Friday, August 5, 2011

36) Shanmukha Temple & Manchinbele:(18/6/2011)

Place: Shanmukha Temple & Manchinbele.
Distance: 90kms in total.
Bikes: Unicorn > GS > CB Unicorn > Pulsar.
Participants: Arun > Manu > Madhu(Gundi) > Sp.
Directions: Bengaluru > RR Nagar Arch > Shanmukha Temple > Mysore Road > RRDC > Manchinbele.
Previous visit: Maasti.
If you have less than 5 mins, Click here: Manchinbele- Basic information

Shanmukha temple is one of the best temples in Bengaluru, still under construction, but brilliant ambience & tranquility all around the temple. Well about Manchinbele, the perfect place to spent the morning if your bored at home. (Oh yea caught hold of a fish too :D)

It was exactly a week since the Coorg, Dubare Trip on my birthday (Thanks to mommy), But as it wasn’t a bike trip, we wanted to ride out of town , if not big a short trip atleast.

Arun, Madhu(Gundi), Manu & myself were the 4 in the confirmed list. So we decided to go somewhere near. When Gundi suggested the Shanmukha temple, everybody were quite happy and agreed on the place. And we all crashed.
TIME:23:00hrs (17/6/11)

RIDE I : (Bengaluru – Shanmukha temple)
Got up at 04:00hrs, warmed up a little ha-ha, had a small cup of coffee, and went down to take my bike out. After a few minutes Arun arrived at my place and we left towards Rajarajeshwari Arch where the other two would be joining.
TIME: 05:15hrs
We reached RR Arch in 5-10 mins , and waited for Manu & Madhu. After 15-20mins they showed up and we left towards the temple.
It was hardly 5kms from the Arch, so we rode at 30’s patrolling RR nagar early in the morning. We reached the temple in 15minutes.

Well to start off, the atmosphere at this place is just brilliant. We 4 parked our bikes & started climbing up the steps to the temple. We sat on the lawn and spoke about our holidays and how we were wasting time ha-ha!!
We enjoyed the beautiful scenery all around us. Oh yea we could see the NICE road the temple, it had always been the other way around until then.

The temple was still under construction and trust me it will one day become one of the best temples in Bengaluru.
Finally after an hour or so sitting there we left the temple.

As we left the temple, Gundi’s unicorn ran out of fuel. So Gundi & me went to get some petrol form the near by bunk, leaving Manu & Arun behind with the other 3 bikes. On reaching the petrol bunk, we tried searching for a bottle but couldn’t find one. So I sneaked into apartment and stole a 2 litre Coca Cola bottle ha-ha!! And I heard a shout form behind saying not to steal it. It was form the person for whom I was stealing the bottle for filling petrol :D , we ran and got back to our bikes and rushed to the petrol bunk , got some fuel and went back to meet others who were already roaming around on Gundi’s bike .

RIDE II: (Shanmukha – Manchinbele)
So finally once we had he fuel put into the bike, we hit the road. Since was a bit early , there was minimum traffic and that allowed us to cruise along at a decent pace to reach Rajarajeshwari Dental College, a right turn from here would directly lead us to Manchinbele , and so it did.

Well this is one of the best places to spend the morning if you are bored at home. The first view of this place is simple breadth taking. But getting down in water is highly not recommended as it is very dangerous.
So we went down near the water and started playing one of the oldest games known – “The Skipping Stones” , We played for about 30-40minutes, then sat down and started cracking jokes… Oh yeah we managed to get hold of a fish too :D
Once our tummies started Growling we knew it was time to head back home.

RIDE III:(Manchinbele-Bengaluru)
It was a 35kms of easy Riding. We thought of stopping at Big Banyan , but as we had seen it several times we didn’t. This last stretch was just formality Madhu & Manu went via Kengeri Satellite town, whereas Arun & I continued further to reach our homes safely.

Overall this trip was very good again; The calm ambience of the temple & the wonderful reservoir made this trip a memorable one.
Until Next time, Cia \m/




  1. though i was in bangalore.i dont know where it is.must visit when ivl come to bang

  2. Yeah please do visit it, excellent place :)

  3. Thanks a lot Karthik, very useful. Can you please confirm, whether there is place where we can have bath ? I see in your blog that, you mention that its a dangerous spot, hence, rechecking whether can you let me a spot there, where we can take a dip.
    Best Regards, Nataraja

  4. I seriously dont recommend taking a dip at this place. The water is dirty and sticks on, Kanva is a better option:)
    And hey thanks for the feedback.

  5. Thanks for the tips, Karthik. Yes, after doing some search, again onto your blogs, we decided to hit on Kanva. I would be taking kids as well, hope it to be an enjoyable experience.

  6. Hope you have a safe and fun trip :)

  7. Hi Karthik, One of my friends told me that there would be no water in Kanva. Can you please let me know, that this season, (we are planning to go this weekend) water would be there to take a dip ?
    Thanks much ! Nataraja

  8. There will be water throughout.. it will less but more than enough. Had been to Kanva last January as well.

  9. You guys reminded me of my biking days. It was so fun. However there were no internet.

    Good to see some images and a nice account. I would seriously urge you guys to not get into water unless someone is a very good swimmer.

    1. Yeah sure, thanks for the concern, appreciate it :)