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43) Nelligudde kere(N.G Lake),Big Banyan, Manchinbele, Kanva: (5/10/2011)

Nelligudde kere(N.G Lake),Big Banyan, Manchinbele, Kanva.
Distance: 150kms.
Directions: Bengaluru >RRDC > Big Banyan > Manchinbele > N.G lake > Kanva.
Participants: Adithya (Kg) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Pulsar.
Previous visit: Ramangar, Manchinbele, Kanva.
Budget: Rs100/h.

This was another 150km trip to cover these three water bodies. Intially we had only one in mind but ended up covering the other two as well!! Manchinbele and Kanva are well known as far as this new Nelligude Lake is concerned, it was an accidental find that made it even more special.

Well as far as the planning goes, it was spontaneously planned trip. Kg and me were sitting in our college ground, it was noon and as the temperature kept rising the thought of cooling down occurred. So we went back to my place and had an excellent lunch and left to Kanva. Oh yea it was also Ayudh Pooja :)
TIME: 13:00hrs


RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Manchinebele)
As Kg hadn’t seen Manchinbele before, we decided to see it as well on the way. So this first stretch was for about 35kms. Started off with Mysore road (SH-17) cruised along comfortably till RRDC and took a right turn here which would lead us to Manchinbele.
In a matter of 15-20mins we were at the Big Banyan tree. As Kg hadn’t seen this place we visited this place as well.
TIME: 14:00 hrs

Well we took a slow stroll around this huge magnificent tree and without wasting any time we left or our next destination.
Manchinbele is about 5-8kms from the Big Banyan tree so it was not long before we got hold of the “first epic glimpse” of this palce.
TIME:14:30 hrs

The first view of this place is something I’ll never tired off. It was spectacular as always. As visitors were temporarily banned from getting into water as 8 deaths had been occurred in the past month (and the water is dirty and not safe) we decided roll on.

RIDE II: (Manchinbele – NG lake)
To be frank I was expecting an encounter with this beauty in our last trip, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. So took another route as we cruised along the excellent roads, surrounded by greenery and fields hoping to re-join SH-17, there it was!!
TIME: 15:00 hrs

Blue, crystal clear, greenery are some of words which describe this place. It was no doubt excellent place, and oh yeah no visitors made it even better. And yeah I will never forget that joy within me of accidentally discovering this place. We spent about 30 mins at this place and finally left very satisfied, though our main destination was still waiting for us ha-ha!!
TIME: 15:30 hrs

RIDE IV: ( NG lake – Kanva)
This was about a 30kms stretch of easy riding. We continued riding amidst the fields to reach back Mysore road. We cruised along SH-17 without taking any stops to reach Kanva in about 30-40 mins.
TIME: 16:00hrs


Well to be frank again we never felt like we were at some destination, we felt we were back at home ha-ha!! First things first, we found ourselves a decent spot and as both were ready to get down in water, we parked the bike ashore; made sure the spot was good to go and jumped into the water.
We spent about 90 mins in the water, swimming and playing the fool around with the boatman. Speaking about unwanted people and other shit. Finally when tired we decided to get out of the water.
Once we were out of the water, we witnessed a beautiful sunset, and oh yeah did some experiments with photos as shown in the photographs haha :)
TIME: 18:00hrs

RIDE IV: (Kanva – Bengaluru)
This was a 60kms stretch from home to home :P. Mysore road being a 4-lane road offered very less resistance and we cruised along at a decent pace to reach college first. We finished a light dinner at our college and left to our respective homes.
TIME: 20:00 hrs

This might have been a small run on the road, but it was something special as we kept chatting all along the way and running into a new place felt great. And hell yeah, my bike got the best Ayudh pooja done at my second home haha, and this run shall be called the “Thrin reservoir ride”.




  1. Awesome dude. Planning to go there. Your guide would certainly help us.

    1. Thanks there:) Go ahead have a great time, Cheers!!

  2. Thanks guys.. a very good information for planning our trip.. thanks a loads....!!!!!1

  3. It's awesome guys .. this blog is just helpful ... Thanks

  4. Thanks guyz.. Thanks for sharing all these destinations. Completing all these destinations is like a dream for me.
    Do explore more and do update more...

    1. Yep will do, just dont think, keep going,
      Ride safe :)

  5. Hi Karthik, Just want to know if going by car will be suitable or not?

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Well you can go to Manchinbele in car. But at NG lake, you have to park it at the bund's end and walk on it. But you can go! :)

  6. can i swim there without any restriction???? reply me please