Distance = 150kms
Roads = Good roads till Malavalli, after which narrow roads exist.
Ride Rating = 4/5
Talakadu is a desert like town on the river banks of Kaveri. It once had over 30 temples, most of which are buried in sand now. The “Curse of Talakadu” is something interesting to read about. The river offers a nice playground as the beds are of sand. Our ride, well was Royal Mechie’s Day out, 21people on 11bikes, 300kms in one day. Next day we had practicals :P
Distance = 220kms
Roads = Wide Broad Roads
Ride Rating = 4.5/5
Chitradurga means “picturesque fort” and it truly stand by that name with all honour. There are about 20 temples within the fort walls. The battle strategies, architecture, ancient buildings, takes you back to the war time. This fort is located 120kms away from Hampi. Obbavana Kindi is another major attraction at this fort. My personal suggestion for 1st timers, go on a monsoon weekday, hire a guide imbibe the place and return. (You can thank me latter:P)
Distance = 150kms
Roads = Minor Hiccups near after malavalli
Ride Rating = 4/5
Somanathpura is famous for the Chennakeshava temple. The Hoysala architecture has outdone itself on this temple. This is one of the finest and the complete examples of the Hoysala architecture. This is a protected heritage site and one make sure to respect it. One can sit on the perpheri admiring the carvings for hours at a stretch. We had clubbed this place along with Srirangapatna.
Distance = 135kms
Roads = Smooth Roads throughout
Ride Rating = 3/5
Srirangapatna lies in the Mandya district. It is of cultural, religious and historic importance. The Ranganathaswamy temple is the main attraction of the place. Other interesting places include Bailey’s dungeon, Thomas Innman’s dungeon, Tippu’s summer palace. Once one reaches Srirangapatna half of the historical places lie on the right side of the highway and the other towards the left.
Distance = 150kms
Roads = Excellent Roads throughout
Ride Rating = 4/5
Lepakshi is a small village in Ananthpur district of Andhra Pradesh. It is culturally and archaeologically significant. The Veerbhadra temple is one of the main attractions of this place. The giant Nandi at this place is the largest  Nandi in India. The history that flows with this place is rich and colourful. Other attraction include, Virupaksha’s eye marks, Hanging Pillar, Shiva-Parvathi wedding place.
Distance = 350kms
Roads = Nice roads until Gooty, after which the roads are okay.
Ride Rating = 4/5
Belum Caves is in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. The caves are carved by river Chitravathi years back. The caves run for 2kms deep, out of which 1.5kms is open for public. The walk inside the caves keeps one in a separate reality and makes sure all the liquids are drained out of the body. Gandikota is another historical place. The gorge viewpoint no point is beautiful and the primary attraction, but the history of the place is something one must read before going there.

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