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89) Kanva – Back to Basics: (7/12/2013)

Place: Kanva – Basics.
Distance: 60 x 2 = 120kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Bidadi – Ramnagara – Kanva.
Particiapants: Sukesh(Banda) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Pulsar (2).
Previous visit: Mahadevapura & Srirangapatna.

Well, this was another trip done to remind us about our roots. Yep a basic ride to place which has become our second home. And oh yeah Sukesh’s first 30+km ride alongside me as well. Finally the Bidadi border had been breached :P

It was a 7days since the Mahadevpura ride with Manju. At workplace, Sukesh asked me if I was free on weekend for a ride out of town. I turned my head around slowly with a pokerface. For past 2-3 many weeks I had been asking the same question to him, this time it was the other way around. Told him I would think about it :P
TIME: 16:00

Yeah, I was up by 05:00, had a sip of coffee, did a few pushups and situps and was all set to go. At about 06:00 I went to bakery and sat with a cup of tea as I awaited Sukesh’s arrival. Once Sukesh arrived I asked him a ride to Kanva rather than the Bidadi ride as usual. He agreed. So having the place fixed to our Kanva we left Bangalore.
TIME: 07:00

RIDE 1: (Bengaluru –Bidadi -  Kanva)
This was a flat out 60kms ride with a super breakfast stop in between. As we left Bangalore the roads looked calm and the weather just perfect. Sukesh lsot in thoughts began to ride at the center of the road enjoying the fresh air of the outskirts. I was honking but his tight helmet prevented him from hearing.
After about 30mins we reached Bidadi for some smashing breakfast.

After a good breakfast told him he better stay at the left of the road due to increase in traffic. Kanva still being a good 20-30kms away, we left. The ride from then was good, the sun was up by now. As we entered Ramnagar the traffic increased I squeezed through and ended out of the town and continued for another 5-10mins, then realized the Sukesh was missing. Tried calling him up but ended in vain. Finally he turned up saying he had to put petrol and did not wanted to be disturbed whie riding :P We had a good laugh, I promised I would have my share of events too (it was not long)


As we departed from the city of Ramnagaram, we reached the deviation which would lead us to the reservoir. There laid a difference too, I realized I had reached the deviation but Sukesh with all his concentration didn’t spot the deviation board. I pulled over and tried calling him again, but again in vain the call was not picked up. Then I parked my bike on the centre stand and start to doze off. After a good 15-20mins a call came upon my phone and it from Sukesh, asking me where I was lost :P Requested him to take a U-turn and said that I would be on the road, literary on the road to cut him off at the deviation. After another 10mins finally like said I stood on the center of the road and cut him off. Finally we took the deviation road and reached the reservoir.
TIME 08:45


Ah, our home. But the sight of the reservoir kinda bought a strange sadness to me. I could feel the water retreating back to the center. The water levels had gone down a lot. But a few storks staring at us lit me up. We sat near the waters for sometime speaking all kinds of shit!
After which we went near the dam gates and it was the year end, more importantly 2013 end which meant a lot. After the sun turned to blaze mode we took a call and decided to leave Kanva.
TIME: 09:30




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