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26) BR Hills : 24/12/10


 Place: BR Hills.
Distance: 200kms (only to BR)
1) Bengulru > Kankpura > Malavalli > Shivnasamudra > Kollegala> BR
2) Bengaluru>Maddur>Malavalli>Shivnasamudra>Kollegala>BR
3) Bengulru > Kankpura > Malavalli > Shivnasamudra > Chamrajnagar> BR
4) Bengaluru>Maddur>Malavalli>Shivnasamudra>Chamrajnagar>BR
:> Maddur to mallavali Road Horrible state.
:> Taking Chamarjnagar route – 60 kms Extra .
Arvi (White Knight) > Ashok (Ashokey) > Arun (Slowpoke) > Manohar ( Manu) > Madhu ( Gundu) > Mithul (Mitt) >Adithya ( KG) > Karthik ( Sp).
RTR180 > Unicorn150 > GS150 > Pulsar150 .
Previous Visit: Melkote.


This was one of our dream trips – So had to be completed. As it was sem end holidays few had left to their native and few were just about to leave. So we decided to give them the perfect gift. So BR hills trip was planned. It was one year since Mekedat trip.
After a lot of talks it was 8 of us on 4 bikes. 400 to 450 kms in day was no joke… and I was a little over excited about this trip so told others to meet up at 4 :30 am…. And they said they couldn’t make it that early as it would be difficult. So agreed at 6 am.

RIDE I: ( House – NICE ROAD exit)
Morning about 6:30 we left my house, Filled up petrol, Checked Air pressure, took NICE road which would lead to Kankpura. On the NICE Road there was fog and mist everywhere we went thinking that that it was only a few meters. But suddenly we stopped at a place…Thick dense fog right in front of us… So we had to continue at a slower pace.

After taking deviation to Kanakpura Road , heavy dense fog everywhere .Few meters away we could see a faint outline , next thing a BIG HUGE truck right in front of us. Finally we came out of the NICE road , shivering, hands were totally numb. It was as hard as a rock. Haha felt good though \m/
TIME: 06:45

RIDE II : (NICE Road To Kanakpura – Death RIDE)
Thought the fog and mist would die down but it actually got worse, I mean a hell lot worse. All we could see is a maximum of 5-7 feet in front of us. It made riding really difficult but tat much fun.
We stuck to a decent pace of 60’s and followed the hardly visible tail lamp in front of each other. Incoming vehicles became a nightmare to watch out for. Arun & Arvi led the way… as Mithul & me followed.

The curves of the Kanakpura road gave us the chills down the spines as we couldn’t see the road itself properly. At many places there are lakes on both sides… and fog was rushing onto the road… so were so helpless…. And lorries coming form the opposite side. It was scary. Please check out the excellent snaps caught by Manohar & Ashok during the fog ride… It really tells a lot more than I can ever express.

As I wasn’t wearing any gloves I lost sensation of my hand… hands were totally numb. (Bangalore recorded the lowest temperature in past 117 years 9 degree on Celsius scale). Stopped at a place ( actually to pick up Gundu’s cap ,which had fallen due to the windy conditions) , I rubbed my hand against the ground just to feel back my hand… well after doing so , got back little sensation… but got small bruises with it . Arvi wore socks on his hand to prevent the numbness... 
Next stop kanakpura.
TIME: 08:00 hrs


We entered a new hotel in Kanakpura , the tap water felt so hot…. Whew, washed our faces and hands. Our hair was totally wet due to the fog condensing on our hair. Ordered Idli & Vada . Then had caape, felt real good.
Then we enquired about BR hills150kms to go… GULP all that struggle through that fog, had made us feel we had rode about 100-200 kms .. Haha! Anyway we had to get the job done so we left the hotel hoping there was no fog ahead.
TIME: 08:15

RIDE III: (Kanakpura – Kollegala)
The Foggy conditions continued , but we had got used to it by then. And to be frank it felt good negotiating the curves without actually seeing the road but following a small red light in front of us. Finally when the sun was up we could feel the warm sun rays hitting the road and on our faces. Lifted up our hands and took all the warmth form the sun as we could and zoomed off to Kollegala via Shivanasamudra.
TIME: 09:30

RIDE IV: (Kollegala – Br Hills)
We took the outskirts of Kollegala to avoid traffic. It was small but good road and there was no traffic at all, greenery on both sides. Then we finally got the first glimpse of the mighty BR hills. What can I say… it was beautiful as always!!!

We reached the foot of the hills paid Rs 10 to the forest guards and registered our entry into the forest and then we started the climb. Believe me I have no words to describe the ride to BR, rode at 40`s , negotiating the forest curves looking out for animals.

The forest curves were too good, stopped at a small beautiful pond and enjoyed the surroundings. AS we rode on we got a glimpse of some tribals but were aware we would have to pay them if we took snaps with them.
The ride got even better as we entered into thicker trees, only a bunch of sunrays could reach the road. We were speechless, enjoying every moment. Finally after sometime we reached the Top.
TIME: 11:15 hrs

There is a temple at the top and the view all around the temple is breath taking. First things first visited the temple and I bought my lucky rings and added to the collection!! :D
Then we hung around the temple exploring the place and enjoying the aerial view of the place. There was greenery everywhere, it was real treat for the eyes.

Arun’s Shivgange incident came up again… haha!!
Arun, Madu,KG & mithul wanted to visit Shivnasamudra as they had not been there before. But ending up on Kanakpura road after sunset is pretty dangerous as it would be difficult to ride. So we agreed to visit Gaganchukki as Barachukki would take a lot of time and yea it was not the right season to visit them too… as they were fading off.

Arvi & Ashok had spotted a hotel on our way up; it was not even a kilometer away from the temple, so we went there for lunch. We got REAL good food. Proper meals served on banana leaves. Price was reasonable too!! Please have a look at hotel too it’s the only one available on top, managed to get one snap of it.
After having a heavy lunch we left….
TIME: 13:30

RIDE V: (BR Hills – Shivanasamudra)
Ride back was pretty fast and we started feeling the curves and ghat when we rode back as we were at 70`s. Back to back 4 bikes, Arvi & Manu leading…. Ashok & me rode behind. Finally after a sometime with many stops in the forest again we were out of BR forests.

Said a final good bye to this wonderful place and rode towards Gaganchukki. I would like to recall another incident…. There was this really steep curve after getting down BR… Arvi went forward and stopped, I followed him and slowed down watching Ashok in the rear view mirror… Aashok and arun were speaking to each other and went off road :D , but he managed to pull back the bike onto the road… Manu and Mithul were behind them. We all had a good laugh and continued to reach Shivasamudra.
TIME: 14:30


We saw the falls, as we expected the water was fading off. Spent sometime… washed our faces hands and our heads. And here I got some proper sleep on the bench flat for 30 mins.
Waking up I saw a small bull coming towards me, guess it was the same bull I met on 14th March,2010 , so patted on its forehead :D.

RIDE BACK VI: (Shivnasamudra – Kanakpura- Bengaluru)
From Gaganchukki next 150kms was just formality .But had to be out of Kanakpura Road before sunset hopefully as planned. Reminds me Talkad trip where we ended up on Kanakpura road in the dark it was difficult to ride.


Arvi , Ashok , Mithul & KG were long asleep, we rode at a decent pace to reach Kanakpura hotel had very good Coffee & tea washed our faces and hit back the road.
Next 60 kms was too good… all throughout we remembering our morning ride through the same section we could see the lakes , trees.. and most importantly the ROAD it self haha !! :D , Rode at 70’s to reach NICE road entrance,
TIME: 17:30

We rode slowly on the NICE road, as the sun went down. The trip had worked to perfection and felt real good riding the last stretch.
At NICE road exit BAM!! We had a problem Arvi bike’s Clutch wire snapped, we got it to mechanic and got it fixed and returned to bakery for some tea and left home very satisfied with the trip.


KG – had been on my bike throughout the trip , excellent experience to take back to Shimoga :D
MITHUL – any trip he`s been is turned out to be toughest and Epic ones Pearlvalley , Talkad , BR Hills.
MADHU – Remained silent through out the journey… rode a good 100kms on RTR.
ASHOK & ARUN – haha in the forest we could hear them laugh far away!!
ARVI & MANU - led the way through the most worst condition I might ever come across….
Until Next time \m/ Ciao \t/




  1. hi Karthik,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog...

    Great driving trip but be careful of driving under foggy conditions (I would suggest 60kmph is a tad higher than comfort under those conditions).

    Yes, I'm aware & who can forget the Giridarshini hotel that serves awesome food out there and if you bargain you can get minimal accommodation for the night too... :)

  2. Woa !! Thanks a lot for the info Santosh :-)

    Will do a revisit for sure ... :)

  3. What a kickass trip report! Bikers sure have a lot of fun! I'm not sure I agree with you about Giridarshini, though. It's a monopoly and when we get there hungry as hell, you'll eat what is on offer!

  4. haha Thanks a lot :) , haha yea we were very hungry... !!

  5. Hi,

    Good informative write-up. But one suggestion about riding in general, please make sure you wear your riding gear all the time. I see pictures with some of you guys riding without even a helmet. Please be sure you don't do that :)

  6. Alright we'll do that, thanks for the concern Shreeda. Appreciate it :)

  7. Hi guys,
    I wud say u guys wud hav seen heaven in riding into all these dangerous journeys even death way! bt still am sure these memories keep u alive :) gr8! very gud caption! i cud c lotta information! all i say keep up d spirit! Also pls gather info before trekkin into dangerous spots. remember ur families, pets n gfs ;) of corz!! on one thing i must insist :) Keep rocking!! wud really like to c ur blog :) very nice!! cheers!!

    1. Hey thanks a lot Anks, appreciate your concern:).Yeah will keep the old school flag flying high,and yeah always welcome here!!

  8. bro s it good time to visit savandurga...?

    1. Yeah Anand, i mean i had been near it today. Its fully foggy & cool. But go visit it before it starts raining :)

  9. hey im really following yr write up bro. can u plz tell me when to go to br hills like this.. i too want to ride in fog..

    1. Best time time to visit would be in Nov(end)-December.. i.e,during winter... it is pretty foggy nowadys too.. so wouldnt be that bad now.. thanks, you're always welcome,Cheers!

  10. I heard that independent houses available for family staying...does anyone knows the price for one night stay?

    1. Houses im not sure, but the travel lodges are pretty expensive. I had stayed over for 2 days once.

  11. Good photographs.. Could you please tell .. how much will be the petrol cost if my bike gives 40Kmpl

    1. Considering a total of 400kms and Rs80/litre.
      (400/40) * 80 = Rs800.

      Cheers :)

  12. excellent blog guys!!!!!!!!!!!!, do BR hills have any place to stay overnight and have campfire put, availability of food, please do reply

    1. Thanks a lot:) BR hills does have forest lodges and tree houses located at K.Gudi. It has to be reserved in prior.