Sunday, October 10, 2010

18) Kanva ( MechanixX \m/) : 21/8/2010

Place: Kanva.
Distance: 60 x 2 = 120 kms.
Directions: Bengaluroo > Ramnagara (right) > Kanva.
Participants : Arvi > Arun > Ashok > Kg >DiLLi > Dany >Anoop > MAdan > Madhu >Endu >"S" > Gaushi > Manu > Chinta >Sp .
Bikes: GS150 > RTR > Pulsar >Unicorn > Thunderbird > Fz 16 > RX > Pulsar .
Previous Visit: Night Trek at skandagiri.
After a month of trips with family ( to hogenekal , shivnasamudra ,BR hills, K.gudi , Ramnagar,Mysore,Mandya etc etc…) was totally bored!!! It was a picnic and not a battle to survive till end….

21/8/10 was THE DAY… (5 days after the commencement of 5th semester ) we were going to Kanva!!! we planned the trip in the morning…and calculated the number of people coming , number of bikes etc etc as the class was going on :D ( we’r mechie’s and tat to us is more important :P)
WE =
Ashok ( ashokey)
Dhanush ( dany)
Anoop ( anupaa)
Gaureesh ( Gaushi)
Arvind ( Arvi)
Arun ( Mr.slowpoke)
Adithya ( KG!!)
Chaitnya ( ES)
Madan ( MAddy)
MAdhu ( Mr. Gundumani)
Manohar( Manu)
Dileep ( ISRO KING dillipa)
Chinta ( Gambler Chintu)
Abhishek S ( "S" )
Karthik ( Sp)

10:15 am break, we all assembled at our bakery, and waited for Dilli and dany to join us. Finally when they joined us, hmmm well we owned the road!! :D … 8 bikes …15 people, nobody on the road ( including cops ) dared to stop us ( OK it was a lil OVER but hope u get the picture :D :D !!!!)
We traveled at a good pace… Gaushi and Dilli were long gone!!! Dany , Abhi S , Arvi , Chaitnya , Manu and me were going in a proper convoy!! Arun was about 15 min behind us as he had fill petrol!! Then from nowhere a Unicorm zoomed past us… latter we realized it was Arun :O . Dany on a thunderbird .. holy shit tat was a sight which tat to be captured…. It was like a huge mantis shredding the road !!! :D Tat was not all… when Chaitnya got on the thunderbird it was entertainment guaranteed… the way he played around with bike… hahaha!!! :D :D
Finally all 15 of us met at Ramnagar signal…and headed further towards Kanva… Gaushi me and Arun were together now… not for long though…Gaushi Zoomed away.. it was on only arun and me cruising… others were ripping at 90’s on a small gully road , making killer bends , with pants touchin the ground :O. ARun ( +kg) ,me(+Shok) chatted our way to kanva and took our own time…. And finally YUP!!!! All 15 of us were At KANVA \m/
It was a sight il never forget , had mechie written all over Kanva tat day !!!Then I went down near the water and inspected ...( hope they remb this :D) then when everything was OK…. It was a GO!!! Everbody got ready to get into the water except Chintu… we agreed ( cos we had other plans on our mind :P) we left Chinta and got into the super water of kanva!! :)
It was “S”’s b`day and bashing him up at KANVA was simply entertaining…. Well we also tried bashing up Gaushi , Gundu, Dany , Anoop but it didn’t quite work out… ( COMMONNN they’r power houses). Then all us went ashore … chinta was daydreaming…caught him and threw him into the water :D :D Hehe!!!! Finally all 15 of us were in the water Cooling our engines Down :P.

Then dilli got a football, we started the throwball Games….it was real fun!!! But this didn’t go on for long… Anoop the powerhouse threw the ball … it hit Chinta’s head …. And kept going….going ….goin…and going :D . it was in the middle of the reservoir…ashok tried chasing it,,it got further away… but he kept going… it was Damn deep at tat part of the reservoir… we were really worried , we called him back.. we soon realized tat he was struggling to swim :( , then Arvi and gaushi went and dragged him back into shallow waters… and then I took him ashore and made sure tat he was alright!! Tat was one hell of a stunt he pulled off…
Then anoop and dany took my bike and went to the opposite side of kanva to check on the ball. Then came the real fun part!!! Madan , Madu , manu, Arun and myself started having swimming races .. it was more of a running race :D :D. After about 2 hrs we all decide to get out of the water… after getting out ..Arvi and Chaitnya made one big laughter marathon…. Dilli and dany went on the perimeter check… it took them abt 20-30 minutes :D ONE HUGE ROUND it was!!!

RIDE BACK: ( Heaviest Rainfall)
Then we checked whether everything was intact and headed back to Bangalore… it was a small road …8 bikes sticking together was simply amazing to watch….!!!! It started Drizzling..we saw a nice dhaba on Mysore road…. we had Excellent lunch!!! The cool weather and the drizzle made the Oota Super awesome :)
After lunch we left . here comes the bestseseessessttt part of the trip….Heavy rains!!! I mean reaLL heavy…. It was actually a record ( 38mm in 2hrs), and were driving in it!!! All bikes together cruising at 60’s..HOLY SHIT!!! Tat formation was simply kickass \m/
We had everybody in sight….and it was a drive to remember!!! Then we stopped at Bidadi and had tea and Zoomed back to Bangalore :)

A day tat we Mechie’s will never forget in our lives!!!! 15ppl , 8 bikes , The drive back was simply amazing!!! :)
A day tat’l go down in PESIT’s mechanical records!! Haha!!!