Saturday, November 6, 2010

22) Talakadu : 22/10/10

Place: Talkadu.
: 150 x 2 = 300kms.
Bikes : Pulsar200 (2) > Pulsar 150 (3) > Apache 150 > RTR 180 > Discover > Fz 16 > Flames > Unicorn.
Participants: Vineet > Darshan > Gagan > Artik > Anurag > Chenga > Kg > Gaureesh > Madhu > Dhanush > Abhishek > Chethan > Arvind > Anand > Endu > Chinta > MAnu > Mithul > Ashok > Arun > Sp .
1) Bengaluroo > Kanakpura > Mallavalli > Talkadu.
2) Bengaluroo > Maddur > Mallavalli > Talkadu.
Previous visit: Death Trek - Pearl valley.

Presenting a KING-size trip :P..One of the biggest trips iv ever done(Considering the numb of people and the distance to be traveled) …Total of 21 mechie`s , 11 bikes , Distance of 320 kms had to be in our pockets by the end of tat day !!!
21st night Oct`10… my mobile was on fire , confirming each person their spots for the trip next day.The next day…6am , go to college… and yea couldn’t find anybody…. After 15 mins , S , Dany ,And Gau showed up…by 7am almost everybody were there..except… yeah!! Our Slowpoke Arun :P :P Ok let me introduce the 21 people ( i.e 1/3rd of our class Hehe)
Arvind – White knight
Chethan – Po
Arun – Mr.Slowest poke
Ashok – Chaddi Dost
Vineet – Vineetu
Gagan – Gagn
Darshan –Daasa
Artik – SuTTa patel
Anand – Spiderman
Abhishek- “S”
Mithul- Mp
Aditya- KG
Chengappa- Coorg BuLLet
Chinta- Vizag Ninja
Chaitnya – Endu
Karthik- Sp!!!!



7 30 am we left bengaluru , the plan was to go on Mysore road…have breakfast at Maddur tiffany`s and while returning take Kanakpura road. The one word that best describes the ride onMysore road is Royal Bad bikers :P . Vineet`s and Daasa`s bikes with Custom made silencer ( Loud noise… I mean like REAL loud noise) lead the way… other bikers and cars just left way watching us come at them in their rear mirror ..( Aaahh felt like a real king :P)

Not long before Arvi ,Endu raced away to maddur… Daasa & Vinnet With their BOOM exhaust in front Dany and Me behind cruising along at a constant pace of 60-70`s going as one unit… now tat was THE sight!!! \m/ ( Not to forget Spiderman Buzzing forward and back now and then on his Discover ). Mithul , Arun , Hanuman … stayed back …they were the silent riders.

Maddur Tiffany`s :

Entering Maddur tiffany`s the expressions on the people`s faces I something il remember for a long time :D. We ordered 21 masala dosa`s and 21 maddur vada`s to start off :P then ordered onion dosa (Kikass \m/) etc etc…
After 1.5 hrs we left tiffanys and took a left after in the town which would take us to talkad.


The road is pretty bad …had ride at a slow pace Endu was long gone :P… now comes my favorite part…. Entering the town of mallavalli 1st were Vinnet and me… Hearing Vineets bike sound people were a lil terrified… but tat was just the starting… we started increasing speed… 70-80-90 km/hr :D :D … and 8-9 bikes following us …we beeped our horns like there was no tomorrow :D :D people who had crossed the road half ran back to the divider/ footpath …Another BoOM exhaust( Daasa) ripped through the town… in a matter of few mins we were long gone… people of tat town were wondering wat hit them :P

We reached the Talkad deviation junctionin a short time…but Arvi , Endu ,Hanuman & Anand had taken another deviation which would also lead to the same place… Told them to come further so tat we could all go together!!
After this deviation from the main road it`s a 26km drive to talked, we drove at a pretty good pace, Chetu`s and my drag kept our adrenaline rushing till talked. After sometime Arvi Arun, Mithul And me decided to stop as we were way ahead of others…. We saw an old Banyan tree… Ashok told Arvi .. “ oye 20 rs if u climb tat “…In seconds Arvi was on on it… hehe!! Then we stopped shouting “ Please Stop and give a Glimpse at the African monkey :P, its very rare… bla bla”.. people actually believed us stopped and were searching for it…haha!!!

After tat we rode on… a new road was being laid… so they had put tat Jelly , sand etc…The next 2-3 kms was like a Hell ride… bikes were slipping the instant we applied brakes… finally after 3kms…there was more of mud road…after 20 mins or so…we reached the main temple directly.


7 of us said they wanted to go the Cauvery river directly… I had 2nd thoughts on my mind… but after coming so far.. didn’t wanna miss the pre historic buildings…so told them we would join them after 1,5-2 hrs .
Then the tiring walk on the sands began, the temple carvings are simply amazing!!! Had to salute the sculptures who had done a marvelous job. The “RINGS” and the Ganesha on a horse are a must see at this place.

After about an hour , we took our bikes to join others at the river!! Vineet. Daasa. Gagan . Chetu. Chinta & Sutta … stayed back…. Then The GAMES began…. We bought a ball
Yo BIG ones on one side , and SMALL ones on the other.. its Rugby time :P…. Believe me the small ones were total control for the 1`st half as we had Wind in our favour!! But his dint go for long … haha… but yea it was fun :)

After about 1.5-2 hrs in water we came out….with small bruises here and there... then decided to have lunch…. Mithul , Chinta & myself decided to skip it as we weren’t hungry… Manu and Arun joined us in a short while…we had juice…( Tats like 20 hrs of energy for me :P)…. After everbody had finished we left Talkad at about 4:30pm…told everybody tat we would be taking Kanakpura road this time.


Going back there it was again….That skiddy , jelly, sandy . dabba , Loapree road..Gulp!! Went at a constant pace.. “S” was sittin behind me… he kept telling me to look at the sun , The greenry..the housse far away etc they were beautiful…and he kept giving me scores until I completed the 3 km stretch…After tat all 11 bikes were Cruising at 50`s as a single unit...tat too on a small road… ( Loved the expressions on the faces of people coming in the opposite direction )

Then I zoomed ahead …and waited for others at the Kankpura deviation…. After everybody reached…ES said he had to refuel so he would go to Mallavali and join us back after a few mins…So we left …Arvi leading in front went at good pace….manu , Dany and me stuck together cruising at 60`s…it was ok kinda bright when we reached Kankpura…but once we left the town… it became dark in a matter of minutes…
A 2-lane road . no divider, no street lights, mostly busses and lorries , GULP!!! Tats one road u wouldn’t want to drive at night!!!

Everybody were long gone…. “S” and me were left behind…. One bus comes in front of us … we couldn’t see a thing due to its headlights.. over tat another Lorry over-taking it…Oh mother!!! Had to go to the extreme left …. Then from nowhere Ashok comes with Arun…Aaah finally some company…Vroom… they Go…:( again we both left behind… Then gau comes “ Had gone to fill petrol…” ZOOM they too go… :D… Everytime we saw a bus S was like “Left left left left” ..after traveling for a long time at 40`s …finally made it to the NICE road entrance to find the rest 10 bikes waiting for us.
We asked them how long it had been since they arrived … they said 5-10 mins…I looked at S..”Oye we weren’t tat bad Seeeeeee … \m/”


Took the NICE road and went at Full speed… cause we had ridden slow… tat means extra hours of riding extra butt pain … Felt real good doing the last stretch…watching the Full moon in the dark star filled Sky :)
Ok here comes the BIG finish to the wonderful trip…. Everybody took the right deviation on NICE road… but Endu & Chinta missed the Board and went off straight… they ended up in some other Toll booth… when enquired they came to know tat they had to take a left, way behind… so they started coming back… unfortunately they took a U-turn before tat deviation :P… this took them back to the same toll booth again… after the 3 times like this… 4th time they realized tat they were going to the same toll booth Rofl!!! :P :P
Dany who kept speeds at 60`s constant …reached back 1st!!! Next was Arvi...then me ...In the next 10-15mins ….Everybody made it back… after 30 mins Endu & Chinta joined us….we all gave them a Hero`s welcome..


We had something to eat and drank tea…it was about 20:30.. had one Final group snap at the bakery…to mark the end of a wonderful trip :)…It was one of those trips tat will remain buried deep inside our heads For a long long time… :D
21 mechie`s , 11 bikes , 1/3rd of class… 300 kms \m/
And well the next day all of us were back in action…Nop… not on the road…but in exam hall….Had not one …but TWO quizzes the next day…. :P :P




  1. oi,i came out of nice road 1st!!!!! :)

  2. Wish, even I would be a part of ur team. Well narrated. Enjoy! Time never comes back again.

  3. Nice reading about your trip. This reminds me of my post engineering days in Tata Motors when we used to drive in bikes in terrible roads. Enjoy life. But be safe.