Sunday, October 31, 2010

20) Maddur CCD - Coffee Day: (9/9/10)

20) Maddur : (9/9/10)

Place: Maddur.
Distance: 80 x 2 = 160 kms.
Directions : Bengaluroo > Ramnagar > Chenpatna > Maddur.
Participants : Arvind > Arun > Ashok > Sp.
Bikes : Unicorn > Pulsar.
Previous Visit: Shivnasamudra .

9th Sept – Arun`s B`day :)
Yeah it was our Mr.Slowpoke`s b’day!!! And the initial plan was hang out after college… get something to eat , drink sit back and watch a movie or something like tat!! But it turned out a lot different :P
Arvi , Ashok & me thought of getting him a pair of gloves after college!!! On 9th morning I was the only one who was sitting in the class for the 1st session of 2hrs… 3 others not to be seen!!! At 10 :15 am break…From nowhere arun comes up to me…
Arun - “ Oye!! Ready to bunk the rest of the day…”
Sp – “ Hmmm yea…..which direction we heading?? “
Arun – Maddur …
Sp – “ Lets hit it!! “
Then we headed of on SH-17 ( Mysore road) Cruising at 80-90’s…. for the 1st time even Maddur seemed pretty near….on our way Arv , Ashok & me were deciding where Arun treats us :P… Finally it was MAddur tiffany’s - lunch , & Maddur Coffee Day – Coffee :)
On our way Arun stopped all of a sudden and was searchin for somethin… when we enquired to what it was …he said he couldn’t find his shades… Arv was smiling …Ashok and me realized it was a trick!! Arun got so mad… he was ready to leave Arvi … :P…then we gave back his shades… The HERO was back in action.
Reached maddur tiffany’s in a short time...had a very heavy lunch ( Cant move around kinda lunch) then fooled around the tiffany’s and left towards Maddur CCD hoping to meet fellow bikers…but to our amazement we were the only ones present there :D
We got our coffeee’s sat back sippin lil by lil..chattin away time…screwin people we don’t even know!! Finally we came outta Maddur CCD and there we go Flat on the Footpath again…then after about an hour we left towards Bangalore….
We knew it would pour any moment…. Not even 10kms of our ride started pouring heavily!!! The sight of lightning in our rear mirrors WOOO!! Tat was THE SIGHT \m/ …..Then made a small pit stop… then headed further…. The rain got heavier… so had to make another pit stop…. Then we decided… `If u don’t ride in rain , u don’t ride ` :P We headed off…. Reached Bangalore at 18 : 00 …
We thanked Arun for the wonderful treat!! :)
Then I get a text “ Aye , we goin to pearl valley tomo?? “ Then I realized I had to go there on the next day… :P
“Yea Bob, il be there “ \m/
UNICORN - Arun & Arvi
PULSAR - Sp & Ashok
Distance : 80 + 80 = 160kms



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