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131) KRS backwaters & Venugopala Swamy temple (24/6/2016)

Place: KRS Backwaters (Blue Lagoon) & Venugopalasawamy temple (VGS temple, Mysore)
Distance: 150kms x 2 = 300kms
Directions: Bangalore > Ramnagara > Mandya > Pandavpura > KRS backwaters
Krew: Madhu (Barca) > Karthik (Sp)
Bikes: Pulsar
Budget: Rs 350/head

IN LESS THAN 50 WORDS:                                                  
Amazing, amazing ride to these two wonderful places. Being on Mysore road for more than 6+ years, never knew about these wonderful jewels.  A brilliant sitting in the fields followed by the dip in the holy waters and then visiting the temple would be a perfect summary of the trip. Oh yeah, not to forget slashing rain ride back to home.

It was 4 days since our ride to Vanivilasa Sagara Dam. Mom had told me about this temple and had asked me to visit it as it was an architectural marvel. Had planned 3 times prior but had failed every time.  Madhu asked whether I could take a leave on Friday, I agreed. Dilip & Madhu were on the confirmed list. Place was yet to be decided.
TIME: 06:45 (20/6/2016)

Yeah I was up at about 04:30 as usual weekdays and did a few push-ups and sit-ups. The meet up was scheduled at 08:30 at Madhu’s place. Morning Dilip informed that he couldn’t make it. So had my breakfast and left my home to pick up Madhu & said sayonara to Bangalore.
TIME: 08:30

RIDE 1: (Bangalore – Bidadi – Ramnagara – Mandya – Pandavpura - KRS)
This a 150kms ride on our home ground Mysore road. As we left Bangalore, I cruised at a slow pace speaking all sorts of shit. We pulled over at Bidadi for some yummy breakfast.
TIME: 09:15

After the nice breakfast, we stepped out for some tea. Then I asked Madhu if he was good to climb Kabblu or we settle in for KRS backwaters. Then we decided it would be better to head to KRS backwaters itself.
As we continued the cruise we spotted 3 Apache RTR 200 being taken for test runs by TVS riders. They gave us very good company for the next 70kms as we pulled over after Mandya for some light tea.


After the tea we decided to take the Pandavpura route as Madhu had been to this place through this route. We cruised along peacefully on the country roads waving at all the kids (and making monkey faces at some) who were on their way to school.  It was not long before we could spot the mighty Kunti betta, took us back to our wonderful trek back in 2014 – Kuntibetta trek.
Riding ahead further, Madhu kind off forgot the route and we were pretty stranded. We pulled over at Pandavpura and grabbed something to drink. After which asking the auto fellows we got to the deviation to KRS dam. Then we got directions to the backwaters, but we missed a turn and ended up at the front waters :P
TIME: 12:30

The waters were in front of the dam gates, hence I call it the the front waters. Here the waters were flowing and pretty peaceful. Even though Madhu was still convinced we take back the route and search for the place. I was insisting to head out into the fields in front of us and crash down in front of the flowing river. Finally we figured out some muddy route till a small pump house. From where we walked about 0.5km into the fields along the river and finally found a wonderful place to crash.


We spent about 1.5hrs sitting on amidst grassy fields enjoying the view. After which I got onto my bike, tried the kick lever, nope! then the electric, nope. I was wondering what was going on, before I realized I was sitting on a bullock cart hahahaha :P Then we walked to the place where my bike was parked and head out toward Venugopala Swamy temple.
TIME: 13:00

As we headed towards the temple, we asked for locals for directions. As we cruised along all of a sudden Madhu’s head stood up like a gazelle and he remembered the route to the backwaters. So, we changed the destination and headed towards new destination to spot the backwaters drying out. This time I was hesitant to go further but Madhu convinced me to take the bike until the waters on the stony terrain.
TIME: 14:15


Once we reached the waters, took off my shirt and jumped into the waters hehe. The winds were so strong that it formed waves at the shore. The waters felt warm when compared the winds that were howling in glory. Madhu joined in latter and it was real nice floating away in the tranquil waters. After getting out, drying was a piece of cake as we had just stand in the open shore and the gushing winds did the rest. As we left we realised it was a defence training area and spotted a few outposts as well.
TIME: 15:30

This 12th century temple (as old as Somanathapura) is situated on the opposite end of the backwaters. Even though we could have ridden on the reservoir bed we took the normal route to reach the temple. This temple my friends was lost and buried in the waters for 70+years, it was relocation to land began in 2002. The new site is about 1km from the actual one. The work has been going on around for about 15years and will take another 1 year to complete. But trust me, one of the most beautiful temples visited till date. None of the gods had been placed, but still the ambience of this marvellous place was simply overwhelming. Heard further from Gauti that the sunset at this place amazing too!


We went around the temple lost for words for the brilliant Hoysala architecture that stood in front of us. Not many visitors were present as it was a Friday evening. We spent a good 1 hour at the temple premises.  All avatars of the Vishnu, Planetary Gods, about 30+ deities surround the main temple. Outside the temple we pulled over for some very light lunch.
TIME: 16:30

RIDE 2: (VGS – Pandavpura – Mandya – Bidadi – Bangalore)
This was a 150kms ride back, but it saw some very intense second half. As we left told Madhu that we could pull over at Maddur Tiffany’s for some light munch. But as we reached the hotel it was too crowded so we carried forward. As we continued forward the drizzle started tickling us, we pulled over for some light tea. But after Channpatna all hell broke loose and down came the relentless rain. But we kept riding ahead at a slower pace. The winds got into the action as well making the rain ride really a severe, but nice one’! I just sat behind and allowed Madhu to do all the riding (poor guy rode his heart out!) Both of us were shivering and slightly numb due to cold bashing of the rain god. As we reached Kengeri, dropped Madhu to his home and I headed back and reached back my home in one piece.
TIME: 20:30


“ this was an expected feather in our cap. To be frank we knew VGS temple was a beautiful, but had never expected it to be so calm and people-free. Also KRS backwaters reminded us of our old adda Kanva Dam.”

Madhu – rode calmly and brilliantly back to Bangalore inspite of the rain onslaught! Also, guess it was just the break he needed from work!
Sp – was truly satisfied with the trip, uncovering another jewel in Mysore’s cap!

Until next time, Cia \m/



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