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137) Markonahalli Dam – Tribal’s Dance: (30/10/2016)

Place: Markonahalli Dam
Distance: 100 x 2 = 200km
Directions: Bangalore > Nelamangala > Kunigal > Yadiyur > Markonahalli Dam
Krew: Arun (Aaku Bhai) > Madhu (Barca) > Karthik (Sp)
Bikes: KTM Duke > Pulsar                                                             
Previous Visit: Mahe & Kannur
Budget: Rs 400/head (approx..)

This was funny funny chapter because well, (cough cough), it was the first time I went high after eating. Yes it's the truth, the above photo says it all. Markonahalli offered us a perfect vacation on a Sunday. A heavy tasty breakfast and all the dancing at the dam made this trip a wonderful one.  (Also, now my friends rethink twice before they offer food to me, as they know what I go high on :P)

After having conquered Mahe, we had taken 3 weeks off from riding as we had to recover financially. Then we decided to close October 2016 with Arun. So, it was Arun & our good old fat Madhu on the confirmed list and the place was decided to be Markonahalli.
TIME: 22:00 (29/10/2016)

Oh yeah woke up at 04:00, did a few push-ups & sit-ups, had a sip of coffee & was all set to go! Went to Madhu’s place, picked him up, and then re-joined ORR and waited for Arun.  Arun arrived in 10-15mins (surprise, surprise!).
TIME: 06:30


RIDE 1: (Bangalore – Nelamangala – Kunigal - Yadiyur)
We took off in full form, I was telling Madhu to sit as pillion of KTM haha, the look on his face – priceless. Nobody wanted to undergo the “Iron Bum Training” :P
The ride was smooth even though the traffic was a little dense. We reached Nelamangala and we decided to have our breakfast at Dose Camp on the high way near Yadiyur.  We cruised along at 80’s beside each other from Nelamangala on towards Hassan. The roads were as usual butter smooth and traffic on roads become insignificant. Once we reached Dose camp all hell broke loose.
TIME: 08:15

DOSE CAMP –  Awakening the Demon! :
Well, to start things off we ordered Idly Vada for all. After gulping down that I went for another round of Masala Dosa and one more vada. Arun & Madhu began to giggle as they knew I couldn’t eat that much. Challenge accepted! Done and dusted in style I proclaimed as I gulped down the last piece of dosa. After which we ordered Set Dosa, but the guy got the plate and kept it in front of me. Madhu burst out laughing. Well it was a challenge all over again, I ate off a few dosas. Then we ordered rice bath, and that guy, again he kept the plate in front of me. Now, both Arun and Madhu had fallen of their chairs laughing like crazy.


By the end of this I don’t know what triggered me, I was feeling drowsy and high! I was about to go and play on that trampoline jumping but was pulled out of the hotel for good. Then we had some tea outside and we rode. I had begun speaking rubbish all along the way and after reaching Yadiyur we continued further to witness the glittering water of Markonahalli.
TIME: 10:15

Markonahalli Dam, well is a beautiful reservoir and the dam tour is really interesting. Built by Mr.Visvesvarayaa, this dam poses as an engineering marvel in terms of its working system. I parked my bike near the entrance and asked Arun if he could get his near the water. Once we reached the banks, we were happy to find a good amount of water in the reservoir with a few “theppas” around. We parked the bikes and grabbed a few photographs.

After which we played the good old skipping stones game for a good while. Once our arms began to grumble we put on some good old telugu music and began dancing like crazy. We kind of tried all kinds of dance steps afloat (Allu, NTR being the favorites) and well Maheshbabu :P (now & then just to relax hahaha!).


During a dance (of Rock on Bro :P) we found a stick lying on the ground and I said I would be like the hunted swine and Madhu the Tribal Chief. We offered a challenge to Madhu if he could perform 5 bicep curls with me hanging like a dead animal, then next dhaba treat would be mine haha!
And no surprise, after few initial struggles he pulled it off.  Only bad thing was whenever he used to fail, he used to drop me thinking I was dead meat, and my back would land on the gravels and stones and frikking hurt man!

After about 2hrs of I don’t know what to call these activities, we decided to leave the dam premises. As we were leaving I ran behind the KTM trying to get ahead, I slipped and rolled over the grass and fell into a ditch laughing. Damn, they thought! It was then decided that they would always make sure about the amount of food I intake.
TIME: 12:15

RIDE 2: ( Markonahalli Dam – Kunigal – Nelamangala – Bangalore)
This was 100kms simple ride back. With all the dancing I was gasping for breath. I allowed Madhu to ride, and after cruising for some time I requested them to pull over at a bus stop as I wanted to rest. Sleeping and resting at the bust stop recovered from the drain. Then we rode non-stop to reach Nelamangala for some tea. From here it was smooth cruising until the ORR entrance when I realised my bike had a flat tyre. Damn I thought, not today I yelled. but then went to a puncture shop near Madhu’s place got it fixed. Then when asked about crashing at dhaba, Arun and madhu beat me up and said to shut up and head back home hehe! Thanked each other for making it and reached back our respective homes.
TIME: 14:30

I think im officially banned from over eating now when Arun & Madhu are around.  They have experienced my true power hehe. But overall it a fun filled ride and I must say a different kind of chapter to the ones we had done till date.”
Until next time, Cia \m/



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