Sunday, June 30, 2013

74) Turahalli Forest & Omkar Hills: (31/3/2013 & 7/4/2013)

Place: Turahalli Forest & Omkar Hills.
Distance: 10 x 2 = 20kms.
Directions: Bangalore > Uttarahalli > Omkar hills > Turahalli Forest.
Participants: Sukesh > Karhtik (Sp)
Bikes: Pulsar.
Previous Visit: BR hills - The Furnace Ride.

This is quite a different kind of run when compared to the others done down the lane. These experiences of two runs are squeezed into this article. First we had visited Omkar Hills on 31st March, and Turahalli forest on 7th April. Both these places are less than 10kms, but worth every effort put as they made our morns worthwhile.

As Sukesh was new to the town of Bangalore, he wanted to explore the places around his part of town, which happened to be my part of town as well. So we decided to hit the road on separate days to explore and conquer the places nearby.

Yes I was up at 05:00 sharp, did a few push-ups and sit-ups, had a sip of coffee and was all set to go. Took the nearest route to Uttarahalli where Sukesh was put up. After picking up Sukesh we visited these wonderful places.

As we proceeded on the Uttarahalli main road, we passed in front of JSS college and we took a deviation to reach the temple premises. As we were just about to park the bike we saw a couple of beautiful peacocks running around behind the bushes. (After which we tried chasing it, that’s a different story :P) Alright here are the places you got to look out for at Omkar Hills:

i)  Clock Tower:

          * Largest tower in India, bigger than Big Ben.
          * Total Weight is 500kgs, each hand weighs 40kgs.
          * Total height is 40 feet.
     Other details are written out there get off your lazy butt and explore.

ii)  All God’s Club:

          * We call it by this name because there exists a huge tree, surrounding which are present all the religious big shots sitting at peace in their own sweet worlds.
          * The weather was pretty pleasant as it pretty early and best of all there weren’t people around.

iii)  Omkar temple:

          * This is the main attraction of this place.
          * It has 12 Lingas from different states.
          * The ambience of the place is excellent throughout the day.
          * We missed the pulliyogre this time, but nevertheless we spotted the beautiful Shanmukha temple afar.
          * We spent about 15-20mins at this wonderful place and decided to leave.



Turahalli forest is situated about 5kms from Uttarahalli. As Sukesh wanted to try riding my bike, we went to Sompura which is pretty much an empty site, only roads are laid and surroundings rich in green. It is opposite to Omkar hills and below the NICE road. We loafed around for about 30min here and there. And we did spot a couple of peacocks here dancing around in the lush green (this was on our 2nd visit, not the same day).


After roaming for some more time, we decided to visit the Turahalli forest as it was hardly just 2kms from where we were. As we rode between the thick eucalyptus trees the breeze carried a pleasant scent and made the ride a good one.
Then we spotted an abandoned kids camp, it had all kinds of things like info about bugs, roaches etc. It had also other camping essentials like rope climbing practise, crawling etc. We also spotted a huge “Snakes & Ladders” board painted on the floor, with a huge dice that was fixed on a support. (We did try playing, but the dice was an unbalanced mass :P i.e it always showed the same number ha-ha)


On both occasions we returned home early at about 09:00, and settled down for some heavy breakfast.

These were separate runs carried out on two different days. I felt these both were the missing but important links, the short trips that are very essential for the filling the entire whole.
Until Next Time Cia \m/





  1. Me gusta lo que haces, Karthik
    Excelente blog

  2. Hello Karthik
    It is fantastic blog to explore around Bangalore. Good. Keep updating.

    Thanks for your effort.

    1. Hey there. thanks a lot, appreciate the support, Cheers!! :)

  3. Hello karthik, thanks for this post. I wanted to go for a simple morning ride this post helped me explore such a awesome place within 20kms :) really I had never heard of this place unless i read ur blog, thanks again. I went to omkar hills n turahalli forest following ur blog turned out to be a memorable ride :) keep posting such useful info :)

    1. Hey thanks a lot man!

      Explore, thats the word alright. Travel safe, Cheers :)

  4. Hey man thanks for this wonderful blog. I'm Googling ur blog rather than'places to visit around Bengaluru'. Very good description and classification of places. Thanks a ton.

    1. Hey thanks a lot man, appreciate the support! \m/

  5. Hey karthik.. thanks for your descriptive trips.. is it safe to to go for turahalli and omkar hills with my gf? Are both hills nearby to each other? Suggestions appreciated..

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Please tell me some safe places in bangalore to spend some private time with my gf.. thanks

  6. Hii. I'm planning on visiting the turahalli forest for a trek. The only issue is traveling till there and back. If I do go on my bike, is there any safe spot where I can park my bike and go on a trail? I don't wanna come back from the trek and see that my bike is missing!

  7. Hello Karthik, 3 days ago I visited Turahalli and found forest department guards there. They didn't allow us to go inside the forest.
    Do you have any idea about this and the way we can have permission to enter the forest?