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79) Manchinbele, Nelligude Kere & Bidadi: (15/6/2013)

Place: Manchinbele, N.G Lake & Bidadi.
Distance: 40 x 2 = 80kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – RRDC – Big Banyan – Manchinbele – N.G Lake - Bidadi
Participants:  Sukesh (Actually) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Pulsar.
Previous visit: Mandharagiri Trek.

This was another short chapter, which reminded of our deep buried roots. After the trial runs to Turahalli Forest & Omkar Hills, Sukesh wanted to expand his boundary like most. So i thought it would be ideal for me, to take him beyond the city limits where i feel one learns most by himself.

As Suk wanted to go out of the town, i wanted to plan a place where he could learn to ride on variety of  terrains, where he would learn lot, and at the same time see the beauty of the nature.There was only one place on my mind and that was Manchinbele (first glimpse goes right through the roof, if you look, i mean only look)
TIME: 22:00 (14/6/2013)

Yeah I was up at around 05:00hrs, had some coffee, did a few push ups and sit ups. Left my place at about 06:15 & reached Suk’s place at about 06:30 and once he was ready we departed Bangalore after a quick briefing about what was scheduled and asking him to be prepared for last minute changes :P
TIME: 06:45 hrs

RIDE 1: (Bangalore – RRDC – Big Banyan – Manchinbele)
This was a 35kms stretch. I rode till SH-17, then continuing on till RRDC took a right deviation and decided it was the right time for Suk to ride from then on. As i sat behind enjoying the cold, mist flooded wind; i had to keep telling the rider about the dos & don’ts on that particular type of terrain. In doing so i was becoming aware of what i actually do while i’m riding. Until then i knew some of my doings, but never had i actually questioned myself (Enough of the psych shit you think, don’t  you? :P)

Big Banyan Tree:

As we reached the Big Banyan, we decided to pull over as it was his first time. We took a 15min stroll inside the premises. The Air was still cold even though the sun was already up and shining.
TIME: 07:30

After having seen one of the biggest Banyan Trees in India, we departed. As we rode on, showed him the huge monolith Savandurga and asked him whether he was in for a climb. When the response was a negative we carried on (But i promised him, if he kept in touch, in coming months he’d see the view from the top of the largest monolith in Asia) After about 15-20mins, we reached Manchinbele.
TIME: 07:45


Ah yeah, Manchinbele! The first view, as expected blew Sukesh away. And to be frank it did the same to me as well. Everytime we see this place, it is new. Sukesh was amazed by the fact that such beautiful places exist round Bangalore :P 

We spoke about Savandurga for quite some time. I was trying to convince him for a trek. But finally we settled on something else. Visit to another lake, and finally closing half the chapter by having breakfast at Bidadi. Seemed Good!
TIME: 08:15


This is another beautiful water body very close to Manchinbele that most of the people miss out on. I asked Sukesh whether he could continue. He said he would. This stretch from Manchinbele to NG Lake is through fields and villages. After about 10-20mins we reached the Lake.
It was good as ever even though the water had faded a little. The road which runs alongside the bund looked awesome as always. After spending about 15-20mins at this place, we decided to leave as our stomachs had began to grumble.
TIME: 08:30

RIDE 2: (N.G Lake – Bidadi - Bangalore)
The stretch from the N.G Lake to Bidadi is a short one, but through a narrow passage. Even though i felt i should have taken over the bike, but let Sukesh ride it. We rode on until we reached the SH-17 (Mysore Road). Then we crashed at our regular breakfast hotel for some hot Tatte Idly :)
TIME: 08:45 hrs

The ride back was pleasant as the traffic was on the other side of the road. We rode at a good pace to reach Uttarhalli, to put Sukesh back to home. Then i carried on lazily to reach back my place.
TIME: 10:00

“This run was totally different from other ones that we have done till date. In teaching him what riding was all about, i think i learnt about what i was doing all this time, with, much greater clarity of course. Some i knew, some i didn’t. At the end of it, i aint sure who learnt more, was it him or me? ”

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