I had exactly 3 spoons of fried rice and said.. “ Aahh im full… wher’s my drink?? “Haha!!!

Then headed back to Bangalore, reached NICE road entrance… the final stretch :) . KG , Endu who were sitting behind , were fast asleep… everybody tired, knees , and legs yelling in pain… 6.5 hrs adventure walk though the forest is no easy job.
Reached College , sat near bakery had tea and decided to head back home as the sun went down.
We were a lil disappointed tat we couldn’t spot an elephant, but what a killer adventure it was …6.5 hrs in the thick forest. with bruises , rashes, cuts on our hands… survived the entire adventure with just a bottle of water.
It was battle to to hang on… overall a wonderful trip \m/
1) Dont go too deep inside the forest, finding way back isnt tat easy.
2) Carry water if you go for the trek.
Thank you !! \m/




  1. guys, how was the waterfall? heard it will be disappointing sometimes without any water. is it a good place for a day picnic with family & kids?

  2. Yup it is... if u want to visit only the water falls Oct - December is the best season. :)

    1. Hi Karthik, i seen you guys trekking in the pics. Do we have safe place for parking vehicles ? or it's our luck ?

  3. had nice fun reading your adventure... too interesting!!:)

  4. Good work guys :D

  5. Had gone there yesterday. It was really nice, close to bangalore around 1 hour ride. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah, not a problem. Travel Safe:)

    2. Nearby development of city has taken it's toll on this scenic beauty. It's more crowded now, recommended to go with friends.

  6. Hi,
    I plan to take a team of 50 members on Sunday and cook there and have fun + games.
    ((office workers, etc). Do we ave ample plcae there.
    Suggestions welcome.
    Thanks / 99000 10650

    1. hi karthik

      we are planning to got muthyala maduvu this week end in bikes.....

      can we have party over there......

    2. you can also reply to my mail id

    3. Party ah? i would say a big NO., go on a trek, have a good time and do all the partying in some dhaba or back in Bangalore. Not in the wild forest.

  7. Hi ,
    Nice blog guys.
    Is it safe for day camping inside the jungle ?

    1. I'm afraid it is not. Wild Animals such as Elephants have been known to roam in these forests.

  8. A very nice post Karthik Enjoyed reading your post. We ( around 8 -10 ) ppl are planning to visit there soon. Suggestions for making this trip safe welcome !
    my email :

  9. Quick questions... its this a good time to visit the pearl valley waterfall? It rained in south bangalore almost everyday this week, hoping to see the water fall if not the national park is our fall back. Any suggestions?

    1. Please wait for the Post monsoon season. I mean it did rain near Anekal too, as i travel near this place almost everyday. But i suggest you to wait until monsoon gets over, that way we can be sure.

  10. Had been there on a Sunday early morning for a ride with my hubby.... we loved the ride and beauty of the nature at its best...but unfortunately we were disappointed as there was no water at all.......felt the tap water will be far better... may b the wrong time... :(

    1. Oh yeah, its always a bummer if the water is dried up. But yeah hope you guys took a stroll around the place. The forest trail is awesome. I'd say give it another shot after this years monsoon. Im sure the waterfall will be back to life. Cheers!!

  11. visited this place last week and it was waste of time..
    No drop of water Flowing.. Little water stayed between Rock, which is So dirty...
    may be People near by bath in it daily and that water dont flow...

    Guys dont visit this place, Its really waste....

    1. There are two aspects of the place. If you want to see only the waterfalls, you're narrowing down the possibilities. If you want to trek your way into the forest, i'm sure you would be more than happy.

  12. Hello Kartik,

    I am planning to visit this place with my wife tomorrow. Will this be a good time to go there..? Also i plan to go there on my two wheeler (Active).

    Your suggestions will be more then welcome :-)


  13. where to park our vehicle der ??? is der any safe place for parking our vehicles ??

    1. Yeah there is a resort at the start of the forest, you can park your vehicle there.

  14. why dont u have any girl teamed up o.O just was curious :P

  15. hi,
    Is this a good time to visit this place...
    we can enjoy or not if we visit this place in this month end??????

    1. Sorry for the late reply, yeah post monsoons and pre monsoon must be the ideal time to visit.


  16. hi ... i'm planing to go that muthyala maduvu place with my gf it safe place for couple and especially for a girl......

    1. no not safe to go with ur GF

  17. could u please answer the previous question!

    1. I've heard the resort and all is safe, but venturing into the forest, isn't safe not only for you and your gf, but for anybody.

  18. Hi Karthik, do we have permission to spend time by getting down in the falls or they have put on grills not to enter the water n enjoy? Is this a good time to go to pearl valley now?

    1. Hmm, sorry for the real late reply. But since it is exactly 1 year, so guess my answer might have some credibility. I would suggest anybody to visit this place post-monsoons.

  19. is it safe place for couples??
    Details are welcome @

    1. Hi, please check you inbox. My suggestion, there are better forests. Not these wild ones.

  20. Hi Karthik,
    Is August right time to visit. Also the plan is to take kids along.
    is it safe ??.
    Idea is to visit the water falls mainly, cant go for trek with kids..
    Also, from the place where we park our vehicle, how far we need to walk inside to reach water falls

    1. Hi, I would advise Shivanasamudra over this place. The falls is few steps down from the resort. But it is a small falls. Shivanasamudra is a better option.

  21. I am planning to have picnic with my friends(approx 25 people), Is cooking allowed din muthyala maduvu? If yes please suggest suitable place there..

  22. I am planning to have picnic with my friends(approx 25 people), Is cooking allowed din muthyala maduvu? If yes please suggest suitable place there.. email id: