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81) Maddur &Kanva - Restart: (28/7/2013)

Place: Maddur & Kanva Reservoir.
Distance: (80 + 10) x 2 = 180kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – RRDC – Bidadi – Ramnagar – Channpatna - Maddur
Participants:  Chethan (Zethu) > Deepak (Deefu) > Datta (Dattu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Avenger > Zeus > Pulsar.
Previous visit: Chikamgalur Ride.

This was another chapter done to remind us of our basics. It was a short ride that was executed to have breakfast at Maddur and for some settling down after the previous chapter. Over all, we needed some buffer to plan out the next few chapters.

It had been more than a month since our last chapter, which was Chikmagalur. So we took some time off, as the budgets had to stabilize. Then we decided to ride to Maddur for breakfast & then to Kanva, our home. The participants were the same as of the previous chapter.
TIME: 22:00 (26/7/2013)


Yeah I was up at around 05:00hrs, had some coffee, did a few push ups and sit ups. As the meet up was scheduled at my place, took out my bike wiped it clean and decided to wait for others. The meet was scheduled at 07:00, but the actual thing happened an hour late, due to some delays. After a formal greeting, we left Bangalore.
TIME: 08:00

RIDE 1: (Bangalore – Bidadi – Ramnagar – Maddur)
This was an 80kms stretch on our home ground, SH-17 the snake way. As we on 3 bikes we rode slow and chatting all the way. After reaching Bidadi we decided to pull over for a small tea break. As we had the wonderful tea, we updated ourselves on the crazy shit each one of us had been through for the last 30days.
After finishing the tea we cruised at a smooth pace on SH-17 to reach Channapatna, after crossing through the town we reached Maddur. Yeah our tummies were already grumbling.
TIME: 09:45

Ah yeah, our favourite place for a perfect breakfast. Only place, I eat, not like myself. We sat down speaking all kinds of shitty things about our school friends, college ones, lecturers etc., Once the food was ready we were total silence munching down like hungry hippo’s. 3 rounds of non-stop eating put us to peace. After clearing the bills, we hung out on the highway taking a short walk, then decided to leave Maddur.
TIME: 10:45

RIDE 2: (Maddur – Kanva Dam)
This was roughly, a 30kms stretch. As our tummies were full and sun was up right above our heads, it was dizzy ride. We made sure that we were behind each other. (Wait a minute that would mean we were going in circles :P) The point being we rode slow and in a line to reach the deviation near Kengal. After that it was a 8kms ride through a narrow road to reach our home, Kanva.
TIME: 11:15


Yes Kanva, our time portal to remind us of our basics. It reminds us, not to change ourselves at the base, who we truly are. We parked our bikes, sat down and relaxed, taking in the fresh air that blew from the surface of the sleeping reservoir. When asked about the next plan, we all looked at each other. The decision was already made before any words were uttered. Haha! :P
TIME: 12:15


After a good relaxing nap at Kanva, we rode at a slow pace to reach Bidadi andpulled over at one of regular Dhaba. As we began to settle down, a brief dust was cleared on the trips to come in the monsoon of 2013. But it was short duration talk, as nothing was fixed. Anyway, moving on, it was really hard to keep up with the highly energetic Dattu and his never ending jokes. After about 1.5hrs we left the Dhaba.
TIME: 14:00

RIDE 3: (Bidadi - Bangalore)
The last stretch was roughly a 30kms ride. Smooth 4-lane Mysore road offered very less resistance. We cruised along at a slow pace to reach the JB split stop, where the other 2 bikes were to split. After thanking each other for coming along, the others left home. So did I.
TIME: 14:30


“This run was a buffer run. Meaning these are the rides, which fit in between the big chapters and fill in the gaps to make the club a complete one”

Until Next time Cia \m/



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