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114) Kabbaldurga trek – The Stone Monkey: (11/6/2015)

Place: Kabbaladurga Trek.
Distance: 100 x 2 = 200kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Bidadi – Ramnagar – Channpatna – Kabbaladurga
Particiapants: Karthik (Sp).
Bikes:  Pulsar                                                              
Previous visit: MarkonahalliDam

Alright, this was a special solo trek on my birthday. Usually I travel to this place every birthday (usually alone) as a cleansing experience. Feels good once in a while to dwell among the silent buzz of nature. Many a times it might drive you crazy but mostly it is friendly. Kabbaldurga unlike most hills is a big monolith with steep faces throughout. So, it can take you anywhere between 30mins to 3hours to ascend. But usually the fast ascents leaves you gasping for air when you reach the hilltop. You can say I was pretty much on “God Mode” this day :P

Was in office with my dear juniors, when they asked me about my birthday plan, I told them nothing was planned as of yet, but had plans of riding out of town. As it fell on a Thursday, first things first applied for leave. With me, on the confirmed list, I decided to head out based on the morning conditions.
TIME: 22:00 (10/6/2015)

Yeah I was up at 05:00, did a few push ups & situps, had a cup of coffee and sat back listening to some good old Doors. The pull between home and trek surprisingly did not exist this time. Calmly after having coffee, stretched out a little, told mom & dad that I would head out and be back by noon and left Bangalore.
TIME: 06:15


RIDE 1: (Bangalore– Ramngara – Channpatna - Kabbaldurga)
This was a 100kms ride on Mysore highway, our home ground. The weather was pleasant as it had rained the previous night. I rode at a decent pace, enjoying the cool morning breeze to reach Bidadi. Here I pulled over at our regular hotel for some tasty breakfast.
TIME: 06:45

After the breakfast, I rode ahead cruising past Ramnagara and Channpatna. At Channpatna I took a left deviation and headed into the country roads. Here again like previous solo trek, nope, no pulling back at all. Continuing further I could spot a few animals here and there. But the lush green and the cool weather just carried us (bike & me) forward until I got the first glimpse of the mighty hillock.
The first view of the hillock sent chills down my spine as always. But nevertheless I knew what had to be done for the day. Continuing further I parked my bike in the town nearby and calmly entered the pathway to the top.
TIME: 08:15


Well it took me only 45min this time to ascend the hillock. As I was alone, I kept silent (I mean, I had shut and climb), listening to the sounds what nature had to offer me that day. But yeah, I sang here and there a little (immediately I was asked to shut up:P hehe). As before I have divided the trek into the following sections:
i) Initial stretch
ii) 3 point stretch
iii) Viper stretch
iv) Final Stretch
Ready? Alright, this time it was more of silence and me and a lot of observing . So, keep up with here!

i) Initial stretch:
This is straight forward and plain stretch. Finding the mud pathway, I made it through the bushes to find the stone stairs. Taking them, I further made it into the region filled with trees. Coming out of the green region I stood in the steep rock face ready to ascend the steepest stretch.

ii) 3 point stretch:
Ah, my favourite stretch of all. Scaling the walls like the lizard king, I kept pushing on until my I began to feel shortage of breath. I crept towards a cactus nearby and sat there taking in deep breaths until my breathing stabilized. After which, back came in the lizard within me, and ripped through the second stretch like a boss. 

iii) Viper stretch:
Pushing myself hard taking a break every 5mins, (needed or not needed) made it to second fort wall where in there is good amount of grass and flat land. Here, I crashed for 5-10mins. And then fixed my eyes on the viper stretch. The thin mud path which ran through the boulders and green bushes was a joy to watch. Jumping on boulders, left, right, left crossed past the viper stretch.

iv) Final stretch:
The final stretch had a lot of steps and railings, but with my sight fixed on the final frontier entered the top in a serene mind set.
TIME: 9:00

The weather was pleasant and cool. And as it was Thursday there were zero people. The wind gushing into my ears with the silence felt scary but heavenly. I first walked to the main temple and paid my respects. Then went to the Nandi temple and crashed for some rest. Took my travel plan diary and jotted down a few points here and there. Finally crashed for some silent, deep nap. In total I spent about an hour on top, sitting & sleeping. After which I decided to head back.
TIME: 10:00


The climb down was a smooth one. It took me about 40-45mins to reach the base of the hill. First the top two part of the stretches was done with minor hiccups. Once I reached back the 3 point stretch, then things got tricky. I kept my feet flat and went about in zigzag manner to reach the initial stretch. At the initial stretch, a small kid was selling ice-cream, so bought one candy. Eating the candy, I made back to the town.
TIME: 10:45

RIDE 2: (Kabbaldurga – Channpatna – Bidadi-Bangalore)
After getting my bike out of town I rode back in the same route towards Channapatna. Just before the hillock could disappear from my rear view mirror, I pulled over took in deep breath and promising her a return, got back on my black turtle and took off. I reached Channpatna no sweat, after which I just laid back on my bike and rode constant at 50-60km/h allowing the cool breeze to take away the sweat on face and hands as a result of the trek. Riding after a good trek always feels great, doesn’t it? Cruising past Ramnagar, Bidadi I made it home to check my phone for birthday messages :P But, yeah it was a nice quiet birthday with myself. A much needed one as well!
TIME: 12:30



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