Monday, November 12, 2012

63) Maddur – Welcoming the rains: (24/10/2012)

Place: Maddur tifany’s.
Distance: 80 x 2 = 160kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Ramnagar – Chenpatna - Maddur.
Particiapants: Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Pulsar.
Previous visit: Kabbaladurga trek.

This was another quick get away from the city for a coffee. I spent only about 10-15mins at Maddur as the main intention was to ride in the rain. Dark gloomy clouds early in the sky were the initiators of this wonderful trip.

Like last year I wanted a special Ayudh Pooja done to my bike. Last year we had visited NG Lake, Manchinbele &Kanva reservoirs. Instead of just staying back home & performing rituals, i decided to rather take my bike for a ride out of town.


So like always (or most of the times) this was unplanned. I was up at 06:00, did a few push ups & sit ups. After which I went outside & but a small bon fire. Then I observed the black gloomy clouds moving towards south-west. This meant only one thing “RAIN”. Riding in the rains is something I love, so went inside & said “Amma i’ll go have coffee & come back” & took off from Bangalore.
(Riding in the aftermath of Cyclone Nilam is a whole different story- Behind the music:P)
TIME: 07:00hrs

RIDE 1: (Bangalore – Maddur)
As I left Bangalore, initially thought of having tatte idly at our regular Bidadi hotel. But as I reached Bidadi, there were kilometers long taxi’s parked, so continued further. The weather was dark & gloomy, perfect for riding. But the downpour was something which was still missing. So stopped just before Ramnagar & sat on my bike for sometime, staring at the skies hoping for it to burst open. But then continued on... to cruise past Ramnagar & Chenpatna to reach Maddur.
TIME: 08:45


I tried passing Maddur too, by the time I was out of Maddur, bike hit reserve. That meant I had just enough fuel to hit back home. With about 40bucks for food & no extra cash in my wallet I turned back.
Entered Maddur Tiffany’s finished Idly-Vada in less than 5mins, took my coffee outside & sat sipping it slowly. After 10-15mins it started it started to drizzle, i did a clean bottoms-up on the coffee & took off from Maddur.
TIME: 09:15


RIDE 2: (Maddur – Bangalore)

As I left Maddur, the roads turned wet, cool breeze & light showers made riding bliss. Once I left Chenpatna, the clouds burst open & it started pouring cats. Ah yeah, finally worth sneaking out!! :D. Enjoyed every second of the riding in the rain. There was a point of time when I rode on the wrong way as the rains had begun to fade. After some smooth drifting I reached back home.
TIME: 10:45


Once I reached home, told my mom had gone to Maddur. She asked me as to why I didn’t ride till Mysore, that way I could have atleast seen the Dussera procession ha-ha. After which went to bakery with K-350(Ashok) for some tea, coffee etc., it was after all him who had pulled the same stunt of sneaking out during our 13th chapter.
Until next time Cia \m/



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