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161) BR hills – Cruise mode : (16/8/2018)

Place: BR Hills
Distance: 200 x 2 = 400kms  
Directions: Bangalore > Channpatna > Malvalli > Kollegala > BR Hills
Krew: Chinmay (Big Show) > Ashok (momz) > Datta (Dattu)  > Karthik (Sp)
Bikes: Enfield > Pulsar                                                                   
Previous Visit: Channarayanadurga
Expense: Rs 800/head

This had to one of the few chapters, where you are sure you would not be disappointed. The place itself BR hills is such a place. And the ride to the place is just perfect. This visit of ours was more of catching up trip and wanted to check out BR hills as it had been quite some time since we visited this beautiful place.

It had been almost a month since our trek to Channarayanadurga. 2018 had been one of those years where we had just begun to settle down to 1 trip a month and go lazy. We shall make sure that 2019 would be different. A lot different!!
So, anyway BR hills of the Western Ghats famous being the abode of Veerpan and few rides where in you actually pass through dense forest. Chinmay, Momz, & Dattu were on the confirmed list.
TIME: 22:00 (12/12/2014)

Yeah I was up by 4AM, did a few push-ups and sit-ups, had a sip of coffee and was all set to go. The meet up was scheduled at Decathlon on Mysore road. Before that I picked up Dattu from his home and met others at Decathlon. After a formal greeting we decided to head out.
TIME: 07:15

RIDE 1: (Bangalore– Bidadi – Ramnagara – Channpatna – Kabbaldurga – Mallavali – Kollegala – BR hills)
This was 200kms more or cruising with a few planned breaks in between. We decided to take the Mysore road as we were sure of getting good breakfast. We cruised along peacefully alongside each other and pulled over at our regular hotel at Bidadi for some yummy breakfast.
TIME: 07:45


During the breakfast Momz vividly described his dream last night, where he was a sage and was being chased by a tiger (whose left hind leg was injured – the specificity, woo!!) :P – crazy stories! Have to hear all this in person.
After a major laughing session, we left Bidadi and took a left deviation at Channpatna and proceeded towards Sathnur. In between we had a regular stop when we got the first glimpse of the mighty Kabbaladurga.
TIME: 09:00

After taking a small pit-stop (oh wait we had a Javelin throw competition in between as well) we left and re-joined the NH-209, Kanakpura road – Our snake way.
We picked up the pace as the temperatures had begun to rise. We rode non-stop, cruising past Shivanasamudra (Gagannachukki & Barachukki) We decided to skip these as of then and take a call during the ride back.
Funny part was, whenever I was seeing the rear view mirror. It almost seemed like Chinmay was riding solo (even though Momz was sitting behind him :P)

After reaching Kollegala, it was time to put my memory to rest and take the correct turns to reach BR hills. (No phones allowed) I was surprised I could remember most of the turns as each one had a memory attached to it. (Momz blind curve, Zethu straight road etc.,)
We had a one standard stop, from where the entire range of BR hills can be spotted, it is simply a magnificent place to stop and admire the beauty of these ranges.As we reached the foothills of the BR hills, we registered the bikes and spoke to the guards and were all set to enter the forest ranges.
TIME: 12:15

We cruised at a slow pace inside Br hills, the air was fresh and oxygen rich I must say. The ride. As it was a Monday there wasn’t much crowd as were took our time peacefully riding and trying to spot animals. Thing about these animals is, when you expect and go none turn up. When go without expectation herd of elephants would be walking around like cows haha. Tats nature for you!
As we began to approach the stop we could feel the air cooling down and becoming so rich with a pleasant smell. We did remember the spot where we had witnessed the cremation ceremony of elephants back in 2014. We reached the top of BR hills.
TIME: 13:00


We spent about an hour on top as most of the temple was being renovated. We parked our bikes took of our shoes and visited the temple premises, paid respects to the place and found a sweet view point to crash at. We slept there for about 30mins or so and then decided to head back as our tummies had begun to growl!
TIME: 14:00

We decided to have a full meal lunch at the only hotel top itself. I was a little hesitant to have lunch as I wasn’t feeling hungry. When the food was served, I guess I ate the most. Guess what would have happened if I was hungry? :P
Anyway, we tummies full, head a little dizzy we decided to ride back as we avoid the peak hour traffic of the city.
TIME: 14:30

RIDE-2: (BR Hills > Kollegala > Malavalli > Kanakpura > Bangalore)
The ride back was smooth and steady. It had been a while since we had rode 400+kms in a day, hence this was actually a test and our bodies held on pretty well. We decided to take the Kanakpura road and reach back near college via the NICE.
Momz decided to take over the handle from Chinmay and lead the way. But this time as we were behind, it looked as though Chinmay I riding the bike without using his hands :P Crazy combo those two are!
As began to approach Bangalore, the traffic started becoming dense. By then we had reached the NICE entrance and cruised back towards college for a good sunset.
TIME: 18:00



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