Sunday, April 28, 2013

70) Kanva & Maddur: (14/1/2013)

Place: Kanva Dam.
Distance: 60 x 2 = 120kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Bidadi - Ramnagara - Kanva.
Participants: Chethan (Zethu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes:  Avenger > Pulsar.

This was another good 200kms ride to celebrate or toad-clown’s birthday - Dattu’s 22nd birthday that it is. A surprise cake cutting & opening of some crowns by the clown made it a wonderful run.
Oh yeah., also this was the first trip of 2013. So a very Happy New Year to All :)

Well as far planning goes, the phase was sintering was still in it’s initial stages so this chapter also had to be done at a familiar place. So Maddur & Kanva was chosen. Zethu & Dattu were the only ones on the confirmed list.

Yeah i was at about 05:00. did a few push-ups & sit-ups, then had some coffee. As the meet-up was scheduled at RR Nagar Arch, i left my home at about 06:15 and met them. After a formal greeting, we left Bangalore.
TIME: 06:30

RIDE-1: (Bangalore - Kanva reservoir)
This was a neat 60kms stretch on Mysore Road (SH-17). Being a 4-lane we cruised smoothly without much difficulty. On the way we decided to first visit Kanva & then move on to Maddur.
TIME: 07:30


The waters were good as always. But yeah it was becoming lesser & lesser due to the lack of rains last year. With the cake cut using a our good old camping knife, we celebrated Dattu’s birthday.

Like last time we had Dattu walk back the road one year back and re-collect the most important events that had occurred. After a good one hour & merely being run over by a flock of sheeps we left kanva reservoir.
TIME: 08:45


Maddur is just about 20kms from Kanva. So again switched on our cruising mode & reached there in about 30mins. Entered our regular hotel Tiffany’s for some heavy breakfast. After 30mins of breakfast we left the hotel & ended up at some Dhaba near the hotel itself.
TIME: 10:00
We grabbed a few drinks & sat back watching the vast green grasslands & a train afar roaring across the bridge.
TIME: 11:00

RIDE-2: (Maddur - Bangalore)
This was a 80kms stretch on SH-17, with a couple of breaks. As we left Maddur we sailed along comfortably till Bidadi. We stopped for a small tea break at noon. Then we continued till our ‘JB split Stop’. Pulled over thanked each other for participating & yes wished Dattu again and then finally left back to our respective homes.
TIME: 13:00

Until Next time Cia \m/



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