Monday, January 3, 2011

24) Manchinbele + Big Banyan – Epic Ride back ( 4/11/10)

Place: Manchinbele + Big banyan.
Distance: 35 x 2 = 70kms.
Participants : Dhiren (dJ) > Siddarth ( STIG) > Ashok > Arvi > Manu > Sp.
Bikes: RTR > GS 150 > Pulsar 150.
Directions: Bengaluroo > Mysore Road ( SH-17) > RRDC > Right Turn > Bigbanyan > Manchinbele.
Previous Trip : TK Falls.
If you have less than 5 mins, Click here: Manchinbele- Basic information


Another unplanned trip , so obliviously some part of it had to be Epic. Ok 4/11/10 was a Thursday , so all theory classes , so mass bunk :P
10 am everybody escape… so we ended up near the bakery asusual sipping tea etc etc… we had the whole day ahead of us … so we had two plans in our mind
1) Go to a hotel and eat a heavy lunch.
2) Go to a place Nearby.
And we chose the latter … this decision took us 2 hrs to execute :D , 12 pm we left college towards destination unknown ( on SH 17) , I told others about a reservoir near Bidadi ( not manchinbele , now its like our native) so we decided to go there .



Well nothing much to say about the ride , it was our 5th OR 6th visit to the place… so it was just formalities… cruised along Mysore road to reach RRDC , took a right turn there and headed towards Big banyan tree ( Dodalladmara)
Wanted to stop at Bigbanyan , but realized that we could visit it on our way back. So headed further towards Manchinbele.


Vokay this was truly unbelievable , as we got the first glimpse of the place it was breath-taking… little did we know we would sight something else which wouldn’t take our breadth but Choke us :P :P
Entering manchinbele , we a saw a tractor lift the front two wheels up almost 60degree :O , we stood there with our jaws dropped in shock.

As the second one came by , wit was a little kid driving it … we requested him to do the wheelie , and this little kid did it even better about 80 degree… whew it was like we were imaging things… then the 3rd tractor came by .. we went a little overboard and asked whether we could sit on the tractor and then asked him to perform the wheelie :P
Well he couldn’t get it done , so we headed towards the water ..
TIME: 13:15


Well , the water level had decreased a lot , we had a long discussion whether to get down in the water or Trek up the hill…
The water at this place was never clean , so decided to trek. We had to park our bikes behind some bushes well hidden , and started off towards the mountains . it was quite an easy trek but then the rain god came into the picture.

It was about 2pm , and started raining heavily , dJ had “ ___meter” in his bag ( sorry forgot name) so gave my towel ( a must find in my bag :P) to wrap it up.
Then we stood under a tree for about 20mins , Chinta his STIG , fat guy`s, Megan Fox stories kept us well entertained. **BOWS DOWN**

The sight of savandurga was amazing , it was covered in mist , looked awesome :) . Then we trekked further up to reach a flat land. Hmmm it was a little different since our last visit to this place “ Manchinbele –The reunion” , But yea we walked further and reached the end… sat there for sometime and decided to head back.
The cool weather made the trek super non tiring . Heading back we checked our bikes and left towards namma bengaluroo :) :)


We reached here at about 3:15 pm , well nothing much is there at this place … so a small round at this place to wrap it up :D. We left BIG BANYAN at about 3:30 pm.

Vokay here is the most thrilling part of this entire trip. As soon as we entered Mysore road , it started raining heavily. This was real heavy rains. Each droplet was like a thick bullet hitting our faces and chest… believe me that hurt !!
We thought of stopping at kengeri , but decided continue , SH-17 was literally in floods

Obstacle I :
It was becoming difficult to control the bike , finally , we reached Gopalan arch and headed further into Nayanhalli, then ashok and me decided to take a shortcut near a BP petrol bunk ,… So took a U-turn.. the next sight was something il never forget… there was huge amount of water flowing out of the petrol bunk…GULP!! This made all the potholes , humps , Stones , etc invisible…
It was a one shot go… taking a deep breadth , went off…. Finally after a few seconds in the mercy of the forceful water we made it out of it \m/
Obstacle II:
From then on we thought it was a walk in the park. Further we saw a car & scooter stopped near a small bridge… made my way through to sight the mother of all challenges for tat day…
Knee deep , flowing water over the bridge…ashok advised me to head back… But I thought I would give it a shot anyway. Started of at 20kmphr, taking care not to decelerate as water would enter into the Exhaust.
Everybody else were curiously looking at me whether I would screw up … that gave one more reason to cross it. After a min of hard time to keep the bike on course , made it out of it … took a look back at the people who had stopped smiled at all of them and headed further.
Whew what a felling it was… the other two bikes had taken the normal route… we all ended up at the bakery again shivering in cold , drenched totally , soaking wet .

Ordered some tea and snacks etc etc…
After having them headed back home , satisfied … it was a insane trip !! but the ride back is one hell ride I will surely remember…
Until Next time \m/