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97) Maddur & Kanva: (19/7/2014)

Place: Maddur & Kanva.
Distance:  220kms Total
Directions: Bengaluru – Ramnagar – Maddur - Kanva.
Particiapants: Srinidhi(Nidhi) > Srihari(Hari) > Sukesh(Banda) >Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Pulsar(2).
Previous visit: Muthati – One Last Ride!

IN LESS THAN 50 WORDS:                                                  
Alright, like the last chapter this chapter again signified the departure of another good friend. This chapter was a small & simple one. Nothing of complicated lines existed on this run. A plain simple breakfast & ride to Kanva. But this time the reservoir had dried up completely !!

With Zethu off to Mumbai, I was looking for opportunities to ride out of town. When Nidhi & hari were all set to go to US for their masters, we sat & came with the idea to ride to Maddur for breakfast one day. Since they had sold their bikes we were searching for another person. At office all of a sudden on Friday, Banda(Sukesh) caught my eye, oh yeah there was no escaping from me this time :D No excuses were accepted this time haha…:P
TIME: 22:00 (18/7/2014)

Yeah I was up at 05:00, did a few puh ups & situps, had a cup of coffee and was all set to go. It was decided that we would meet at our bakery and take off from there. So I took off at about 5:45 and sat there sipping on tea, waiting for others to arrive. Once Hari & Nidhi arrived, I kept calm and first made sure that I guessed them right first :PLast but not least with Sukesh arriving on the scene we took off from Bangalore.
TIME: 06:30


RIDE 1: (Bangalore– Bidadi – Channpatna - Maddur)
This was about a 80kms stretch on the butter smooth Mysore Road (SH-17). Like always ride to Maddur always takes me back to our first trip. All those places we had stopped throughout our long 5 year journey on this very road. Anyway we left Bangalore on two bikes and riding atleast I had thought would be slow and easy. But Sukesh to my surprise was leading and leading with a pretty decent pace I must say.

It was a fun filled ride throughout we rode beside each other chatting all the way, at the same time making sure we don’t crash into other vehicles or let others crash into us. We reached Bidadi in about 30mins, but we decided to have breakfast directly at Maddur itself. We crossed Ramnagar & Channpatna without worries, the ideas of other places were scrapped as we were bound to return by noon :P

In about 1,5 hrs we reached Maddur and pulled over at our regular hotel for some tasty breakfast.
TIME: 08:15


We parked the bike outside the hotel and started munching on some Maddur Vada & Dosa. (Trust me, Dosa you get here are much better than many so called famous dosa hotels)
We spoke about the brothers plan. Finally sipping on some awesome coffee we sat outside. Then the plan of Kanva was brought up. I had heard it had dried up completely but never believed it. So wanted to go there and check it out myself. Since it was on the way a green signal was given to its visit.
TIME: 09:00


RIDE 2: (Maddur - Kanva)
 This was about 50kms ride. With our tummies at peace we rode back slowly making sure we don’t doze off. We took the deviation before Ramangar and from here we rode about 8kms to reach the reservoir. Yeah it was a short ride, so nothing much write about.
TIME: 10:30


The first sight of the reservoir took my  breath away (In a bad way) it was dried up completely and we could see the reservoir’s bed. It hurt so much, all the games we had played for the past 5 years came right in front of my face. How we had bunked college for  few hours and come here for a swim, shit, it felt real bad man!

Anyway with the waters being down, it gave us an opportunity to go down to the gates and explore. So we explored our way and found a small muddy trial which lead to the bottom of the gated directly. We parked our bikes and fooled around a little.  We spent about 45mins at this place.
TIME: 11:15

RIDE 3: (Kanva – Bangalore)
This was a 60kms ride, I must say a smooth ride. With the sun up, the temperature had risen and it was only fair that we head out as there were no waters at the previous destination which could have cooled us down. So, we rode back to back at a decent pace to reach back Bangalore in about an hour. Wishing Nidhi & Hari the very best for their new venture we split to our respective homes.
TIME: 12:15

Until next time Cia \m/



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