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171) Madakasira Fort Trek - Boa Fort: (29/4/2019)

Place: Madakasira Fort Trek
Distance: 150kms x 2 = 300kms
Directions: Bangalore > Dobbaspete > Madhugiri > Madakasira
Krew: Datta (Daattu) > Ashok (Moms > Karthik (Sp)
Bikes: Pulsar > Enfield                                                                   
Previous Visit: Pavagada Fort Trek
Budget: Rs 516/head

Madakasira is a part of Andhra Pradesh, lying about 150kms from Bangalore. The fort is well preserved and offers an excellent one day trek. From the top most point when you look back at the fort, it looks like a boa constrictor all coiled up and deep in sleep.

After the Pavagada trek, we had completed most of the non-Navadurgas in this region except Madakasira. During the last chapter we had our eye on this hillock, but decided to go ahead with Pavagada. So, after 10days we returned back to conquer this baby as well! Dattu & Moms were on the confirmed list, as Deefu was in Chennai he could not make it for this one. But a visit with Deefu to this place is guaranteed shortly!
TIME: 13:00 (25/1/2017)

Oh yeah woke up at 04:00, did a few push-ups & sit-ups, had a sip of coffee & was all set to go! As the meet up was scheduled at Dattu’s home, I rode slowly on the ring road and reached Dattu’s home and awaited Moms arrival. Once Moms arrived, he said he had some issue with this petrol pipe and was fixing it, then came the cops, I have been caught here so many times that I was almost getting ready with all the documents and mentally rehearsing all the dialogues, when the cops stared at Moms, who had grease all over his face, hands, really genuine attempt to fix his bike, they ignored us and went. Dattu looked at me surprised, I was equally surprised! Post fixing the issue, we left from Bangalore.
TIME: 07:00


RIDE 1: (Bangalore – Dobbaspete – Madhugiri – Madakasira Fort)
This was a good 150kms ride with perfect two stops in between. We had rode the last few chapters on these roads, so yeah had got used to the conditions and more importantly we knew when to space out and when to push further. Taking off from Bangalore, we rode amidst the somewhat traffic filled roads, once out of Nelamangala we cruised along at a 50-60’s to pull over at Dobbasbpete at our regular hotel for some kick-ass breakfast.
TIME: 08:00

We had our standard breakfast of Idly vada, not so heavy, not too light, just the thing in there which would keep us going. After a good coffee we went out and discussed about the next trip that was the Bali pass. Past 7 treks over two months had been covered with good amount of discipline which we would have to carry over to the next big trip.

Continuing further, as the roads from Dobbaspete to Madhugiri is as smooth as they come, we cruised at a comfortable pace to pull over just before Madhugiri for a small chocolate stop. From Madhugiri, we didn’t waste anytime, I went on explaining the route to Ashok (moms) after listening to everything he said “u be in front, I will follow u, I dint understand anything” :P Well that’s moms alright ! Haha


Saying hi the Channarayanadurga, Madhugiri, we cruisied past the mighty Medigeshi and entered Andhra. As soon as you enter this land, you get that raw feel! Far ahead we could see the hill fort with the boa resting on top. Finding our way amidst the town, we parked our bikes near a home handed over the helmets at the house and were all set for the trek.
TIME: 10:45

It took us about an hour to ascend the fort. The weather somewhat assisted us in the first half and drained us to the core during the descent. The trek can be divided into the following stages:
i)    Stairway to heaven
ii)  Boa’s belly
iii) Final test
So, try keeping up with me on this one. Here goes:

i)  Stairway to heaven:
The initial stretch is on stairs all along. It passes through a couple of gateways and on both sides lie lots of shrubs and trees. This finally leads up to a flight of stairs to the sky. Yes, it looks as if it were the stairway to heaven. As these stairs lie in between two gigantic boulders, the wind really rushes through this pathway and vaporizes your tiredness and sweat!

ii) Boa’s belly
This is the core the trek. You have to traverse through this maze and get out of the fort to proceed with the trek. The path through the fort can be misleading sometimes. Always keep an eye on the end point which becomes visible after you enter the fort. But exploring the fort is always fun and we took our time here just fooling around and trying to find some new routes hidden passages.

iii) Final tester
This is the tester, actually one small pathway is a the actual test as it has to negotiated with caution and with some technique. Last time I had just stuck my hand up the rock and pulled myself up somehow, while descending, I slipped and fell and then caught others. This time, we were well prepared. But it was moms who somehow got the right footing and went up first and helped others. After this tricky stretch, we get few caves and shelters post this lies the top.
TIME: 11:45

We rang the bell, and sat at the mantap. The wind speeds began to pick up and as it was a small piece of land we decided to head back to the caves and chill there as it would be dangerous to take a nap near the top. In the caves we just relaxed, played around with insects, ate few chocolates, Momd & Dattu gave some tips for snow treks as it was my first time and they had experienced it last year as well. After relaxing and rejuvenating for about 45mins we decided to head down.
TIME: 12:30

Well, the trek down took us only 30mins but it had few intense moments. As we left the caves we had to encounter the two tricky stretches (that’s right there are two). I tried going ahead, but couldn’t get the right footing again, so again it moms who, I don’t know but just has a knack for these, got down first and helped us down. After the tricky stretch it was just plain descent, we pretty much fooled all the way to the bottom. Once in town we had 2 glasses of cane juice each and felt refreshed.
TIME: 13:00

RIDE 2: (Madakasira – Madhugiri – Dobbaspete– Bangalore)
This was a 150kms ride back home, with some intense moments towards the end of the ride. So, with the standard Madhugiri and Dobbaspete stop fixed, we headed in full flow to reach Madhugiri. Asking locals for a good hotel, we pulled over at hotel Annapurna near the circle itself for a very heavy lunch.
TIME: 14:00

Trust me, the lunch was excellent, I wondered how I had missed out on such a wonderful hotel all these years. But yeah never too late, when you live on the roads. After heavy lunch I usually go a little high, getting on my bike I almost crashed into an auto few yards from the parking place haha! Then we slapped myself a few times and it was game on!


We rode flawlessly until dobbaspete and continuing further, the skies darkened and incame the merciless bullet rain. All two wheelers on the highway were pulled over to the side or under the bridge that day, except two. Haha u guessed it right, it was an insane ride back, we dropped our riding speeds to 40’s but the rain was so heavy and harsh my god! It took everything in us to keep pushing little by little. As we reached Nelamangala, the skies cleared and the final tester of the trip was also passed. Moms said he would drop back Dattu and I took the NICE road to reach our respective homes.
TIME: 16:30

This place is in a league of its own. It’s not that risky, but few stretches make this trek a thing to consider. But the beauty lies in the core of the trek negotiating and finding the way through the boa’s belly. Head out there and explore! Cheers fellas”
Until next time, Cia \m/



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