Sunday, December 18, 2011

42) Ramnagar, Kanva, Manchinbele : (25/9/2011)

Place: Ramnagar, Manchinbele & Kanva..
Distance: 150kms (total).
Directions: Bengaluru > RRDC > Big Banyan > Manchinbele > Kanva > Ramnagar > Bangaluru .
Participants: Vineeth > Manoj > Zethu > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Pulsar 200(2) > Avenger > Pulsar.
Previous visit: Muthathi – The forest ride.


This was another classic run to cover two reservoirs and the town of Ramnagara. Most of the riding was during noon so our energies were being sapped during most of the trip.

As far the planning goes this was a spontaneously planned trip. 5am I called up Zethu and asked whether he was willing to ride. But finally the plan got cancelled. The uneasiness kept creeping inside me, so I called back at around 10am and said we would ride. Oh yeah Vineet and Manoj who were hanging around near college decided to join too.

Our first meet was at my place where Vineet and Manoj joined me at around 10:30 am, latter we went to Mysore road (SH-17) and waited for Zethu who joined us after about 30mins.
TIME: 11:30hrs


RIDE-I: (Bengaluru – Manchinbele)
Well this was a good stretch of about 35kms. So all we had to do was watch out for vehicles and oh yeah keep Vineeth and Manoj in control ha-ha!
We cruised till RRDC and took a right turn here, this would lead us to Big Banyan & Manchinbele.
The roads after the deviation were good as well, it was not long before Vineeth broke loose and started shredding the road. After about 10-15 minutes we reached Big Banyan, since all of us had seen this place before we decided to skip it.
Continuing further in a matter of another 10-15mins we got the “first epic glimpse” of the Manchinbele.
TIME: 12:00hrs

The “first view” of this place is never disappointing. We were very delighted, but we couldn’t go until water as 8 deaths had occurred in the past 15 days or so. So had a good look at the reservoir and planned to continue further to join SH-17.

RIDE 2: ( Manchinbele – Kanva dhaba)
This was a good 15-20kms excellent stretch. This was our first time riding this stretch, the surroundings were brilliant. Green fields and mountains all along made riding a pleasure. After about 20mins we joined SH-17 (Mysore road).
As we re-joined SH-17 we had a bummer, Zethu told us he had to turn back to Bengaluru due to unavoidable circumstances. So as Zethu departed back, we decided to drop by a dhaba for lunch as our tummies were growling and then head to Kanva.
TIME: 14:00hrs


After a real heavy lunch we decided to head to Kanva. It is about 8kms from the dhaba, so cruising at a decent pace we reached the wonderful reservoir. When asked others about their call on getting into the water it was unfortunately a “No & No”.
So there was no point in only me jumping into the water, so we decided to spend some time on the shore. It was not long before Manoj and Vineeth broke loose again, performing burn outs etc.. etc… throwing dust all around the place. After spending about 90mins at this place ewe decided to leave.

RIDE III: (Kanva - Ramnagara hills)
This was about a 20kms stretch. We rode at decent pace to reach Ramngara, took a left deviation and continued further towards Ramnagar hills. The last stretch was simply brilliant, few hair pin curves and greenery all around.
TIME: 04:00hrs

Once we reached the hills, we were tired as we had ridden only below the sun throughout the trip. So decided to sleep at the temple for sometime and leave.
We had a good 30-45mins nap in front of the temple and decided to leave back to Namma Bengaluru

RIDE IV: (Ramnagar – Bengaluru)
This was around 50 km stretch. All we had done was stay awake and watch out for vehicles. Reached my place in about an hour, spoke for sometime and departed to our respective homes for some well deserved rest.
TIME: 17:45hrs




  1. Hey, am visiting your blog after long. Loved the pictures and your post :)

  2. Hey thanks a lot, always welcome here:)

  3. Excellent description....we are planning a similar trip..thanks a lot!!

    1. Hey thanks a lot,hope have fun & yeah there`s a lake near Manchinbele try covering it too :)